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Direct Care Manager– HOME DIALYSIS


General Statement of Duties: The Direct Care Manager (DCM) In-Charge of Home Dialysis & Training at the Puget Sound Kidney Centers (PSKC) functions under the direction of the Director of Nursing. The DCM will primarily manage both new and on-going home patient training, education, and treatments. The DCM is responsible for the 24-hour per day supervision and management of Home Dialysis patient care. The primary responsibility of the position is to ensure that quality nursing care is delivered to each patient. The DCM is provided with the resources and authority to meet the PSKC Home Department’s objectives and is responsible for the proper management of these resources. The DCM is responsible for staffing assignments and patient scheduling.


Education: Evidence of graduation from an accredited school of nursing. Bachelor’s degree in nursing preferred.

Experience: Minimum of two years in Hemodialysis and have prior experience in Peritoneal dialysis. Must have strong organizational skills, have knowledge and experience in procedure writing and patient education, and have proficient knowledge of the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) program, especially as it relates to home dialysis care. In addition, must have demonstrated experience in all modalities of dialysis care: Hemodialysis, C.A.P.D., and A.P.D.

Certification & Licensure: Current RN license from the Washington State Board of Nursing, and current CPR certification.

Skills &Abilities:

§ Can identify, assess, and resolve problems in a timely fashion.

§ Can develop and maintain effective working relationships with all individuals encountered in the work environment.

§ Can maintain up-to-date records in a neat and orderly manner.

§ Consistent ability to approach work requirements in a constructive manner.

§ Can understand, adapt to, apply, and communicate policy and procedural changes.

§ Read, write, speak, and understand English for the purpose of following written policies and procedures, documentation, and communicating with others in a work setting.

§ Approach work requirements in a consistent, well-organized, and timely manner.

§ Can react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Can maintain high professional standards.

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Able to be a positive team player.

§ Able to work with people in a caring, tactful, and diplomatic manner.


Physical Demands:

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Regularly required to stand, sit, or walk for considerable periods of time.

§ Lifting, positioning, or physically moving patients.

§ Pushing wheelchairs, patient beds, and dialysis or other medical equipment.

§ Frequently reaching, bending, kneeling, or stooping, and other range of motion activities.

§ Lifting 30 lb. containers or boxes.

§ Viewing a computer screen for four or more hours at a time.

§ Visual acuity to discern changes in patient’s skin and/or blood color, differentiate between colors of medication and/or solutions, interpret typed or handwritten documentation, and identify labels appropriately.

§ Hearing acuity, within correctable to normal range, to communicate effectively with others, to discern changes in patient conditions and to hear equipment alarms.

§ Manual dexterity sufficient to manipulate medical records, equipment, and perform other essential job functions.

§ Periodically required working long, continuous hours.

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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Mental Demands:

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Occasional stress from dealing with ill people and when confronted with medical emergency situations.

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Ability to prioritize when confronted with conflicting work tasks/schedules.

§ Perform calculations and be able to teach basic algebraic calculations..

§ Apply educational and practical experience to perform accurate and complete assignments.

Work Habits:

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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§ Work well with others.

§ Consistently approach work requirements in an organized manner.

§ Exhibit a commitment to dependability.

§ Maintain a clean and orderly work area.

§ Self-directed and motivated.

Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis Position Description

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Other Requirements:

§ Maintain the confidentiality of employee and patient information.

§ Comply with all PSKC and departmental policies and procedures.

§ Knowledgeable in the operation of equipment and supplies used in caring for the dialysis patient.

§ Maintain confidentiality of patient, employee, or hospital records and/or PSKC information at all times.

§ Ensure that all information and conversations regarding patients are kept confidential.

§ Support the patient’s right to safety, privacy, and confidentiality.

§ Maintain current knowledge of patients and the care provided by the Home Dialysis staff.

§ Adhere to PSKC general administrative, human resources, and departmental policies and procedures and uphold the standard of professional nursing practice.

§ Continue to improve professional competence through reading and understanding related literature, attendance at PSKC inservices and external conferences.


§ Dialysis equipment.

§ Various equipment and supplies related to the dialysis process.

§ Computers and computer operated equipment.

§ Standard office equipment and supplies (e.g., phone, facsimile & copy machines, stapler, file folders, etc.).


§ Regularly exposed to the risk of bloodborne, respiratory, and airborne diseases.

§ Exposure to industrial and pharmacological hazards as defined in Material Safety Data Sheets.

§ Contact with patients under a wide variety of circumstances, including unpredictable situations.

§ Work area is typically quiet with occasional periods of heightened traffic through the work area, increased noise level, and interruptions.


§ Maintain the Home Hemodialysis program.

§ Provide maintenance to the Home Peritoneal dialysis program.

§ Responsible for the dialysis care of the home patient.

§ Responsible for the education and training of patients and their home helpers.

§ Responsible for maintenance of all Home Dialysis records.

§ Identify problems and take corrective action when appropriate.

§ Assign duties to appropriate professional and non-professional personnel, and supervise and evaluate work performance.

§ Maintain contact with patients at home to ensure that they are receiving proper care and attention.

§ Provide instruction for personnel to maintain competency in the area of home dialysis.

§ Provide instruction for home-helpers and families of home patients.

§ Participate in development of the Home Dialysis Department’s policies and procedures. Ensure home patients, home-helpers, and employees of the Home Department, are in compliance with center policies and procedures.

§ Responsible to see that all home policies and procedures are current and accessible for use by the home staff.

§ Responsible for the scheduling of patients and staff of the Home Dialysis Department.

§ Responsible for on-call duty for the Director of Nursing Services, as needed.


§ Provide inservice sessions to Home Dialysis staff regarding the care of renal patients or equipment use as requested.

§ Attend all mandatory organizational programs and maintain documentation for all unit specific certification requirements.

§ Actively participate in PSKC Department Head and Quality of Care meetings, and available for Patient Care Conferences, as needed.

§ Participate in unit/organization performance improvement activities to ensure the development and implementation of processes, which support continuous quality improvement and effective work performance.


Supervision by: Director of Nursing Services

Supervision Exercised: Home Dialysis Patient Care Staff

Promotion to: No formal line of promotion

Interpersonal Relationships: Frequent interaction with coworkers, patients, physicians, family members, hospital staff, and outside agency contacts

NOTICE REQUIREMENTS: To resign this position in good standing, the Direct Care Manager – Home Dialysis must give a 30-day notice, in writing, to the Director of Nursing Services. Employees, who have successfully completed their orientation period and provided this advance notice of resignation, will receive the value of any accrued Personal Time-Off (PTO).