Jason Waters

Tuesday Night Class


Creative Writing and Storyboarding


  • Time period
  • Alternate 1940s – gangster style
  • Technology
  • Flying cars, laser tommy guns, robots
  • Races
  • Aliens are gangsters
  • Hairless, rat-like in appearance
  • History
  • Plague wipes out most of alien civilization to include the “thinkers”. There is no ability for government to cover them up and aliens assimilated into society, brought technology to earth
  • Political situation
  • Government is in damage control mode, attempting to infiltrate the gangs. Main character (Hunt) is infiltrating the gangs
  • Environment
  • Urban setting
  • Bronx “inner city”

Character Bible And Monologue For James Hunt:

Character bible –


  • Tough/gritty
  • Patriotic
  • Well trained (weapons, hand-to-hand)
  • Vengeful
  • Emotionless

-Driving force:

  • Revenge, family slaughtered by gangster alien crime boss.

-Current situation:

  • Employed by special branch of the government and is an assassin given the assignment of extinguishing alien gangs.


  • Agent Hunt was involved in the assimilation of aliens into society and was turned on by those who he was trying to help.Hunt was turned to hatred by his experiences.

Setting: Special agent James Hunt has infiltrated a crime boss’s stronghold and the following dialogue takes placein his mind, just prior to his confrontation with the crime boss, Kiel, who murdered his family.

“It’s been 10 years since they came here, since I became involved in the government assimilation program. I did all that I could to help them adapt and become a part of our world but I watched as so many of them abused the system and brought drugs to the children and advanced weapons to those who want only to bring misery to the world. I feel responsible for those who were lost to me, my family.

My longing for my loved ones has faded now as hatred and duty have taken their place. The government that once employed me to extend the hand of fellowship now employs me to hunt and extinguish those turned to darkness who I once offered friendship to. I offer false friendship and fellowship to these gangs and take them apart from the inside out. I cannot allow them to wreak misery and pain on so many others the way they once brought upon me.

Kiel’s hand rests upon a chrome laser pistol; it would cut through me like a knife through warm butter. I no longer fear death but rather some days I would welcome the rest death would bring. Kiel will not take me, not today. I have been trained in the use of countless numbers of weapons and I am a master of hand-to-hand combat. I will use every skill that I possess to take every ounce of life from him.

At times I fight an internal struggle by knowing that if Kiel is gone, another will take his place. But my mind is then overtaken by the hatred and duty that has sustained me all of these years. I will hunt them all down, one-by-one until the evil cancer that sickens our society is cleansed. I will start with Kiel…”