Beverly Woods Food Policy 2012 - 2013

Concerning Food Brought to School

In conjunction with recommendation from CMS and the NC Division of Environmental Health, we ask that all parents and staff adhere to the guidelines and procedures outlined below. Doing so will help protect our students who have severe food allergies and help guard against risks associated with improperly stored and/or prepared foods, while supporting a healthy eating environment at our school.

Per CMS policy, products such as milk, cheese or fruit juice, which have not been pasteurized, may not be shared in the classroom or at school activities.

If there is a child with a nut allergy in a classroom, that classroom may be declared a nut-free classroom. Other children in that classroom will be encouraged not to bring any nut products for lunch or snack time. The BWE Cafeteria provides only nut free items, meaning nut products can be brought in from home but no nut products are served nor are food items cooked in nut oil/products. If there are no students with nut allergies in a classroom, students in that classroom are free to bring in nut products.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed with friction under running water before being brought in to school.

Procedures for bringing food into the school:

  1. The teacher or room parent must be alerted at least one day in advance of any food being brought in to school to be shared with other students. This allows time to alert other parents to the plans for their children. If food has not been pre-approved by the teacher, the food may not be allowed to be distributed.
  2. Any food brought in to be distributed to the students must be store bought and labeled with its contents.
  3. Parents should not bring in complete meals for students other than their own children. The BWE Health Team discourages bringing in fast food lunches due to the high fat and sodium content of these foods.
  4. Teachers are discouraged from purchasing food for students. Academic achievement and goal accomplishment will be rewarded with things such as extra recess time, a non-food item from a Treasure Box, or other non-food item. This practice strives to move away from using food as an incentive.

Birthday Celebration Policy

Birthdays are important milestones for children each year. Many teachers have traditional celebrations in the classroom to recognize birthdays. Parents should check with the teacher for approval of any celebration they would like to plan.

  1. Any celebration of birthdays must not interfere with instructional time. Recess or lunch time are appropriate celebration times. Please check with the classroom teacher for approval of timing.
  2. The Beverly Woods Health Team encourages non-food celebrations in order to limit the amount of sweets and sugar that is served to the children throughout the year. Non-food celebration ideas include novelty bags from a dollar store and donating a book to the BWEMediaCenter from the birthday child.
  3. Parents also have the option of arranging for one cupcake to be given to the birthday child on their birthday from the BWE Cafeteria, courtesy of the BWE Health Team, instead of purchasing and distributing treats to all the children in the class. (Summer birthdays may be celebrated in September or May, or on the half birthday.) The Health Team offers to provide this service in order to reduce the number of times per year entire classes of kids eat birthday treats, which can add up to over 7,000 extra sugary calories per year. Contact the Cafeteria Manager to make arrangements.

Dress Code Policy

  1. Dress at Beverly Woods should be respectful and safe. Dresses, skirts and skorts should be at least one inch below fingertips.
  2. Shirts should have at least a two finger width shoulder. No spaghetti straps.
  3. Graphic tees should carry only positive messages.
  4. Students should wear tennis/athletic shoes on days assigned to PE. Closed toe shoes are preferred on all other days. Flip flops and plastic shoes are strongly discouraged at school due to safety issues on the playground.