September 29, 2017

Dear Parents,

OH THE LORD IS GOOD TO ME, AND SO I THANK THE LORD—FOR GIVING ME THE THINGS I NEED, THE SUN AND THE RAIN AND THE APPLE SEED! We used this as our snack time prayer this week, as we learned a little bit about Johnny Appleseed.

Your child has their Creation Booklet in today’s folder. I hope that you can take a few minutes to let your child tell you about the pages. If you take the time to read the short sentence below their world, you can add this to your book list.

We had such enormous fun with Enor and Elinor Elephant this week. They made the learning of the letter “E” easier to recognize it. We’re sorry that Elinor was so exhausted from her cold--there’s nothing worse than an elephant with a stuffed up nose!! HA! See if your child can tell you about the badge that Enor wears, and what the emergency call is for the team. Don’t forget we have a new song for Enor. We added the to our list of sight words. . For those of you who have children who are reading, I promise there will be more of a challenge. For the rest of you, I suggest that you keep a running list of these words as they are introduced. They’ll come slowly at first, but will pick up speed. I’m sure that you noticed that “e” sound exciting. “E” is kind of a tough sound (and pretty close to the “a” sound), but we are working some of these beginning words have letters that we haven’t even had yet. These words are SIGHT words—they learn to recognize them on sight. We’ll later learn to sound words out. Have your child use these words in a sentence. Asks them to sing Enor’s song and story with you.

We did a unit on Johnny Appleseed this week. See if your child can tell you Johnny’s REAL name. Can they tell you what he did that made him “famous”? Ask them to sing the Johnny Appleseed prayer (part of it is written in the first paragraph). How did he dress? What kind of a hat did he wear? Can they describe the “shoes” he made to wear in the snow.

We continue to emphasize the recognition and formation of the beginning numerals. Some of these beginning numbers are tough to write. We are getting a taste of the “twenties”, and will soon be adding the “thirties” as we do the calendar, and count the number of days that we’ve been in school. Your child brought home the Unit 1 Math book today. Look over for their work and progress.

On Wednesday, your child brought home a paper that will become a classroom book for the month of October. Please have your child complete the page for the Pumpkin Book and return by Monday.

Your child also brought home our Dinosaur Book on Wednesday. Let them tell you some of the facts that we learned about each of these enormous creatures.

We have a couple of kindergartners who still are unable to say their telephone number. There is a note indicating this. Please practice so that your child will have that skill mastered.

We are beginning to work on writing last names. I’ll begin to require this on many of their papers. For awhile, they can use their name tag as a model, but they need to be able to do this for memory soon.

The Happy Sacks will come home on Monday with Dylan B., Clara, Camille, and Brielle. We can’t wait to see the “f” thing that you bring.

Recognition Test—October 12. The children will be tested individually on recognition of Aa-Ff, and numerals 0-19. The letters and numerals will be “scrambled” and placed in random order. We’re working on making sure we recognize these here—a little extra work at home helps your child be secure and confident.

BOOK NEWS: Congratulations to Lucas--50 books read. Clara has joined us on the sticker chart with her first list of 10 books. The lists come in on a pretty regular basis. That is great, and a benefit to your child.

Happy 6th Birthday to Camryn. May God continue to watch over you as you grow in Him. We sure enjoyed your treats.

She is featured on our web page this weekend.

There is a book order in today’s folder. Some cool fall books are available. If you’d like to order, the order and check are due on Thursday, October 5. I know that this is kind of close to the other book order, but from this point on, we’ll strive for the very beginning of the month, as some of the more popular books end up being out of stock. Early is better.

ANOTHER REMINDER—We sing in the 8:15 service on Sunday, October 8. I hope that you are planning on this. Remember, we are the ONLY class singing, so it is most important that we have YOUR child there.

Have a nice fall weekend!