El 6 de octubre

ESL: Describe how the words in each pair are different or similar in meaning. A dictionary will help if you need it.

  1. forward, backward______
  2. money; debt______
  3. pirate, captain______
  4. dream, nightmare______
  5. video, baseball______

el 6 de octubre

WOD: parity- equality; the quality or state of being equal

Write complete sentences describing Alma, Francisco, Raúl, Rosalinda, Graciela and Guillermo. (You should have 6 complete sentences)

El 7 de octubre

ESL: Describe how these words are similar or different…

  1. monkey, baboon______
  2. magnet, gravity______
  3. spinster, bachelor______
  4. streetcar, subway______
  5. tomato, mango______

el 7 de octubre

WOD: mollify- soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease

Spanish 1: Give the opposite of each of the following adjectives…

  1. bajo4. rubio
  2. trabajador5. guapo
  3. gordo6. Serio

October 8th

ESL: Give the sport associated with each of these statements…

  1. A circular sphere whose covering is made of leather that can often be thrown so that it curves sideways:______
  2. A white ball that is often “spiked” as players jump near the net:______
  3. A long spear-like device whose distance thrown is measured:____
  4. Usually a white ball with dimples:______
  5. A brown ball pointed at both ends that is often punted:______

Choices: javelin, golf, football, baseball, volleyball

El 8 de octubre

Spanish: Give the appropriate definite article for the following:

  1. __sombrero6.__camisa
  2. __chica7. __pelo
  3. __suéter8.__chicos
  4. __calcetines9.__vestido
  5. __chaqueta 10.__jeans

WOD: somber- gloomy, depressing, serious, grave en español: serio

October 9th

ESL: Give the sport associated with each of these statements…

  1. The picking up of heavy, disk-like objects at the ends of bars:____
  2. A bouncy little white ball about the size of a golf ball that isn’t a golf ball:______
  3. The jumping out of a heavier-than-air machine at several thousand feet of altitude hoping one’s parachute was correctly packed:______
  4. Pointy shafts propelled towards targets:______
  5. The going up and coming down from large metamorphic objects:

Choices: archery, mountain climbing, skydiving, table tennis, weightlifting

WOD: ambivalent- indecisive; having two opposing opinions or feelings at the same time.

El 9 de octubre

Spanish: Luis and Luisa are twins who are exactly alike. Read the descriptions for Luis and write the same description for Luisa, making any necessary changes. Modelo: Luis es alto. You write: Luisa esalta.

  1. Luis esrubio.
  2. Luis esinteresante.
  3. Luis esguapo.
  4. Luis no esmoreno.
  5. Luis esserio.

WOD: ambivalent- indecisive; having two opposing opinions or feelingsat the same time.

October 10

ESL: Write the corresponding sport or sports equipment in the blank…

  1. Two flat boards curved at the forward tips worn on the feet for sliding in the snow:______
  2. A round ball about 10-12 inches in diameter with finger holes in it:______
  3. A black hard rubber device that is usually frozen before playing a professional game of this:______
  4. A round saucer-shaped device thrown with one hand:_____
  5. A spherical metal ball projected from the hand as the hand is bent to the shoulder area:______

Word bank: Skiing, bowling, hockey, discus, shot put

WOD: asset- desirable quality….What is your friend’s greatest asset?

El 10 de octubre

Sp 1: Match the nouns with all possible adjectives:

  1. ___unasvecinasa. trabajador
  2. ___un perrob. serios
  3. ___unoschicosc. guapa
  4. ___unamaestrad. fenomenales

October 13

ESL: Write the sport that goes with the description…

  1. A hanging net through which a ball is slam dunked:____
  2. Water:_____
  3. A device sometimes with feathers on it and cone shaped:____
  4. Fighting with a foil, saber, or epee; often seen in 16th-century adventure movies:____
  5. An oval-shaped bat with webbing; sometimes the score is called “love”:______

Tennis, fencing, basketball, badminton, swimming

Spelling list for week:






WOD: mesmerize- to hypnotize; to fascinate

Spanish 1: Fill in the blanks with an appropriate noun

  1. ______esbonita.
  2. ______son buenos.
  3. ______esmarrón.
  4. ______son cortas.
  5. ______esrubia.

Writing part of the test: Be ready to describe what you like to wear:

To go to a party

To eat at a fancy restaurant

To stay home

Start like this: Para una fiesta me gustallevar…..

Para comer en unrestaurante me gustallevar….

Para la casa me gustallevar….

October 14

ESL: Use each of your spelling words in a sentence. You will have 10 sentences.

Spanish: Language Lab for exam

October 15

ESL: Draw a picture that has to do with each spelling word. You will have ten pictures.

Spanish 1: PSAT

October 16

ESL: Take turns explaining to the class what each word means

El 16 de octubre

Spanish 1: Draw a sketch/ cartoon of a friend and write a description. Include the following:




What he/she likes/ doesn’t like to do

WOD: lethargic- sluggish; without energy; drowsy

October 17

ESL: Spelling test/ News

Spanish 1: Copy these sentences in logical order to create a conversation…

¿De dóndeeres?

¡Hola! Me llamoMaricarmen.

Soy de Miami. ¿Y tú?

Mucho gusto.

¡Hola! Me llamo Carlos! ¿Y tú?

El gusto esmío.

Soy de Puerto Rico.

WOD: incredulous- not believable

October 20

ESL: Spelling list. Write out and define each word






El 20 de octubre

Spanish: Describe the following nouns with appropriate clothing items…

  1. ______escorta.
  2. ______son grandes.
  3. ______esblanca.
  4. ______son negros.
  5. ______espequeña.

And then these nouns with appropriate colors…

  1. Unafalda______
  2. Unoscalcetines______
  3. Zapatos______
  4. Pantalones______


WOD: pseudonym- a fictitious or made-up name used by a writer to hide his/ her true identity

The 21st of October

ESL: Use each of your spelling words in a sentence. You will have 10 sentences.

El 21 de octubre

Describe these ladies; what are they wearing, what do they look like?…

WOD: logorrhea- talkativeness; excessive use of words

What would you say to a friend with a bad case of logorrhea?

22 of OctoberESL: Draw a picture of each of your spelling words…

El 22 de octubre: Unscramble the words to make sentences from the dialog…

  1. tío/ tiene/ Javier/ Mi/ años/ 39
  2. muy/ es/Verónica/ divertida
  3. fotogénica/ familia/ es/ Tu/ muy
  4. paciente/ Mi/ es/ muy/ abuela
  5. pintar/ le/ murales/ artista/ y/ Es/ gusta

WOD: prosaic- matter-of-fact; straightforward; unimaginative; dull; lacking excitement

El 23 de octubre

Describe the following people by completing the sentences…

  1. Francisco es a_ _ _.
  2. Raúles s______.
  3. Estela es d______y m_ _ _ _ _.
  4. Los primos de Juan son s______.
  5. Eva esmuy g_ _ _ _.

WOD: verisimilitude- the appearance or semblance of truth.

El 24 de octubre

Choose an appropriate family word to complete each sentence…

  1. La madre de mi madrees mi______
  2. Angela es la prima. Ella esla______de mi tío Roberto.
  3. Soy el padre de Kristina. Ella es mi______.
  4. Misabuelostienenunahija. Ella es mi______.
  5. Mi madretiene dos hermanos. Ellos son mis_____.

WOD: reticent- reluctant, particularly in relation to speaking openly and freely.