ELS language School Computer Department 3rd prep Computer Exam

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Sample Test(3)

First Question : True OR False:

  1. Problem Definition is the first step of problem solving. ( )
  2. Documenting the program means making sure that the program is free of errors ( )
  3. To represent data input in flowcharts, use the term Print. ( )

  1. The VB.net language is used in producing Web applications only. ( )
  2. Both of ListBox Control and ComboBox Control shared the item property . ( )


Second Question : Complete:

  1. Solving approach includes many terminologies, the terminology that expresses the preparation of a cup juice is------
  2. ------is one of the IDE elements contains controls that programmer can place on the form.
  3. The first stage in problem solving stages is problem------while the last stage is------
  4. By default the number of bounding boxes around the Label Control = ------,and in the TextBox Control = ------while in the button Control =------
  5. The control ------is used to separate between two groups of RadioButton controls.


Third Question : A) What Happened if :

1- The value of the property RightTOLeft adjusted to “Yes” and RightTOLeftLayout adjusted to “True”

2- You set the property MultiLine for the textbox into true.

3- You set the property AutoComplete Mode to suggest of the ComboBox.

4- You set the property Border style of the Label to FixedSingle .

5- You adjust the property SelectionMode of the ListBox to None.

6- You set the property ControlBox of the Form to False .

B) Compare between:

  1. TextBox Control and Label Control (purpose- properties)

1- IDE and Framework.net

2- The Property Text and the Name for the Form.


Third Question : A) Explain :

1- You can`t delete the borders around the Button Control where you can add or delete borders to Label Control.

2- VB.net is an Event Driven Programming Language?

3- Benefits of drawing a FlowChart.


Fourth Question : A) Correct the following Codes :

  1. Button1.BackColor= red
  2. TextBox1.Visible = "False"
  3. LblTxt. Text = ELS
  4. TXTname. MaxLength= "8"

Fifth Question : A) Draw :

1- Draw a FlowChart and write Algorithm for a program that will calculate the average of 3 numbers.

2- Write down the Algorithm and draw a flowchart to determine the largest and smallest number between 2 numbers.

3- Draw a Flowchart for a program to print the even numbers from 2 to 16.

4- The following flowchart is used to calculate the Area of a circle with radius R. Redraw the FlowChart so that it displays the message "Not Allowed"and exits the program when R is negative.