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1754 fighting crime in the community by providing positive alternative to the youth



Youth Crime Fighters is a non-profit organization based in a small informal settlement in Roodepoort South of Johannesburg South Africa. Our objective is to fight crime in our community by providing positive alternative to the youth. We doing that trough sport art and culture, we also have home work classes that we run every afternoon to help the young people with their home works to improve their school results. As the community that we are living in is under privilege and they do not have jobs any money. We then had opened the soup kitchen where we feed the kids on a daily bases from Monday to Saturday.

Thank to RMB who have been helping us by financing the feeding program. And to Brendan Williams and COXA for the money that he donated to us for the soccer league.

This is the under 13 netball team; they have joined in the KFC tournament that is organized by Add Hope group.

All Stars FC have been doing well and have grown in one of the big team in our community. Early this year we have struggled to register the team as we had no money to pay for the league fees. We would like to extend our gratitude and thank COXA for the R20, 000 that they donated to us to join the league. We would like to thank the people who helped to the raise the funds and where it came from may God Bless you.

All Stars first team on their first game in the league tournament at mogale city sports ground.

All Stars under 13 on the first league game at EXT 12 Sports ground

All Star at the training ground. We use bread crates to train as we do not have the training equipments.

All stars under 15 on the first game in the tournament against super eagles.

The team is washing the soccer kit at the club house on a Sunday after the game.

Youth Crime Fighters netball and Soccer team after the training at the school grounds.

It is so lovely to see this kids playing and the smiles on their faces you can see that all the sorrows in their faces has been changed to laughter. We would like to request any help that you can help us with like food, clothing for the those who are in need and for the soup kitchen and money to help us when we going to play the away games in the league.

Special thanks

We would like to extend our gratitude and thank Brendan Williams and COXA for the donation that they made to us early this year to register the teams to the league.

We would like to thank Rand Merchant Bank for the donation of the soccer kit that they have donated to us early this year. Our kids know look just like any other kids who has everything that thing of not having it is only in the past.

To the two people who have changed our live we say may the almighty God bless them.


All stars 3 vs Super Eagles 1 under 13

All Stars 7 vs mighty kings 2 under 15

All Stars 3 vs Juventus fc 2 under 17

All Stars 2 vs happy boys fc 1 under 19

All stars 1 vs mighty kings

We will keep you posted on everything that is happening in the team on monthly basis

Many thanks

Arthur Nyoni

All stars Football club chairman

A V Nyoni (CEO) Z Juba (financial manager) S Thage (general manager) NC Khumalo (Marketing director)S Mvuleni

PBO no 114-625

Account no 301218978 standard bank Westgate