Suggested Training Kit Contents

Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services
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March 2016 / Suggested Training Kit Contents

Photo: Workshop participant using a flipchart

Photo: Workshop participant using a sticky wall

How to Make a Sticky Wall

You’ll need 2 to 3 yards of “rip stop” nylon (available at most large fabric stores). Spray one side of the material with 3M Spray Mount - don’t use a substitute! Spray Mount is available at office/art supply stores. Spray outdoors. Fold the sticky sides together when transporting. Re-spray every 6 to 8 months. / Why should I have a training kit? Having a training kit helps you to be prepared, flexible, and adaptable to the many settings you might encounter as a facilitator/trainer.
How do I contain all this stuff? Storeyour training materials in tote bags, cardboard boxes, footlockers, milk crates, baskets, and portable files. Use whatever container(s) works for you!
Name tags
Color markers
Index cards (assorted sizes)
Scrap paper (various sizes)
Colored paper (whole and half sizes)
Post-It notes(optional if you have scrap paper, cards, colored paper)
Flip chart paper, including stand
Self-adhesive dots, assorted colors and sizes
Scotch tape
Paper clips
Binder clips
Rubber bands
Sticky wall(s)
Masking tape (careful: some brands leave marks on the wall or pull of paint, so test beforehand. Painter’s Blue from 3M does not pull paint)
Table coverings
File folders for each participant into which to put work shop material, notes, etc.
Your contact information on slips of paper or as a business cards / Calendar (for future planning)
Local/regional map
Laser or other type of pointer
Small clock
Throat lozenges
Hard candy or other candy treats
Hand bell/gong/other item to get group’s attention
Ball of string or yarn
Play-dough and other building materials
Hats, scarves, jewelry, and clothing for role plays
Small baskets/bowls for candy, markers, paper, and/or diversion items
Small objects for energizers, such as stretch frogs, hacky sack balls, etc.
Extension cord and power surge protector
Ideas, tip sheets for centering activities, reflections, meditations
Camera (for stills, for video) withextra batteries and memory cards
Tripod for the camera
Books or other resources and list to share with participants
Other, ______
Designed to be shared.
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/ Prepared by Jan Henderson
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign