Learner Resource 4

Using data


You will play the reaction time game from the BBC website (below). After you’ve played it and have got some results, you will use these to create some data to look at in more detail.

The activity

Play the reaction time game. Take a few minutes to practice. Make sure that everybody in your group has the same amount of time to try the game out as each other.

The game can be found here:

Using the table on pages 2 and 3, record your average scores. These are shown at the top of your results after you complete the game. Record the scores of your classmates as well. Ensure that everybody has three attempts.

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Components of fitness

E.g. Duncan / 0.2434 / 0.2466 / 0.2451 / 0.2450

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Components of fitness

Discuss the following questions with the people near to you. Try and come up with some answers that you agree on.

1What does this information tell you about reaction times in your class?

2Who has the fastest reactions?

3Did you all use the same computer?

4Was it silent or noisy, for each person, or a mixture?

5Do you think these results are accurate? How could they be improved?

Using the blank bar graph on page 6, create a chart that shows everybody’s results. If you have access to a computer and you know how to, perhaps you could create your bar graph on screen.

Extension activities

1Work out the mean, median and modal results for your class.

2Look to see if there are any other patterns in your results? For example, has one gender performed better than the other?

3If you were going to perform the same test with another group, what would you do differently and why?

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Components of fitness

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Components of fitness