World History Syllabus

Teacher: Mr. Brian Hitchcox, B.S. Secondary Education Social Science: History and Geography; UTC; M.A. Instructional Leadership; TN Tech; AP World History Certified; IB History of the Americas Certified

Ooltewah Contact Information: (This is by far the best way to reach me.)

Course Description: This course will be a one semester survey of World History. The students will become proficient at thinking critically, learn the basics of human interaction, and learn about many different cultures around the globe. I will use a variety of instructional methods, including student-centered activities, mapping, PowerPoint presentations, Google Earth, lecture, discussion, and essays. Instruction will also include the use of primary source documents, historical journals, and newspapers.

Class Rules: 1. Be in dress code and in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

2. Be prepared for the class. (by having pen, pencil, paper, homework, and/or readingcompleted)

3. All late assignments will be deducted 10 points for every day that it’s late. No assignments will be accepted more than 4 days late.

4. Cell phones/electronic devices/earbuds will not be allowed to be used during class instruction. 1st Offense – warning, 2nd Offense – phone confiscated for 10 days, 3rd Offense – phone confiscated for 20 days, 4th Offense – phone confiscated for the rest of the year.

5. Treat everyone in the classroom with respect at all times.

6. All rules covered in the student handbook apply.

Materials RequiredTeacher Classroom Needs

3 ring binder (with lots of paper for Class Notes)Copy paper

Composition BookKleenex Tissues

Blue or Black Pens or #2 PencilsClorox Wipes

Glue Stick, ScissorsBrother #103 Black Ink Cartridge

Colored Pencils

Assignments: This course will be assessed using a combination of homework assignments based on the various readings, quizzes, tests, writing assignments, and group projects. 50% tests, 50% other assignments

Warm-ups: Most days you enter the classroom; there will be a brief writing assignment on the board. These are to be kept in order in your Composition book. These will be checked periodically throughout the course. This is used as review time, reflection time and introduction time.

Homework: Place your name, date, period, and assignment number in the top right hand corner. Homework must be turned in at the beginning of the assigned class period. All terms, short answer, and essay questions will be answered using complete sentences unless otherwise told. Neatness, spelling, and grammar will be graded. Illegible penmanship will result in the typing of all future assignments.

Quizzes: There will be a few unannounced quizzes that will ask short answer questions which cover the material assigned for that day, or previous in-class notes. As long as everyone keeps up with the reading and can contribute to class discussions, these will be few and far between.

Tests: Exams will be a combination of multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer, and essay questions. There will also be sections where students are required to know how to read maps and charts in order to answer the questions.

Writing Assignments: There will be assigned writings, in which the student is required to exhibit content knowledge and proficient writing skills. This will both help them to explore events as an historian and prepare them for college entrance exams. These will be written in the Composition book.

Group Projects: Students will work collaboratively on various assignments in order to complete a given project. Full participation from all members will be strictly enforced.

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