Make individual contraction and rule cards. The activity can be used in several ways

1.  Individual -sorting cards under the rule as a heading.

2.  Splitting small word/contraction cards for pairing/matching

3.  Print each set and rule in different colour font or on coloured paper.

As before, cut into separate cards.

With rule and word cards in individual piles face down, children take turns to read the card & challenge each other to spell aloud. Misspellings are then referred to the rule and the child must have same colour and rule on next turn.

Used words go to the bottom of the pile.

Children could have individual score sheets to record colour groups attempted.

Can also be differentiated by reading out only first 2 words and responding child must first say contraction and then spell.

Alternatively only the contraction is read out.

Another variation is to write spellings on paper or whiteboard.

4.  Play as in 3 using Snakes and Ladders or Ludo boards and creating rules for movement.

Set 1

I am
I'm / you are you're / he is
she is
she's / we are
we're / they are
RULE: Apostrophe replaces 1 letter- a or i

Set 2

I will
I'll / you will
you'll / he will
she will
she'll / we will
we'll / they will
RULE: Apostrophe replaces 2 letters- wi

Set 3

I have
I've / you have
you've / he has
she has
she's / we have
we've / they have
RULE: Apostrophe replaces 2 letters ha

Set 4

I would
I'd / you would
you'd / he would
she would
she'd / we would
we'd / they would
RULE: Apostrophe replaces 4 letters - woul


. Set 5

are not
aren’t / could not
couldn’t / have not
did not
didn’t / do not
don’t / has not
RULE: Apostrophe replaces 1 letter- o