BBC New Media and Technology New Media Database Configuration and Deployment Guide

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New Media Database Configuration and Deployment Guide

Document Authorisation

Name: / Mike Hilton
Position: / New Media Database Architect
Date: / 13th May 2003

Document references

Version: / 1.0
Date: / 13th May 2003

Work carried out by:

Name / Department / Ext
Mike Hilton / Infrastructure Cluster / 73988

Document History

Version / Date / Author / Release / Version / Description
1.0 / 13/05/03 / Mike Hilton / <Specify release / version id> / First Issue

Any comments or queries about this document should be addressed to Mike Hilton


1Application Overview......


3Environment Details......

3.1Required Software Stack......

3.2Environment Variables......

4Installation Instructions......

4.1Configuration files......

5Known Bugs......

6Usage Guide......

7Release Notes......

8Related Documents......

1 Application Overview

<Provide an overview of the application, and tehe components being used to make up delivery>

2 Deliverables

<List release deliverables explicitly>

Id / Deliverable Name / Description / Release/Version / Test Ref

3 Environment Details

3.1 Required Software Stack

< For each software item that the installed database software is dependent upon, describe the software package that the release and/or version number, what it is used for, list any dependencies that the software may have on other software package / versions, and note any other useful / important information about the item. >

Id / Software / Version / Role in solution / Dependencies / Comments

3.2 Environment Variables

< For each environment variable, describe the variable name, value, and what it is used for >

Name / Value / Description

4 Installation Instructions

<List step by step, installation instructions for the application being installed. List specific installation files, order of installation / configuration, scripts to run etc.. Describe specifics of target deployment hardware platforms if known.>

4.1 Configuration files

<For each configuration file list the configuration items (name, value pairs, and describe the purpose of the configuration variable / value>

Name / Value / Description

5 Known Bugs

<List any / all known bugs. Include bug log reference numbers if known.>

6 Usage Guide

<Describe usage of each the delivered application / components. Include information about :

How to start the application

Administration instructions

Maintenance instructions

How to stop the application

Full details may be provided in separate Usage Guide if necessary>

7 Release Notes

<List any specific instructions relating to this particular release.

List any bug fixes in this release>

8 Related Documents

<List any related documents – e.g. application checklist, design documents, interface specs, test specs, test execution results etc. >

<Provide any other miscellaneous information, not covered by the sections above, as Appendixes if necessary>

CI Ref. :

Version : Issue 1.0

Date : 13/05/03

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