Programme Notes for Mamma Mia. Act 2 February 2nd and 18th 2017 at 2.30 p.m.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to this performance of Mamma Mia. My name is Pam and I will be describing Act 2 for you.

As in Act 1 the scene changes are made as the action progresses so I will give you an outline of what will be happening, tell you about the scene and costume changes now then give you reminders as they occur.

As the music starts the background curtain is still blue but instead of ripples there are little circles of light dancing around rather like large pieces of confetti. It is the night before the wedding.


In this act the scenery is as in act 1 with the taverna and courtyard, the beach and the jetty.

Scene 2 changes to the courtyard where Donna finds Sophie in a daze.

In Scene three the front of the stage is the beach. On the left is a white beach lounger and on the right a small circular bar.

In Scene four we are in Donna’s bedroom. On the left is a double bed on which is a dark blue cotton cover. Piled on the bed are a variety of hats and scarves including a deep pink boa. On the right is a small dressing table on the top of which is a mirror and makeup box.

In Scene five we are back in the courtyard and many chairs are arranged facing the audience ready for the wedding.

The last scene is the jetty.


In the nightmare scene Bill, Harry and Sam are all dressed similarly wearing black and white check trousers and waistcoats over white shirts with black tailcoats and grey top hats. A chorus of swimmers arrive in swimwear, the girls wearing swimming costumes in black, grey and fluorescent yellow with swim caps made up of fluorescent yellow flowers. The men have on grey and black swimming trunks with large fluorescent yellow lifejackets. They all also have touches of fluorescent pink in their outfits.The girls with one pink glove and the men with a pink stripe on their swimming trunks

When Sophie sings standing at the top of her bed a replica of Donna appears in the bed wearing a jazzy black and gold outfit. This replica is carried off by the three men. On their return

They are accompanied by someone dressed in a full white wedding gown with veil. The veil is removed. It isn’t Sophie in the dress but Sky.

All is mayhem as Sophie continues in her nightmare then all darkens. It is morning and Sophie stands bewildered in the courtyard of the Taverna still in her white pyjamas.

When Donna joins her Donna is wearing a calf length white nightdress under a blue and white patterned dressing gown.

In the beach scene Tanya wears a green swimsuit with a flimsy brown patterned square tied round her waist showing her lovely long legs,

Eddie, Pepper and Sky are in swimming trunks later adding colourful shirts. When Harry appears after a swim he is wearing just knee length striped swimming shorts. Rosie, Ali and Lisa wear sleeveless sun dresses of varying colours.

When Sky, Eddie and Pepper return to the courtyard of the Taverna after what might be called a “stag party” They are all wearing only swimming trunks and Eddie carries bagpipes.

In Donna’s bedroom as she dresses for the wedding she is now wearing a short black plain slip under her dressing gown. Sophie, when she joins her, is in a similar slip but in white and wearing a white towelling robe .

For the wedding all the men are in fairly casual clothes but wear jackets over open neck shirts or tee shirts with long trousers in varying colours. Bill is wearing a white suit over a brick red shirt and Pepper in a red suit over a white tee shirt.

Sky and the minister are more formally dressed, Sky in a smart cream suit and the minister in dark trousers with a beige jacket.

Nearly all the girls wear colourful short dresses and pretty hats.

Rosie is wearing a trouser suit with long jacket in a deep pink colour.

When Donna arrives she is dressed in a smart fitted knee length pink dress and wearing a large brimmed white and pink hat. Tanya is wearing an orange coat dress with a large brimmed white hat with orange trimming.

I will have time to describe Sophie’s wedding dress when she climbs into it.

In the last scene Sky and Sophie have both changed into light brown trousers and shirts and carry rucksacks as they head for the jetty.

When the curtain rises it is night and the stage is dark. A spotlight shines on the bed where Sophie is tossing and turning. In her nightmare Bill, Harry and Sam in their matching wedding suits walk in and twirl the bed round as Sophie begins to sing. They push it to and fro as the lights come up and the long line of swimmers arrive and join in the singing. Later they join in with pushing and pulling the bed opposing the Dads and often lift Sophie above their heads. They do all this while singing.