EKU Adventure Programs / Trip Date: March 31st
Pre-Trip Meeting: March 27th@7Pm in the Presnell Building
Cost: $15
Prerequisite: Ability to Ride a Bike
Fitness Requirement: Mild
Mountain Biking at Veterans Park


For this trip, we will be mountain biking through Veteran’s Park in Lexington, Kentucky. This beginner friendly trip offers an introduction into the high-speed world of mountain biking, while simultaneously creating friendships that could last well past the college years.


The trails in Veterans Park are beginner friendly with many fun twist, turns, berms, bumps, and jumps. Expect mild, potentially wet conditions but otherwise beautiful scenery.


For this trip, we only require you to bring appropriate clothing and shoes, as well as 2 water bottles for staying hydrated. See the attached gear list below for your trip leader’s recommendation on what to bring.

Please Note

EKU Adventure Program Trips are drug and alcohol free. Trips are for EKU students and faculty/staff members of the Fitness and Wellness Center only. The trip leaders may dismiss you at any time from an EKU Adventure Programs trip/workshop/event for any type of behavior or action that endangers you or the group.
Trip Leaders:
Blake- /


  • Transportation
  • Snacks
  • Mountain Bike & Helmet
  • Trip Leaders/Guides

Your Responsibilities:

  • Personal Gear
  • Food while traveling
  • Proper clothing/equipment
  • Willingness to participate and learn


This trip will involve a lot of time spent with the same group of people. It is essential that all participants respect one another and put the needs of the group above their own wants. It is further essential that everyone does their share of cleaning and makes every effort to meet at determined times/locations. Also, there may be significant time apart from trip leaders on this trip. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions, and may be dismissed from the trip at your own expense at any time.

EKU Adventure Programs: Gear List

Upper Body:

- (1) Synthetic Base layer is recommended

- (1)Rain Jacket for chance of spring showers

- (1) sun-hat (baseball cap) *optional

Lower Body:

-(1) long pants (athletic/movable pants)
- (1) Long socks
- (1) Tennis Shoes
- (1) Synthetic base layer is recommended


- (1) 2 water bottles
- (1) Backpack

Other Items:

-Personal medications

- Lip balm, sunscreen, mosquito repellent

- Bandana (optional)

- Sunglasses (optional)

- Camera (optional)

- Watch (optional)

EKU Adventure Programs:

Tentative Itinerary

  • Tuesday, March 27th@7:00 pm
  • Pre-Trip Meeting (Mandatory)
  • Located at the Presnell Building
  • Saturday, March 31st
  • Arrive at Presnell at 8:00 am
  • Gear check
  • Departure to Veterans Park
  • Depart from Veterans park at 2pm.
  • Return in Richmond by 3:30