To: Each Branch Secretary & Attention all Members

Date: 9th October 2015

Cir: 153/15

Re: Flexi Time Pilot Scheme in November

Dear Colleagues,

A number of queries have arisen as a result of the announcement of the beginning of the Flexi Time Pilot Scheme in November.

The following FAQs are designed to answer queries CPSU members may have in relation to the Pilot Scheme.

Q: Is the Pilot Scheme limited to 13 flexi days averaged over year? Am I limited to 13 days?
On an individual basis, during the Pilot Scheme, staff members are limited 1.5 days per Flexi Period. That is the only cap that an individual needs to observe.

At the end of a 6 month period, the operation of the Pilot Scheme will be reassessed with a view to introducing the 1.5 days Flexi Leave on a permanent basis.

The reference to 13 days average just reflects a concern of the Official Side to be looked at in the review following the 6 Pilot Flexi Periods.

Q: What date in November will the Pilot Scheme begin?
The circular simply states that it will be a ‘November’ start date as different Departments have slightly different start dates for Flexi Periods.

Therefore, in your Department, the Flexi Pilot Scheme will commence on the first day of a Flexi Period beginning in November.

Q: If I begin the November Flexi Period with 1.5 days already built up, can I take it during that first Flexi Period – or do I need to wait until the next Flexi Period?
If you have enough time built up to take 1.5 days Flexi Leave when the scheme is reintroduced, you may apply to take it.

Q: How are worksharers treated under the Pilot Scheme?
Worksharers Flexi Leave entitlements will increase pro-rata. Therefore, whatever current arrangements a worksharer may have will simply be increased pro-rata to allow for the Pilot Phase.

Derek Mullen

Deputy General Secretary