Dr. Sarah Jane Dickenson


Current Professional Theatre Practice

Hull Rises. Working with Hull City of Culture, the BBC and the British Council 2017

The KeyWorking with Lincoln City Council and BG University Lincoln on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).Writing four short plays to be toured regionally.May 2017 -19

REF!Working with the Rugby Football Union Space2 Arts REF!Based on the life of one of the first female Rugby League referees to referee men’s matches. September 2017

Commissioned Playwright on Graeae Theatre Company Write To Play programme Oct 2015 – Nov 2016.

Graeae Theatre Company is a force for change in world-class theatre, breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and boldly placing disabled artists centre stage


Play scripts

Dickenson, S.J. (2017) REF! Working with the Rugby Football Union (Forthcoming)

Dickenson, S.J. (2017) Storage Britain. Commissioned by Graeae Theatre Company.London

Dickenson, S.J. (2017) REF! Working with the Rugby Football Union (Forthcoming)

Dickenson, S.J. (2014). That Berlin Moment. London: Barbican Press.

Dickenson, S.J. (2014). CBA. London: Barbican Press.

Dickenson, S. J. (2011) ‘The Tipping Point’. Journal of Adaptation in Film &Performance 3: 3, pp. 305-328.

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Dickenson S.J. (2008).‘The Queer Citizen: From Canonisation to Curriculum in the Work of Mark Ravenhill.’Alternatives Within The Mainstream Theatre II: Queer Theatres in Post War Britain (Ed) Goodiwala-McGowan. Pp124-159 Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press.


Conroy, C. Dickenson, S.J. Mazzoni, G. ‘The Not-Knowns ‘Playwriting, Psychology and participation’. RIDE:Research in Drama Education.(Forthcoming 2017)Dickenson, S.J.

Dickenson, S.J. ‘Memory, Imagination and Adaptation in the Plays of James Graham.’Journal of Contemporary Drama in English (JCDE) (Forthcoming 2017)

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Dickenson. S.J. (2006) ‘Listening Better to Look Better: The manipulation of linguistic devices and listening skills in the writing of Booters, a play for young people.’ Exeter. Research in Drama Education (RIDE) Vol 11, No 1, pp99-105

Text books

Cerny, Maria, Sarah Jane Dickenson, Daniela Schwark & Bettina Steurer (2011).Die Mauer.

[A’Level German teaching resource.Now being used in 60 Schools in the region.] Routes into Languages.


Small Arts Award, Wellcome Trust. 2014

‘The not-knowns: Psychology, Engagement and Cultural Memory.’

Principal Investigator: Dr S.J. Dickenson. CA DrColette Conroy, CA Prof G. Mazzoni

The project was an attempt to formalize and critically interrogate the connections between autobiographical memory and the craft of playwriting while sharing the implications of cutting edge psychology research with marginalized communities. This project was a collaboration between Dickenson, Dr Colette Conroy, psychologist Professor Giuliana Mazzoni, Park Bench Theatre, Hull City Arts and Hull Training.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 2013-14. Changing the Conversation.

PI Dr S.J.Dickenson CA Dr. Colette Conroy : A pilot project to build a sustainable CPD programme for artists and practitioners working in participatory settings.



Dickenson. S.J. ‘Sublimely useless: creativity and the capacity for change’.18th SEDA (Staff and Education Development Association) Creativity in Educational Development Conference. November 2013.

Dickenson, S.J. ‘Not Yet: The Berlin Wall and the Loss of Biography’. Keynote.Germany Today: Zwanzig Jahre Nach Dem Mauerfall.The Goethe-Institut. 4th July 2009.

Invited Speaker

Dickenson.S.J. ’Memory and the Playwright’. The Brighton ‘Grand Hotel’ bombing: History, Memory & Political Theatre. University of Brighton 15th & 16th October 2014


Dickenson, S.J. ‘Memory, Imagination and Adaptation in the Plays of James Graham.’

British Theatre in the 21st Century. New Text, New Stages, New Identities, New Worlds. Universite Paris Sorbonne.Paris, France. (Forthcoming) 13-15 October 2016.

Dickenson, S.J. ‘Pain and The Playwright: Communicating Unseen Pain on Stage.’ Encountering Pain Conference.University College London. London, UK. 1-2 July 2016.

Dickenson, S.J.The not-knowns: psychology, engagement and cultural memory. The Story of Memory.University of Roehampton. 4-5th September 2014.

Dickenson, S.J. ‘Memory, Intent and the Scriptwriter : Richard Bean & Anthony Minghella’. Authoring Theatre: New Performance, Text and the Return of the Auteur.Central School of Speech and Drama. London, UK.14-15 July 2011.

Joint Papers

Conroy. C. & Dickenson S.J. ’Structures of Empathy: Pain and Politics.’ International Federation of Theatre Research. Stockholm. Sweden. 13-17June 2016

Conroy. C. & Dickenson S.J. ‘The Not Knowns: Psychology, Engagement and Cultural Memory’.Ninth International Conference on The Arts in Society The Lives of Art. Sapienza University of Rome, Rome. Italy. 25-27 June 2014

Dickenson S.J & Kerridge. V. ‘Shut up, sit down, we’re going to talk about human rights.The Landing’ & citizenship’.Drama as Social InterventionThe Fifth International Conference, Exeter, England, 10-12 April 2005.

Dickenson S.J. & Kerridge.V. ‘The Booters Project.’ IDIERI Goes 4th. Destabilising Distinctions & Definitions 14-19July 2003 Northampton.

Productions, DVD’s & Interviews.

The Not Knowns.

2014 Toured Hull & Lincolnshire.ParkBenchPoets Theatre Company

17 performances in 15 venues across the City of Hull, Humbersideand Lincolnshire region between 15th September and 22nd October 2014.

That Berlin Moment and In the Moment

In the Moment (2010). Christmas TV & Film Company. DVD.

That Berlin Moment (2013). Middle Child Theatre Company. Rehearsed Reading.DVD.


CBA.(2011). Christmas TV & Film Company.DVD.

Production History of CBA

2010 -15, Tour of schools, prisons and community centres throughout Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Not Yet

Not Yet (2009). Christmas TV & Film Company. DVD.

Dickenson, S.J. (2009). ‘The Writing Process’.Goethe-Institut Online.

Dickenson, S.J. and Harald Olkus (2009).‘An Interview with Sarah-Jane Dickenson’.Goethe-Institut Online.

Production History of Not Yet(Funded by the Goethe Institut)

2009, Universities and schools tour across Yorkshire, UK.

2 - 10 Nov 2009, Dresden & Mulheim Theatre Festival, Germany, including school & college workshops.

5 Nov 2009, screening of the film version on the giant external screen in Hull City Centre, UK. BBC Humberside.

2010, International European Shared Voices Project.

The Tipping Point

Dickenson, S.J. (2007) ‘Sarah-Jane discusses The Tipping Point’. BBC Humberside online. 9 March 2007 - 15 May 2008 (archived).

Stacy, Matt (2007) ‘Matt Stacy gives an insight into the play’. BBC Humberside online. 9 March 2007 - 15 May 2008 (archived).

Thomson, Jodie (2007) ‘Jodie Thomson talks about her complex role’. BBC Humberside online. 9 March 2007 - 15 May 2008 (archived).

Production History of The Tipping Point

May 2008, Hull Truck Theatre and schools tour.(Funded by Hull Truck)

2008 -2011 Bishop Grosseteste University College, Lincoln and schools tour (Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire).