Agenda - Borough of Matawan

March 20, 2007

1.  Roll Call

2.  Executive Session Resolution Resolution 07-03-26

3.  Moment of Silence

4.  Salute to the Flag

5.  Approval of Minutes January 25, 2007

6.  Privilege of Floor

7.  Old Business

Ordinance 07-06: Amending and Supplementing Chapter 304, Zoning, Section 77.1 Entitled

“Wireless Telecommunications Towers and Facilities”

Ordinance 07-07: Calendar Year 2007 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank

Ordinance 07-08: An Ordinance Establishing Fees and Procedures for Reimbursement of Mayor’s Expenses in Connection with Marriage and Civil Union Ceremonies

8.  Clerk’s Report

9.  Mayor’s Report

10.  Administrator’s Report

11.  Attorney’s Report

12.  Engineer's Report

13.  Finance, Education, Personnel Committee -Councilwoman Mullaney – Finance, Education, Personnel

14.  Environmental Committee – Councilwoman Buragina – Shade Tree, Environmental, Health, ADA

15.  Recreation, Water/Sewer, Redevelopment CommitteeCouncilman Cannon – Recreation, Water/Sewer, Redevelopment

16.  Public Works Committee – Councilman Mullaney - Streets & Roads, Buildings, Grounds, Property Maintenance, Construction

17.  Public Safety Committee - Councilman Malley – Police, Fire, First Aid

18.  Technology, Sanitation/Recycling Services Committee - Councilman Buccellato – Historic Sites, Library, Technology, Cable Television, Sanitation/Recycling Services, Railroad Parking

19.  Consent Agenda

Resolution 07-03-27: Redemption of Tax Sale Certificate – American Funding, LLC –Certificate #060045

Resolution 07-03-28: Approval of Raffle License – St. Gabriels Rosary Alter Society – Gift Prizes/Raffle RL-497

Resolution 07-03-29: Approval of Raffle License = St. Gabriels Rosary Alter Society – Off Premise Prize/Raffle RL-498

Resolution 07-03-30: Approval of Raffle License – St. Gabriels Rosary Alter Society – Off Premise Raffle RL-499

Resoltuion 07-03-31: Approval of Raffle License – St. John Vianney High School PTA – RL-500

Resolution 07-03-32: Approving Business License – Sahara on 34

Resolution 07-03-33: Approving Business License – Michael DiPede, CPA

19. New Business

Resolution 07-03-34: Resolution to Transfer Plenary Retail Consumption License from Liberty Corner, Inc. to DGM, Inc. #1329-33-003-005

Resolution 07-03-35: Acceptance of Resignation - Parking Enforcement Officer/School Crossing Guard

Resolution 07-03-36: Resolution Authorizing Purchase of a Police Vehicle Under State Contract between the Borough of Matawan and Sinner Ford of Cherry Hill

Resolution 07-03-37: Release of Performance Guarantee/Escrow

Resolution 07-03-38: Appointing the Firm of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. – Bond Counsel for the Borough of Matawan

Resolution 07-03-39: Approving Professional Services Agreement for the firm of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A.

Resolution 07-03-40: Approving Professional Services Agreement for the Firm of McManimon & Scotland, LLC – Redevelopment Council

Resolution 07-03-41: Dedication by Rider – Sales and Use Tax – NJSA 40A:5-29

Resolution 07-03-42: Adoption of Cash Management Plan

Resolution 07-03-43: Emergency Temporary Appropriation

Resolution 07-03-45: Transfer of Unexpended Balances in Certain 2006 Appropriation Reserve Accounts

Ordinance 07-09: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2-20, “Recreation Commission” of the Borough of Matawan to expand the Commission by Adding Two Regular and One Associate Membership Classifications to the Recreation Commission

Ordinance 07-10: An Ordinance of the Borough of Matawan, County of Monmouth, State of New Jersey Amending Chapter 11, Section 9 of the Code of the Borough of Matawan Entitled “Alcoholic Beverages” Requiring Beer Kegs to be Registered Prior to Sale

Ordinance 07-11: Authorizing Transfer of Property to Adjacent Municipality

Ordinance 07-12: Amending and Supplementing Chapter 304 – Zoning the Matawan Borough Zoning Code 0f 1977, Article IX – Establishment of Zone Districts and Zoning Map and Article IX – Zone District Regulations to Create an R-C Residential Cluster Multifamily District

Resolution 07-03-44: Payment of Bills

20. Privilege of the Floor

21. Adjournment