New Instructor Orientation Agenda

August 18, 2014, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., ITC Room 204

9:00 / Welcome and Introductions – Janet Clanton
9:10 / Getting Started – Nadine Anderson
  • Log-in
  • Set the STC website as the home page in your Windows Internet Explorer browser:
 Go to:
 Select “Tools”, then “Internet Options”.
 On the General tab under Home page, select “Use current”.
 Click “OK” or “Apply”.
  • Access EagleOnline:
 At the top of the STC home page, click on the “EagleOnline log-in” button.
 Under EagleOnline at the left of the page, Click on “Login Assistance”
 Select “Staff” and follow instructions.
  • Update your personal information on EagleOnline:
 At the top of the EagleOnline, select “Personal Info” just to the right of your name.
 Click on the Password tab to change your password.
 Click on the other tabs to add information about yourself.
  • Sign up for text or e-mail alerts at EagleOnline/Home/State Tech Alerts.

9:30 / STC Overview – Janet Clanton
STC Mission -
STC Accreditations –
STC Name Change – On July 1, 2014 Linn State Technical College was renamed to State Technical College of Missouri. This name change better reflects our statewide role under current Missouri law. Enrollment at the school represents 80 percent of Missouri counties and our graduates fuel the state’s technical workforce. We are the only state technical college in Missouri.
Organization Structure
EagleOnline/Employee Info/General Information/Rules and Regulations Organizational Chart
Phone Rosters - EagleOnline/Employee Info/Phone Rosters
Who Does What - EagleOnline/Employee Info/General Information/STC Resources
Education abbreviations and jargon
EagleOnline/Employee Info/General Information/Acronyms
  • Academic Calendar - EagleOnline/Employee Info/General Information/Academic Calendar
  • Institutional Calendar - EagleOnline/Home/Institutional Calendar
  • Events before Fall Semester Starts:
August 19 – New Teacher Workshop - Inside your State Tech bag is a copy of the Workshop flyer. If you didn’t receive it at NTI, your copy of “The First Days of School” book that you will need tomorrow is also in your bag.
August 20 and 22, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – CurricUNET syllabus assistance in Library Bibliographic Room.
August 21 – Fall Workshop – Inside your State Tech bag is a copy of the agenda.
August 25 - Power UP New Student Orientation
August 25 through 28 - Week of Welcome for Students
EagleOnline/Home/Power UP and Week of Welcome Schedules
9:55 / Curriculum
Advisory Council of over 450 employers – Janet Clanton
College Catalog – Janet Clanton
EagleOnline/Home/College Catalogs
10:00 / Your syllabus is contract with students – Kelli Jones
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/General Information/Procedures and Guidelines for Curriculum Documentation
  • AJA@TMSTC – Kelli Jones
11:10 / Syllabi CurricUNET – Janet Clanton and Sheila Luebbert
To access CurricUNET:
  • CurricUNET can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Open this link:
  • Save this web page address to your bookmarks/favorites and/or create a shortcut to your desktop.
  • The login menu is located on the left hand side of the page.
  • Enter your user id which is the first initial of your first name and your entire last name (example: sluebbert)
  • Enter the password: changeme (all lower case with no spaces). Note: This password is the same for everyone.
  • Change your password once you are logged into the system:
  • Select “Personal Info” under the “Prefs” Tab.
  • Password: enter new password
  • Password Confirm: reenter new password
  • Scroll down and click the “OK” button
CurricUNET Syllabus module instructions
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/General Information/ CurricUNET Syllabus Module Instructions
  • If there are two versions of a course, use the “Active” version. If you have any questions, contact me.
  • If you believe there are discrepancies in the information on your syllabus that is pulled from the CurricUNET core module, contact Sheila Luebbert at or 573-897-5210.
  • Once you have created a syllabus, save the .pdf file to the s:drive in your departments work folder for Fall 2014. Once saved in the s:drive, upload the .pdf file into Moodle.
  • Instructions to access the Syllabi s:drive:
  • At the bottom left of your screen, click the “Start” button.
  • Select “Run”.
  • Type in \\LSTCshare.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Scroll down and right click on “Syllabi”.
  • Select “Map Network Drive”.
  • Select an available drive letter from the drop down box.
  • Behind the drive letter type, “\\lstcshare\syllabi”.
  • Click the “Finish” button
  • From you desktop, double click to open “My Computer”.
  • Right click on and drag the s:drive to your desktop.
  • Select “Create Shortcuts Here”.
  • Instructions to locate your department’s work folder on the Syllabi s:drive. Once you have created the Syllabi s:drive shortcut double click the following:
  • Syllabi s:drive shortcut.
  • Syllabi
  • “Appropriate Work Folder”. For example, if you are a Math Instructor you will double click on the MAT Work Folder.
  • Each semester has a folder.

11:40 / Student Education Plans – Janet Clanton
EagleOnline/Student Info/Education Plans
11:45 / Student Learning Outcomes – John Scheulen
  • Basic Essential Skills
  • Technical Skill Assessments
  • General Education Assessments
  • Testing Center

STC employees may purchase a 10-meal punch card from the cashier for $50. Otherwise, meal prices are regularly $5.50 for lunch and $6.75 for dinner.
12:45 / RETURN TO ITC 204
Academic Records Procedures – Elaine Brandt
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – Elaine Brandt
  • Add/Drop and Financial Refund Dates – Elaine Brandt
 Attendance verification and impact on financial aid
 Grades/ incomplete grades and impact on financial aid
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/Student Forms/Incomplete Grade Request Form
1:00 / Student Retention – Richard Pemberton
  • Student Assistance Pyramid
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/General Information/STC Assistance Pyramid
  • Student Referral Procedure
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/General Information/Student Referral Procedure
1:05 / Drug Screening – Richard Pemberton
EagleOnline/Home/Drug Screening
1:10 / Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR training) – Jason Hoffmeyer
1:55 / Shared Governance / Participatory Management
Committee Structure / Charges & Issues – Shawn Berhorst
EagleOnline/Campus Life/STC Groups/Standing Committee
Faculty Senate (and Staff Senate) – Janet Clanton
Department/Division Chairs & Lead Instructors – Janet Clanton
Meeting Minutes – Janet Clanton
EagleOnline/Employee Info/Minutes
2:05 / Performance Expectations & Evaluation – Janet Clanton
Be sure to review and discuss expectations with your direct supervisor.
EagleOnline/Faculty/Performance Evaluation
Instructor Job Description
Instructor Minimum Standards Performance Review Form
Pay for Performance Faculty Evaluation Form
Performance Criteria with Descriptors
Faculty Raise Flow Chart
2:30 / Moodle Training – Aaron Kliethermes
EagleOnline/Faculty/EagleOnline and Moodle Assistance
  • Academic Grade Book

  • Attendance Percentage Tracking

  • Job Readiness Work Ethic Score Tracking

  • Student Referral System

  • Short Notice Class Cancellation Procedure

  • Submitting End of Class AJA Information

4:30 / ADJOURN
Additional Instructional Procedures
Accident Reporting:
EagleOnline/Employee Info/Forms and Procedures/General Information/Accident Reporting Procedure – We are required to report any accidents even if there are no injuries. There are detailed procedures to follow based on who is involved and the severity of any injuries.
Class Cancellation:
EagleOnline/Student Info or Faculty/Class Cancellation - If a class must be cancelled, the instructor or another department member will notify the students as soon as possible once it is deemed that the class will not meet as scheduled, preferably two hours in advance of the class scheduled meeting time. Within the first week of class, each instructor will determine class notification procedures in the event of a class cancellation on short notice. Class notification procedures will be posted on the class topic page in Moodle.
  • No tobacco in buildings. Please don’t allow students to chew in classrooms.
  • No food is allowed in any lab or shop during class. Only beverages in closed containers are allowed in classrooms, labs, and shops.
  • Lock classrooms and labs when you are not present. Students can’t be left unattended in classrooms and labs due to liability and losing equipment that way.
  • Energy efficiency: Turn off lights when you leave your office and classrooms. Turn off equipment as feasible when you leave for the day.
Inclement Weather:
EagleOnline/Employee Info/General Information/Forms and Procedures/Inclement Weather Policy – This tells you where to get information and what to do when weather may disrupt classes.
Out-of-Class Activities Requirements:
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/General Information/Out-of-Class Activities Requirements – Field trips and other off campus learning activities can be very worthwhile, but to minimize the disruption to other instructors’ classes when a group of students will be absent:
  • Notify impacted instructors that students will be absent at least a week in advance.
  • Don’t schedule field trips, etc. during the last two weeks of classes.
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/Student Forms/Student Transportation & Trip Forms – These forms are for students to sign when they are being transported in a college vehicle or will travel off campus for a college activity in their own vehicle.
Student No-Show / Non-Return:
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/Student Forms/No-Show & Non-Return Form & Procedures – If you happen to have a student who never shows up for a semester contact you to tell you they won’t return, this is the procedure to follow and the form to complete.
Student Withdrawal from the College:
EagleOnline/Faculty/Forms and Publications/Student Forms/Withdrawal from the College Form and Procedures – If you happen to have a student drop out of the college after starting a semester contact you to tell you they are leaving the college, this is the procedure to follow and the form to complete.
Additional Resources
  • Academic Affairs (NTC 200)

  • Academic Resource Center - ARC (ITC 111)
The ARC provides tutoring in general education subjects. ARC staff members visit all math and communications classes each semester to invite students to use their services. ARC brochure is in your State Tech bag. Call Lorinda Dement at extension 5297 to schedule additional class visits.
  • Campus Activities / STC Groups
EagleOnline Campus Life Tab has information about campus groups and activities.
  • Counseling Services (ARC / ITC 111 and NTC 103)
The College Counselors are available to assist students with academic, social, and career concerns. They also make referrals to external resources for more serious personal issues.
  • Financial Aid (NTC 102, 104, 105)
The vast majority of our students receive some type of financial aid. They have information on federal, state, and private financial aid sources for students.
  • Institutional Data Tab
EagleOnline Institutional Data Tab has a wealth of data about the college, FYI.
  • Instructional Media Center (ITC 225)
Moodle assistance, production copier that you can send print jobs to, many other services are available here.
  • Library (ITC Main Floor)
Be sure to check out the many resources available in the Library when you are developing your class materials. Many services are available through the Library webpage, which you can access from Library staff members are great resources. Contact them if you need a resource book, video, etc. that is not currently in our collection. There is information about Library Services and MOBIUS in your State Tech bag.
  • Professional Development
The webpage includes professional development information on teaching and learning. Username: statetechmo. Password: Go2statetechmo
  • Professional Library (ITC Second Floor)
Contains books and periodicals on teaching and learning.
  • Student Resources
The New Student Resource Guide includes a lot of information that your students have received. It is located at EagleOnline/Student Info/New Student Resource Guide.
  • Technical Tutors (Department Chairs)
Tutoring in technical class topics is available in each program department through our Carl D. Perkins Postsecondary Grant. Contact your Chair or Lead Instructor to make arrangements.
  • Testing Center (ITC 114)
Provides course placement, certification, and licensing tests for students. Contact Kathy Bohl if you need to make arrangements for a student to take a monitored make-up test.


Complete each item, have the trainers initial your checklist, and return to Janet Clanton by 12/12/14.

Topic: / Trainer: / Initials:
Find your mailbox. / Your department chair
Get network drives, e-mail instructions. / Nadine Anderson
Get phone and voicemail instructions. / Nadine Anderson
Visit Admissions Office. Go on a campus tour. / Admissions Staff Member
Complete FERPA and Red Flag training. / Moodle class
Complete CARS access request & training. / Sandy Cox and Elaine Brandt
Visit the Academic Resource Center. / Lorinda Dement or Desiree Franken
Visit the Library. / Fran Stumpf or Library staff member
Visit the Testing Center. / Kathy Bohl
Visit the Bookstore. / Bookstore Staff Member
Visit the Career Services Office:
Ask about HireEagles/Career Services Online. / Glenda Whitney or Lindsey Shanks
Visit a Counseling Services office. / Jason Hoffmeyer or
Becca Mehmert
Visit the Financial Aid Office. / Financial Aid Staff Person
Learn about Articulation Agreements. / Jordan Deeken
Visit Business & Industry Relations Office:
Ask about B&I and Continuing Technical Education programs. / Shelle Jacobs
Visit the Foundation / Development Office:
Ask about the Publications Style Guide –
EagleOnline/Employee Info/Publications. / Ashley Anderson or
Scott Peters
Read the Rules & Regulations:
EagleOnline/Employee Information/Forms and Procedures/General Information/Rules and Regulations. / Your Department Chair
Read the LSTC Plan:
EagleOnline/Employee Info/Accreditations/
The STC (LSTC) Plan / Your Department Chair
Visit the Business Office:
Ask about purchasing procedures.
EagleOnline/Employee Info/Business Office -
 PO or Check Request Form
 Personal Expense Report
 Quick Reference Approval Guide
Ask how to reserve a college fleet vehicle. / Business Office Staff Member
Visit the Activity Center. / Activity Center Staff Person

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