Frequently Asked Questions

Service as District 5010 Governor 2020-21

Time Related Questions:

a)  How much time is required to serve as governor?

b)  What are the specific commitments for the years as Governor, Governor-Elect and Governor Nominee?

To serve as DG, an individual will usually need to be away from the daily operation of his/her business on a part-time basis for up to two years. The time commitment for DG and preparation years includes, but is not limited to:

·  As District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND):

o  Blue Denim Institute; January, Seattle

o  District Leadership Seminar & Strategic Planning Meeting; February, Anchorage

o  District Conference and District Assembly; May, location varies

·  As District Governor Nominee (DGN):

o  Zone Institute and Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar (GNATS); usually in September, location varies

o  Blue Denim Institute; January, Seattle

o  District Leadership Seminar & Strategic Planning Meeting; February, Anchorage

o  PETS; February, Seattle

o  District Conference and District Assembly; May, location varies

o  PETS Operating Committee Meetings (Opcom)- optional; July and October, Seattle

·  As District Governor Elect (DGE):

o  PETS Opcom meetings; July and October, Seattle

o  Zone Institute and Governor Elect Training Seminar (GETS); usually in September

o  International Assembly; January, San Diego six months prior to taking office

o  Blue Denim Institute; January, Seattle

o  District Leadership Seminar and Strategic Planning; February, Anchorage

o  PETS; February, Seattle

o  International Convention; June 6 – 10, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii

o  District Conference – responsible for the District Assembly; May, location varies

o  New Club Charterings, Foundation Events, Club Anniversaries as desired.

·  As District Governor (DG):

o  Official Club Visits – currently 38 clubs in Alaska Yukon

o  Blue Denim Institute; January, Seattle

o  District Leadership Seminar and Strategic Planning; February, in Anchorage

o  District Conference and Assembly – responsible for the District Conference; May

o  District Committee meetings as needed. The Governor is a de facto member of all District committees.

o  International Convention; June 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii

o  New Club Charter Events, Foundation Celebrations, Club Anniversaries

o  May make official visits to Rotaract Clubs

c)  Do I need to be retired to be District Governor?

Although some past governors have been retired, many have not. Due to the travel required and other responsibilities of the position, you will need to be able to be away from day to day operations on a part-time basis for about two years.

d)  Is there time for family or vacations during this period?

Even though the years are intense, there is free time if it is planned.

e)  What are the expectations after the year of service (as PDG)?

The Rotary 5010 Manual of Procedure ( includes several required responsibilities of the immediate PDG. These include serving as chair of the D5010 Finance Committee, and as a member of the District Governor Nominating and Leadership Development Committees. PDGs are encouraged to continue serving the district and Rotary in leadership capacities in other ways after the DG year.

PDG’s have opportunities to serve on Rotary International Committees, as Coordinators for areas such as PR and Foundation, the PNW PETS Operating Committee, delegate to the Council on Legislation, and as RI President’s representative to other districts’ conferences. Only PDG’s are eligible to be members of the RI Board of Directors or the Rotary Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

f)  What are the Financial Considerations?

Rotary International adequately funds travel expenses, including accommodations, of the District Governor for making club visits. Other expenses funded by RI:

·  Attendance at the International Assembly for DGE and expenses for spouses who attend and participate in the sessions

·  Expenses associated with putting on PETS as DGE (printing, communication, travel and accommodations), and attendance at PETS as DG.

·  Limited office expense and communications expenses. (Currently about $100 per club.)
Expenses of the District Governor to organize and attend the District Conference.

Items Funded by District 5010 up to the amount established by the budget in accordance with D5010 Manual of Procedure:

·  Two PETS Opcom meetings for the DGE and one meeting for the DGN.

·  Travel expenses for spouse for club visits and district conference

·  Zone Institutes, GNATS and GETS for DGN and DGE and spouses.

·  International Convention for DG and DGE, and spouses

What Costs Might I Be Expected to Incur?

·  Participation at PETS and Blue Denim as DGN and DGND

·  Outfitting your “Rotary Office” if you do not already have an office to use.

·  Entertaining, or accelerated Foundation giving at Foundation celebrations, etc.

·  These costs are all optional and under your control.

Qualifications and Background

The Rotary International Manual of Procedure outlines the following:

At the time of selection, a governor-nominee must

1)  Be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the district (RIB 15.070.1.)

2)  Have full qualifications for membership in the strict application of the club membership provisions, and has a classification whose integrity is without question (RIB 15.070.2.)

3)  Have served as president of a club for a full term or be a charter president of a club having served the full term from the date of the charter to 30 June, provided that this period is for at least six months (RIB 15.070.3.)

4)  Demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability, physically and otherwise, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office of governor as provided in RI Bylaws section 15.090. (RIB 15.070.4.)

5)  Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the RI Bylaws, and submit to RI, through its general secretary, a signed statement acknowledging a clear understanding of them. This statement shall also confirm that the Rotarian is qualified for the office of governor and willing and able to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office and to perform them faithfully.

In addition, recommended experience includes service on district committees, service as AG or district committee chair, and attendance at District Conferences and Assemblies, and the International Convention. Successful completion of the District Leadership Academy is strongly advised.

g)  Other Considerations:

o  Good health: Travel and intensive meeting schedules require excellent health

Computer, basic software and email, and the ability to use it effectively for the significant amount of email, RI reporting, data management, etc.

o  Partner/Family support. Those with partners and families should understand the commitment made for the period immediately prior and during the year of service. Family and work time is compromised. Having your partner travel with you can be a big help, for example, keeping track of appointments, commitments, etc. Some partners help as administrative assistants; some are able to take over other personal responsibilities to allow the DG more time. The decision whether the partner travels with the DG is up to the couple.

h)  Support Systems:

o  Support of the home club. Some clubs may provide monetary, in-kind or other types of support, e.g. toward DGN travel, office equipment or supplies, help with filing and similar tasks, transportation to and from the airport or other. The home club may also take on responsibility for the District Conference or help with other key initiatives of the Governor during the year.

o  Support system in the District. A number of PDGs are active and willing to help. Some strong district committees have built in succession, such as GSE, Youth Exchange and RYLA. The district also has a part-time paid administrative assistant who assists the DG and who maintains district archives.

District strategic plan and planning process. Helps to provide longer-range planning and processes that help flatten the “learning curve” for incoming DGs and includes some planning functions so that the DG can concentrate on leadership and helping clubs.

o  Other committees: Finance Committee helps with budgeting, Leadership Development with leader identification, Advisory and Strategic Planning with longer-term issues and Administrative committee with some district-wide administrative functions.

Application and Selection

o  How do I apply?

A club resolution must be submitted, along with your Brief Resume, not later than November 17, 2017. The committee may request additional information.

Is it true that I must apply more than once to be selected?

If you are interested in being governor in the near future, we encourage you to submit your application now. Based on a number of factors, some candidates applied once and some more than once before they were selected. Some of our most successful governors were nominated more than once.

o  What information will be considered in the selection?

Nominated candidates may participate in an interview process with the Nominating Committee as described in the Call for Nominations announcement. This will be held the weekend of December 15, 2017, in Anchorage.

The selection process may include several components, including the information provided by the candidates in writing and discussed during the interview process, as well as other available information about the candidate’s skills, background relevant to the position requirements and his/her leadership experience. Depending on the number of applicants, the Nominating Committee may choose to interview only the candidates whose qualifications and background most closely fit the requirements of the position. Nominating Committee members may contact club or district leaders or other individuals with whom the candidate has worked to more thoroughly understand this experience.

More questions or need information specific to your situation? Contact a Nominating Committee member.

Name / Position / Email / Voting / Term
Peggy Pollen / Chair / / 2017-2020
Harry Kieling / District Governor / / Non-voting / 2017-2018
Michelle O'Brien / Immediate PDG / / 2017-2018
Ted Trueblood / Anchorage / / 2018-2019
Kim Erickson / Valley / / 2017-2018
Patty Meritt / Interior / / 2017-2018
Sally Sadler / South East / / 2017-2020
Clyde Boyer / Peninsula /
Alysha Childs / Rotaract / / Non-voting

District 5010 Manual of Procedure (on the right side of home page)

Rotary International Manual of Procedure

Rotary International Code of Policies