Jones County High School Dress Code Information

Please keep in mind the student dress code policy as you are back to school shopping in preparation for the upcoming school year. Dress code will be checked each morning during announcements. Students out of dress code will be sent to administration and consequences will be assigned per the dress code policy below.


Dress Code Violation- Consequence: Saturday School

The Jones County Board of Education adheres to the philosophy that the quest for individuality should not infringe on the rights of others. The Board acknowledges that styles of dress and customs continually change. All current styles are not acceptable for school wear; therefore, dress regulations are subject to

periodic review and / or modification. The adaption of the dress code should be founded on the premise of wholesome attitudes relative to appropriate grooming and manner of dress. Apparel or accessories bearing patches, emblems, drawings, or writings are significant dress factors. Those listed as inappropriate are ones that exploit or identify with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, sex, controversialissues, or have suggestive wording and / or designs. Apparel or accessories which may incite others to violence or disruptive behavior must not be worn including headphones/earbuds. When arms are raised, skin around midriff and lower back area must not be exposed. Rather than itemize the “dos” and “don’ts”, the County Board of Education sets the following broad parameters.

Clothing and accessories NOT allowed:

Backless blouse

See through garments (sheer or net shirts)


Halter tops

Headphones/Bluetooth phone accessories

Low-cut dresses / shirts

Strapless dresses

Spaghetti straps (straps must be 2” in width)

Undergarments (worn where they can be seen)


Bedroom shoes, Slippers

Hats including ball caps (not allowed on main or 9th grade campus.)

Head coverings- do rags, bandanas, hoods, combs

Tank tops or sleeveless shirts cut down (including basketball jerseys)

Form – fitting garments (such as bicycle pants, aerobics outfits, leggings/jeggins/tights or body pants)

Revealing cutouts / tears/ holes in garments

Pajamas / lounging pants

Skirts, shorts, or dresses, shorter than 3 inches above the knees.

Splits in skirts or dresses cannot be slit more than 3 inches above the knee

Jumpers must be worn with a blouse or shirt. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline with a belt ifpants have belt loops. Sagging or oversized pants are not permitted for any reasons. Shirt-tails are permitted outside of pants if the top of the front pocket is visible (when pants are worn at thenatural waistline.) All shirts not meeting this requirement must be tucked in. Extremely oversized garments are not permitted for safety reasons. The multiplicity of styles and frequency of change prohibits detail itemizing of all patterns of dress and grooming. However, the board is committed to maintaining a dignified school environment. Grooming, personal hygiene, and dress may in no way detract from the learning process of the students or of others. ANY STUDENT THAT IS IN VIOLATION OF THE DRESS CODE POLICY WILL BE ASSIGNED A SATURDAY SCHOOL AND SENT HOME IF THEY CANNOT IMMEDIATELY CORRECT THE ISSUE.

School officials are charged with the responsibility of enforcing this policy and making decisions in situations requiring judgmental interpretation.