Elementary Progress Test Units 1–3A

Vocabulary and Grammar

3 Write the correct word next to the definition.

1 I make food for people. chef

2 I work in a hospital.n

3 I cut people’s hair. h

4 I serve food in a restaurant. w

5 I sell clothes in a shop. sa

6 I work in a hotel. r


4 Add one word from the box to each group.


1 FrenchChineseRussianGreek

2 moneysunglassespassport

3 funnyquiettalkative

4 doctorteacheraccountant

5 cousinauntniece

6 watchreadlisten to


5 Underline the correct answer: a), b) or c).

1 I never exercise after lunch.

a) gob) doc) eat

2 He gets up at seven o’clock and leaveshome at ten eight.

a) halfb) quarterc) to

3 She’s very intelligent but she’s funny.

a) not veryb) reallyc) very

4 Where do you lunch?

a) finishb) havec) leave

5Nick’s my dad’s brother so he’s my .

a) nephewb) unclec) brother

6They never laugh at my jokes. They’revery .

a) friendlyb) seriousc)stupid

7 They’re very close friends but wesee them.

a) usuallyb) sometimes c) hardly ever

8 What time does she go to ?

a) shoppingb) workc) home

9 I’m tired now but I don’t want to go to bed. It’s only 9p.m.

a) not veryb) oftenc) quite

10 What time do you up?

a) startb) getc) work

11 Do you have a in the morning?

a) breakfastb) schoolc) shower


6 Write the questions and answers from the prompts.

1 A:What/your job?

What’s your job?

B:I/ an accountant

I’m an accountant.

2 A: Where/they/from?

B:They/Americans/from Washington

3A:she/got/a big car?


4A:he/watch/TV/a lot?

B:no/he/hardly ever/watch/it

5A:How/children/you/ got?

B:We/got/six sons/one daughter

6A:What time/they/leave/work?

B:They/usually/leave/six/the evening.


7 Complete the text with the correct answer: a), b) or c).

Jo 1is my exercise class teacher 2the local sports centre. She’s 28 and she’s married 3Nick. He’s got a bicycle shop. Jo’s a sportswoman and loves 4exercise. She 5at six thirty but she doesn’t have a cup of coffee first – she 6running. She usually runs about 4 miles and then comes 7home for breakfast. She starts work at ten and 8at two 9she doesn’t go home then. She goes swimming or does yoga. Jo usually goes 10bed at ten but she hardly ever reads a book. She 11really tired.

1 a) hasb) arec) is

2 a) onb) atc) of

3 a) tob) withc) for

4 a) playingb) to doingc) doing

5 a) gets always up b) always gets up c) gets up always

6 a) goesb) goc) goes to

7 a) tob) –c) at

8 a) finishsb) finishc) finishes

9 a) orb) andc) but

10 a) to theb) toc) –

11 a) is neverb) isn’tc) is always



8 Complete the article with questions a)–f).

The One-Minute Interview: fashion designer, Matthew Burns.


I’m a clothes designer and a businessman. I make clothes and sell them on the internet.


I love making clothes and selling them! My friends like my clothes and now I make and sell them to other people. They like them, too. That’s really important to me.


I work for 12 hours every day – and I never have a holiday!


I get up at 6 and go running. I start work at 8a.m and leave at 8 in the evening!


I don’t have any free time! But I always listen to music when I work. I love it. I like listening to new bands – but I hate rock music.I spend all my free time with my family. I’ve got two wonderful daughters. They give me a lot of ideas for my clothes!


I don’t know. Ask my friends!

a) What’s your daily routine?

b)What do you like about your job?

c)Are you a good friend?

d)What do you do, Matthew?

e)What don’t you like about it?

f)What do you do in your free time?


9 Read the article again. UnderlineTrue (T) or False (F).

1 Matthew’s friends like his clothes. T/F

2 He sells his clothes in a shop.T/F

3 He doesn’t work at weekends.T/F

4 He likes his work.T/F

5 He goes running in the evening.T/F

6 He’s got two children.T/F



10 Underline the correct response: a), b) or c).

1 Hi, how are you?

a) I’m Mike.

b) Great, thanks.

c) And you?

2Could I have a coffee, please?

a) Yes, here you are.

b) Thank you.

c) How much is it?

3What time does it leave?

a) No problem.

b) Of course.

c) At eight.

4Good evening. I have a reservation.

a) That’s a shame!

b) For two nights?

c) Can I help you?

5Could you repeat that, please?

a) Yes, of course.

b) No, thanks.

c) Yes, please.

6Where’s the film on?

a) At 6.30.

b) It’s £6.50.

c) At the ABC.


11 Complete the conversation for speaker A with sentences a)–h).


B: Yes, I’d like a single room, please.


B: No, for three nights, please.


B: Bonnard.


B: 031 468 289.


B: Thanks. What time does breakfaststart?


B: Thank you.

a)Good evening. Can I help you?

b)At seven, in the café over there.

c) For one night?

d) Thank you. This is your keycard.

e) Of course, sir. What’s your family name?

f) And what’s your telephone number?



12 Write the text with capital letters andapostrophes (’) where necessary.

im a student from the usa. i live in los angeles with my brothers family. his wifes mexican and her names carmen.my brothers names roger and hes a chef. carmen and roger have got a daughter.shes my niece and her names elisa.

I’m a student from the USA.


13 Write an internet posting about yourself.
Use the prompts below. Write 50–75 words.

About me

(name, age, country)

(family/where I live/job)

Interests / hobbies

(what I like doing)


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