On May 15th, eBCCLS will pack up Overdrive and move to cloudLibrary.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. After May 15th, BCCLS will no longer subscribe to Overdrive.
  2. CloudLibrary will become our main platform for downloadable ebooks and eaudiobooks.
  3. On May 16th, nearly all of the titles from our Overdrive collection will be moved to cloudLibrary.
  4. Holds will not be migrated from Overdrive to cloudLibrary.
  5. On March 30th, holds in Overdrive will be reduced to 1 per person.
  6. Kindle users should be advised that the Kindle Fire (2nd generation or newer) works with the cloudLibrary, but e-ink Kindles do not.

Dates to Remember:

  • March 30: Overdrive holds reduced to 1 per person
  • May 15: Last day for Overdrive
  • May 16: Overdrive content will be available on cloudLibrary

Important Questions & Answers

Why are we making this switch?

eBCCLS is continuously looking for opportunities to provide better services at a better value for BCCLS patrons. We have heard your complaints that Overdrive is not easy to use. CloudLibrary, on the other hand, offers an app-based user experience that makes it easy to download the titles you are looking for. BCCLS has been a customer of Overdrive and cloudLibrary for over 4 years, and people like you have consistently told us that cloudLibrary is much easier to use. Additionally, cloudLibrary will allow your library to purchase content with its own funding, to augment the eBCCLS central collection, so that you will be able to borrow popular titles sooner. CloudLibrary also integrates with our library catalog, so you can check out and place holds on items from within the BCCLS Catalog.

Will eBCCLS still offer a large collection of ebooks and eaudiobooks?

Absolutely! With this transition to the cloudLibraryeBCCLS will continue to offer readers over 15,000 ebooks and eaudiobooks, and we're adding more all the time! Plus, since our member libraries will now be able to purchase additional ebooks and eaudiobooks with this change, we expect that our collection will grow even more!

How can I get started with cloudLibrary?

Getting started is easy!

If I check out an item in Overdrive on May 15, how many days do I have to read or listen to it?

You will have until the end of that day to read or listen to the item because all checkouts made through Overdrive will expire at midnight May 15.

Will my current checkouts in Overdrive transfer to the new system on May 16?

Checkouts that exist in Overdrive on May 15 will NOT transfer to the new system.

Will my holds transfer to the new system?

Holds will NOT transfer to the new system. However, many of the most popular titles on Overdrive are already available on cloudLibrary, so you can place new holds there now! You can place a new hold in the cloudLibrary through the cloudLibrary app, the cloudLibrary website, or in the BCCLS catalog.

I requested a title to be purchased in Overdrive. Will that transfer to the new system?

Patron purchase requests will not transfer to cloudLibrary. You may want to place your new request in cloudLibrary.

What devices are compatible with cloudLibrary?

Supported devices:

  • Androiddevices (phones & tablets)
  • iOSdevices (phones, tablets, & iPod Touch)
  • Laptop and Desktop Computers (Mac,Windows, &ChromeOS)
  • Nookereadersandtablets
  • Kobo ereaders
  • Kindle Fire(2nd generation or newer)*

*Will I be able to use my Kindle eInk reader?

Unfortunately, no. Amazon does not support the ePub format used by the cloudLibrary platform, and Overdrive currently has an exclusive deal with Amazon to support the Kindle ebook format.

How can I get help in using cloudLibrary?

Visit here, you can download a cloudLibrary User Guide, watch how-to videos or search for other help topics.

eBCCLS Support is here to help during normal business hours!

Contact eBCCLS: