Jan. 9Go to computer lab to work on WAC13A3

Homework: : Read Chapter 15.6 Solubility Equilibria and the solubility product

15.7 Precipitation and qualitative analysis

15.8 Equilibria involving complex ions

Jan. 10 Go Over AP Problems

Go Over Keq Lab

Go Over WAC13s

Go over LeChatlier’s POGIL

Discuss LeChatlier’s Principle Prelab

Pass out Chapter 15 (2nd Half) notes

Go over Ksp

Homework: Prelab and Prelim Questions for "LeChatelier's" Lab

Jan. 11Turn in prelab for LeChatelier’s Lab

(1/2 day)Finish chapter 15 notes

AP 2007B1, AP 2010A1

Homework: WAC15A1 (due Jan 14)

Jan. 12LeChateliere’s Lab

Homework: LeChatliere’s postlab (Due Jan. 24, 8:30 am)

Jan. 13Go to Computer Lab to work on WAC15A

Homework: AP2006A1

Jan. 14Homework: Read FT2a5 Chapter 14 (Don’t worry about complex ion formation Kf)

Take FT2a5 Quiz Chapter 14 in comp book (Not complex ion problems)

Jan. 15Homework: AP2001A1, AP2004A1

Jan. 16Homework: Chapter 13 and 2nd half of 15 Practice Test

Jan. 17Go over practice Test

Go over any and all AP problems, POGILS, WAs, or FT2a5s

Discuss Ksp Lab

Homework: Prelab and preliminary Questions for Ksp Lab

Jan. 18Ksp Lab

Homework: Postlab write up for Ksp Lab (Due Jan. 24, 8:30 am)

Jan. 19Go over any and all AP problems, POGILS, WAs, or FT2a5s

Homework: Prepare all chapter 13 and 15 assignments to be turned in Jan. 20

Jan. 20All assignments from Chapter 13 and 2nd half of Chapter 15 turned in

Chapter 13, and 2nd half of chapter 15 Test

Homework: Read: 14.1 The Nature of Acids/ Bases (III.A.1, III.C.2.b.1)

(r,k) 14.2 Acid Strength (III.A.2, III.C.2.b.1, VI.8)

(r,k) 14.3 The pH Scale (III.C.2.b.1)

(r,k) 14.4 Calculating the pH of Strong Acid Solutions (III.C.2.b.1)

(r,k) 14.5 Calculating the pH of Weak Acid Solutions (III.C.2.b.1)

Jan. 21Homework: Read Chapter 14.6 Bases

14.7 Polyprotic Acids

14.8 Acid-Base properties of salts

14.9 Effect of structure on acid/base properties

Jan. 22Homework: Read 14.10 Acid/Base properties of Oxides

14.11 Lewis Acid/Base Model

14.12 Strategy for solving acid/base problems: a summary

Jan. 23Ask questions from 3 labs due

Receive notes and instruction on Chapter 14 Acids and Bases

Homework: AP Problems 2007A1, 2006B1

Jan. 24Turn in lab book

Go to computer lab to work on WAC14A1 (Due Jan. 29; 8:30 pm)

Final Exams: Jan. 25, 26, 27