WELCOME: Tony Pearson, President, called the meeting to order.
ATTENDEES: Sheila Connelly, Angie Brogden, Tony Brogden, , Charles Kite, Tony Pearson,Angie Levy, Mike Joyner, Lee Perry, Donna Iapalucci, Ed Mutio

SECRETARY: Jan 2014 minutes were presented for membership approval. Motion by Lee Perry and second by Angie Levyto file.

TREASURER: Treasurer, Trish Deluke,was not in attendance, but the January report was distributed to members. Bank balance as of 1/31/2014 was $2783.65. Like in previous months, there werequestions about “bank balance” vs “treasurer’s report” balance. There was discussion about need for clearer treasurer report - perhaps using Quickbooks.


ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: AD, Mike Joyner, recapped winter sports accomplishments, including gymnastic team winning state runner up in the small schools division. AD has ordered championship banners for softball field, plans to change WFR to WF on the visible side of the sign, thanked Tony Brogden for building new foul poles, construction academy classes to paint and put up foul poles. AD also thanked boosters for providing hospitality food on Feb 1stwrestling matches, despite the CAP 8 tourney being cancelled. 260 spring tickets to play were distributed, including 37 for the new ladies lacrosse team. Both soccer and lax to practice on rented SEBTS fields to preserve the football field for games. AD plans for cheerleaders to compete in next year’s Wake County competition. Spring parent mtg will be Feb 25, 6pm, in the gym. ABC to provide representation/fundraising at this event. Winter sports banquet will be Feb 27, 7pm, in the cafeteria. Much discussion about budget, so it was decided to provide cake and punch only, then teams can go to their individual rooms. Motion by Lee Perry, 2nd by Sheila Connelly, motion passes. Tony Pearson to communicate with Milton’s about this change. AD also suggests (for next year) consolidating all senior plaques to one at the end of the year; estimated to save $3000 per year.


Season Passes: Donna Iapalucci asked about reducing season passes for remainder of year. Motion to reduce passes to $50 adult/$25 student made by Donna Iapalucci, 2nd by Lee Perry, motion passes. Sheila Connelly to contact Ron Shaw to update website then email blast a message.

Membership: Donna Iapalucci report 6 new members– 67 ABC members to date.

Corporate Sponsorship: Fundraiser night with Dickey’s BBQ set for Feb 24, Tony Pearson reports we are trying to have a monthly fundraising night with a local restaurant, also hoping it will help in securing corporate sponsorships from them. Suggestion by Charles Kite to try California Pizza Kitchen as he thinks they donate 20% of sales instead of the standard 10%. Tony Pearson and Angie Brogden have started trying to secure corporate sponsors for 2014-15 school year.

Apparel: Tony Pearson reported lots of old WFR apparel sold at Feb 7 basketball games at reduced prices. Plenty of new WFHS t-shirts available and will be sold at remaining games, curriculum night, spring sports parent night, winter sports banquet and ROTC bazaar on Mar 8. Tony Pearson to provide presale order form to Sheila Connelly to blast from ABC site.

Fundraising: This is still a critical concern for ABC. Tony Pearson reports cell phone cover sales should be ready to begin soon (all promo materials provided by company and all orders made online). Girls LAX team to sell discount cards (50%/$7.50 profit per card), Tony P meeting with additional teams to discuss fundraising. Both Wake Weekly and Wake Forest Today advertising for Dickey’s fundraising night. Charles Kite suggested Boom NC and 919 Magazine as other free advertising resources.

Volunteers: No report.

PTSA: Angie Levy reports PTSA mtg for Feb 11 (subsequently rescheduled to Feb 18 due to weather), PTSA to pass out Dickey’s flyers, membership drive still in progress with prizes to be drawn for in March. PTSA needs commitment from ABC at March mtg regarding senior scholarships. ABC committed to $1250 as half of (5) $500 scholarships when budget was passed, but due to criitically low bank balance, ABC will need to assess financial situation and vote again next month.

Sr. Nights/Events: No report.

Banquets: Winter banquet to be held Feb 27 at 7pm in cafeteria. Due to budget constraints, it was decided to provide cake and punch only. See AD report.

Concessions: No report.

OLD BUSINESS: 1) BYLAWS AMENDMENT PROPOSALS – changes to wording in Article VII/Committees and Article VIII/Executive Board were read by Lee Perry. Motion by Lee Perry and 2nd by Angie Levy to accept changed wording to bylaws, motion passes. Lee Perry report John Cook will update bylaws to include changing name from WFRABC to WFABC.
1)ABC BANK BALANCE – Funds critically low. Bank balance of $2783.65 as of 1/31/14.
* Name a Paw: Discussion about prices and suggestions to improve flyer. Decided to advertise $30 for remainder of this school year and $50 for next school year, suggested to include year of graduation or clubs as options on Paws, suggested to set Mar 15 deadline for orders and Mar 22 workday. Discussion about cold weather and proper paint adhesion. Tony Pearson to get info from Sherwin Williams and research template options before we advertise flyer.
* WFHS Cell Phone Covers: Should be ready soon. See “Fundraising” committee report above.
* Membership Drive w/ Raffle Incentives: Tony Pearson reports still waiting on Ms. Hamler regarding donation of parking spot for ABC to raffle.
* Candy Sales: Suggestion last month by Coach Ben Daniels to sell candy after school. Ms. Hamler informed that WCPSS has a policy forbidding it.
* Phantom Fund Raiser: Suggestion emailed from a parent to try a phantom fundraiser. Lee Perry suggests calling it a “No Fuss Fundraiser” so as not to confuse with PTSA’s Phantom fundraiser. Sheila Connelly to create flyer asap for dissemination via email blast and at upcoming events.
2) REQUEST FOR NEW WRESTLING MATS – Ed Mutio gave a presentation, including pictures, regarding condition of wrestling mats. Both mats are over 20 years old and have been reconditioned at least once. One is completely unusable and the other is cracking. Neither is safe/sanitary due to cracks in the plastic which allows bacteria to grow in the foam. Due to the nature of the sport, the bacteria can cause many types of infections to pass on to the wrestlers. WFHS hosted 2 tourneys this year, plan to host 3-4 next year. Each tourney brings in gate receipts and concession revenue. The wrestling team is requesting a new mat from ABC, estimated to cost between $8-$10K. Discussion about making back some of that money through hosting more wrestling tournaments and seeking sponsors to be advertised at corners of the mat. Tony Pearson to follow up with Ed Mutio regarding sponsor possibilities.

UPCOMING DATES: Curriculum Fair and PTSA Mtg Feb 18th. Dickey’s Night Feb 24th. Spring Sports Parent Mtg Feb 25th. Winter Sports Banquet Feb 27th. ROTC Bazaar Mar 8th.

THE NEXT BOOSTER MEETING WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014 AT 7PM inside the WFHS Athletic Sports Bldg behind the Lindsey Gym. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Respectfully submitted by: Sheila Connelly, Secretary, WFHS ABC