Zhuo Xiangdong
Simplified Chinese Translator

Personal Info

Address: 117 Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China




Technical Skills

Over 7 years of professional "hands-on" experience as programmer, trainer, systems installer, consultant, LAN administrator (not as a translator)

Great familiarity with Microsoft products, Unix/Linux systems, IT concepts, programming languages, network technologies, etc.

Over 5 years as a freelance translator, delivering software help systems, documentation, user interface and marketing marterials, etc.

Skills in organizing terminology and TM using a variety of tools and applications.


Double Diploma holder of Information Management and Military

Sun certified Java Programmer

Preferred CATs

Transit, Trados, SDLX, Logoport, ForeinDesk, Idiom WorldServer, etc.

Work experience

09/2004- 04/2010

Part time translator. Projects include:

  • Merck, Manager Guidance for Development Planning, approx 1,700 words
  • KaVo, 3D eXam Operators' Manual, approx 8,000 words
  • Verint, WFM10.0.4_help, approx 13,000 words
  • NuView, Software messages, approx 2,000 words
  • GENDEX, GXC-300 User Manual andOrthoralix 8500 DDE Installation Manual, approx 12,000 words
  • Schneider, M238 PTO / PWM Library, LMC058 PLCSystem Library and XBT GC HMI Controller - Programming Guide, approx 26,000 words
  • GMAC, Global_Records_Management_Policy_v2_0, approx 2,000 words
  • Mathworks,MATLAB Digest, approx 3,900 words
  • Convergys, UI strings, approx 3,500 words
  • House Party, Website pages, approx 8,000 words
  • Oracle, Primavera P6 Methodology Management reference manual, approx 7,500 words
  • Wenger, APM System Manual, approx 15,200 words
  • A.O. SMith, AOSNet V2 website pages, approx 8,300 words
  • HERMES, Orders system training CD presentations, approx 6,000 words
  • SONY, MediaGo 1.1 Help, approx 5,000 words
  • PAR, EverServPOSBrochure, approx 1,200 words
  • ICANN, New-gTLD-Dispute-Resolution-Procedure, approx 4,000
  • Infor, ERP LN 6.1 documentation, approx 13,000 words
  • Microsoft, Money Plus Online User Guide, approx 5,000 words
  • Dell, EqualLogic PS6000 Series release notes, approx 3,000 words
  • Dell, PowerEdge R710, R810 Systems Hardware Owner's Manual, approx 11,000 words
  • Netsupport Manager, website localization of and approx 10,000 words
  • Microscan, Quick Start/Help files of several models of scaner, approx 80,000 words
  • Oracle Hyperion, Performance Management Architect Administrator's Guide, approx 20,000 words
  • Objective Management Group, Sales and Sales Manager Online Assessments at approx 11,000 words
  • Kennametal, Product presentationand technical specification, approx 100,000 words
  • Greenlight Technologies, MULTI-APPLICATION QUERY TOOL User Guide, approx 4,000 words
  • CrossKnowledge, Performance Feedback Presentation Slides, approx 23,000 words
  • Schneider, Unity Pro Help files, approx 9,000 words
  • ASAP Software, eSMART Technical Overview, approx 3,300 words
  • MSDN, Technical articles, approx 27,000 words
  • InterContinental Hotels, Enhanced Forecast & Planning Model User Guide, approx 30,000 words
  • Momentum Market Intelligence, web survey regarding IT services, approx 6,000 words
  • Valeo, The 5 Axes, approx 3,000 words
  • MySQL, Questionnaire on database, approx 6,000 words
  • Proz.com localization of Updater and Rules section, approx 3,000 words
  • GE Corporate, Crisis Management Plan, approx 13,000 words
  • GE Corporate, Finance ALP Course, approx 11,000 words
  • INRIA, Inédit 57, aprox 4,500 words
  • EMC Webtop User Guide, approx 33,000 words
  • EMC Vmware Sales Accreditation, approx 15,000 words
  • EMC Captiva InputAccel Help, approx 29,000 words
  • EMC, product data sheet & marketing, approx 20,000
  • Check Point, Safe@OfficeGUI & Help file, approx 22,000 words
  • Red Hat, Linux Essentials training manual, approx 20,000 words