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Respect Yourself / I will:
Be prepared
Try my best
Make good choices
Be clean and tidy
Take pride in what I do / I will:
Walk, not run. / I will:
Stay on task. / I will:
Wash my hands before and after eating / I will:
Play safely
Stay inside the fenced area / I will:
Use washroom for the intended purpose
Wash my hands
Return to class promptly / I will:
Be on time for the bus
Be safe while waiting and while on the bus / I will:
Sign out equipment
Use equipment safely
Respect Others / I will:
Be helpful and considerate.
Share and include others.
Respect others’ feelings: be polite, and use put-ups, not put-downs.
Follow the instructions of school staff/ volunteers
Keep my hands and feet to myself.
Give others their personal space.
Move safely. / I will:
Walk safely and quietly.
Keep to the right. / I will:
Share knowledge.
Speak quietly.
Use browsing cards.
Check books in and out properly
Return books on time.
Walk. / I will:
Practice good table manners / I will:
Take turns
Show good sportsmanship
Use appropriate language. / I will:
Give others their privacy / I will:
Stay in my seat
Use my inside voice
Follow the instructions of the bus driver / I will:
Play safely
Accept others with different abilities
Respect Property / I will:
Take care of my belongings.
Put garbage/recycling in their proper place
Clean up after myself.
Use books, materials and equipment for their intended purpose.
Ask before I borrow or touch things that don’t belong to me. / I will:
Keep my hands and feet to myself.
Wear my inside shoes. / I will:
 Be careful with books, magazines and computers.
Push in chairs.
Leave mice and keyboards plugged in.
Leave food/ drinks outside the library/
computer lab
 Shut down computers when finished. / I will:
Clean up my eating area before leaving.
Stack my chair when finished. / I will:
Use equipment properly
Return all equipment
Be careful with equipment / I will:
Keep washrooms clean and tidy
Turn off taps
Report any problems / I will:
Care for the bus
Report any damage / I will:
Return equipment on time
Use equipment for its intended purpose, and as instructed

At our school we share the following five valuesHonesty, Responsibility, Safety, Respect and Empathy. We will strive to demonstrate these values by acting as described below.