Quality Professional Development for Queensland State School Staff recognised in Post-Graduate Qualifications in the Higher Education Sector

Register of Approved Courses

Program title: ICT Curriculum Integration Course

Approved: 20 May 2005

Date expires: 20 May 2008

Length of the program: 11 weeks

Tertiary Credit: ¼ of a semester’s work in a fulltime Master’s program or Graduate Diploma program or equivalent.

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·  Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (40CP) / Successful candidates will receive 10cp (1 unit) of unspecified credit. / Dr Janelle Young
School of Education / Ph: 07 3623 7160
Post: School of Education Queensland
Australian Catholic University
PO Box 456
Virginia Queensland 4014 / Submissions accepted anytime prior to the expiry date of May 2008 for cohort 1.
CENTRAL QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY / Successful participants receive credit for one (1) Master of Learning Management course (EDED20421 Professional Studies Project I) / Dr Roberta Harreveld
Faculty of Education and Creative Arts / Ph: 07 4930 6369
Post: Faculty of Education and Creative Arts
Central Queensland University
Bruce Highway, Rockhampton Q 4702 / In the interim marking will be undertaken by the Faculty. As CQU have ESO certification, there will be internal moderation processes followed.
GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY / ·  Master of Education
·  Graduate Certificate in Computer Education
·  Graduate Certificate in Learning Technology / Successful participants receive 10CP of 'non-specific credit' or 'specific credit' for one of the following 10CP courses:
·  7075EPS Computers in Schools OR
·  7077CTL Computers in Learning / Ms Ruth Gatehouse
Centre for Leadership and Management in Education (CLME). / Ph: (07) 373 55893
Post: Centre for Leadership and Management in Education (CLME).
Mount Gravatt campus
Griffith university
Brisbane Q 4111 / Marking managed through the Centre for Leadership and Management in Education (CLME). Submissions accepted at any time but may be batch processed 3 times a year: April, July, September.
JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY / ·  Master of Education
·  Master of Education (Learning Technology)
·  Postgraduate Certificate of Education
·  Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Learning Technology) / Successful participants receive 3 credit units "non-specified level 5 education" or 3 credit units specific credit towards Program J Learning Technology if graduate would like a subscripted qualification. / Dr Paul Pagliano
School of Education / Ph: (07) 4781 5424
Post: Schools of Education
James Cook University
Townsville, Qld 4811 / Marking can be submitted year round.
QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY / ·  Master of Learning Innovation ED09 (96cps)
·  Graduate Certificate in Education ED61 (48 cps). / Students completing the additional assessment will be eligible for 12 credit points or 1 unit of credit towards either the Master of Learning Innovation ED09 (96cps) or the Graduate Certificate in Education ED61 (48 cps). / Dr Margaret Lloyd
School of Maths, Science and Technology Education / Ph: (07) 3864 3326
Post: School of Maths, Science and Technology Education
Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434
Brisbane Qld 4001 / The assessment module will be organised through the School of Maths, Science and Technology Education. (Margaret Lloyd) Credit would be awarded in the semester in which the assessment is completed, provided the student decides to follow it through and enrol in ED09 or ED61.
School of Education / Ph: (07) 336 56263
Post: School of Education
The University of Queensland
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN QUEENSLAND / Any of the masters programs where EDU5471 could be used as part of a major or as an elective study / Accepted for credit by exemption for EDU5471 (Computer-based Resources in
Education) / Dr Peter Albion
Faculty of Education / Ph: (07) 4631 2321
Post: Faculty of Education
University of Southern Queensland
TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350 / If we offer the course in S2 and S3, students would enrol towards the end of S1 and S2 respectively in the normal enrolment period for TransACE courses and submit their materials at or just after that time.
UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST / ·  Graduate Certificate in Professional Learning
·  Masters in Professional Learning (equivalent to a Masters in Education) / Successful participants will gain RPL for their professional learning (EDU 700 Professional learning 1) / Professor Tania Aspland / Ph: (07) 5459 4733
Post: University of the Sunshine Coast
MAROOCHYDORE DC QLD 4558 / Students will be able to pursue their professional development in depth in an area of speciality.