Meeting of the UMES Senate

Minutes for April 14, 2015

11am Frederick Douglass Library


The Senate meeting was called to order at 11:04 am by Dr. Lombuso S. Khoza.


The approval of November 11 Senate minutes was moved by Dr. Jacqueline Brice-Finch and seconded by Mr. Joseph Bree. The motion carried.


·  Thanked everyone for their work throughout the academic year.

·  Explained that there are leadership changes at USM and at UMES. USM: Board of Regents positions, new Chancellor; UMES: Board of Visitors turnover with new Chair (John Allen), new leadership at the Cabinet level (Vice Presidents Dr. De Sousa and Mr. Appleton)

·  Explained that the dates in place for Senate, Assembly and faculty meetings must remain a priority. A Memorandum on this issue will be sent from the President’s Office in the fall.

·  Expressed sorrow for Mr. Todd and his family and said the funeral will be held on campus.

·  Encouraged everyone to attend the President’s Interfaith Breakfast on April 17.


Academic Affairs Committee: (please note that the SAAC Report is on the Senate Page)

Dr. Derrek Dunn represented the Academic Affairs Committee. Changes are as follows:


–  Change course number and name from EXSC 365 to EXSC 265

–  Change course number and name from EXSC 352 to EXSC 252

–  Remove EXSC 382 as a course option in the clinical concentration

–  Add EXSC 252 as a course option in the clinical concentration

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Chapin. Seconded by Ms. Michel Demanche. The motion carried.

Criminal Justice:

–  To facilitate course transfer from community colleges

–  Change the number for CRJS 300 to CRJS 203

–  Change the number for CRJS 312 to CRJS 212

–  Change the number for CRJS 326 to CRJS 226

–  Change the number for CRJS 401 to CRJS 290

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Dr. Brice-Finch. The motion carried.

Social Sciences:

Create (3) new courses (all 3-credits): HIST 180, HIST 182, HIST 38

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Dr. Chapin. The motion carried.

Math and Computer Science:

Create (1) new 3-credit course: CSDP 210

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Dr. Chapin. The motion carried.

Fine Arts:

Overview of program change (music minor)

§  Change the number of credit hours required from 18 credits to17-19 credits

§  Add MUSI 205 as a required course

§  Remove MUSI 103 and 313 as required courses

§  Remove requirement of MUSI 113 or 116

§  Add MUSI 113, 114, 116, and one course from MUSI 141-150 (with department consent) as options for the required 4 credits total of Ensembles

§  Add 13 courses as elective options, where 4-6 credits of these courses are required

§  Overview of course changes

–  Change the course name from “…Class” to “…Methods” (MUSI 104, MUSI 105, MUSI 106, MUSI 107, MUSI 108)

–  Change MUSI 188A to permanent number and title MUSI 131

–  Change the course number and title for MUSI 189 to MUSI 132

–  Change the course number and title for MUSI 288 to MUSI 161/Online

–  Eliminate MUSI 220A-O)

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Ms. Demanche. Motion to strike “17 to 18” and change to “18 to 19 credits” by Dr. Brice-Finch. Amendment seconded by Ms. Demanche. The amended motion carried.

English and Modern Languages:

§  Overview of course changes

–  Change the course description for ENGL 001

–  Eliminate ENGL 002 and 003

–  Split ENGL 327 into ENGL 375 and 358

–  Remove ENGL 327H as a prerequisite for ENGL 332

–  Create three new courses (all 3 credits): ENGL 359, ENGL 383, ENGL 457

–  Re-establish ENGL 242 as TELC 242

–  Re-establish ENGL 424 as TELC 424

–  Remove ‘permission of instructor’ registration requirement from TELC 481

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Dr. Chapin. Motion carried.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology:

§  Overview of course changes

–  Create one new required course (3 credits): EDTE 105

–  Convert five experimental courses to permanent courses

•  ETEE 288A to EDTE 205

•  ETEE 288B to EDTE 202

•  ETEE 288C to EDTE 210

•  ETEE 288D to EDTE 215

•  ETEE 288E to EDTE 216

–  Create five additional Technical Electives for Group 1 of the concentration: EDTE 220, EDTE 225, EDTE 230, EDTE 240, EDTE 245

Motion to approve changes by Dr. Williams. Seconded by Dr. Brice-Finch. Motion carried.

Dr. Chapin urged the committee to try and make changes in time for the new catalog. Dr. Johnson asked for a special session of the committee to look at proposals that have not yet been submitted to SAAC from the Dean’s office.

Climate Survey:

Dr. Stanley Nyirenda explained that 441 faculty and staff took part in the survey (47.5% response rate). The questionnaire was pilot tested and reliability was sound. The committee utilized a local expert (Dr. Todd Matthews) and a national expert (Dr. Vic Borden) to check the instrument for validity (Adelphi Method) before its administration.

Dr. Cynthia Boyle said that the administration is committed to investing in the capacity and development of university employees. The committee made several recommendations to be addressed between July and fall 2015.

SWOT analysis of Department of Human Resources

Revamping the Search Committee Process

Development of Orientation Program for New Employees

Establish an Ombudsman’s Office

Encourage Communication and Extracurricular Engagement

Increase Efforts to Promote Events to Employees

Develop Awards/Recognition Program

Develop Salary Plan

Develop a Formal Training Institute for Faculty/Staff

Establish a Retiree Recognition Program

Train Management Employees

The Climate Survey results will be posted on the Senate Page within 10 days of this meeting.


Marketing Update

Ms. Alissa Carr explained that Zone 5 consultants are on campus during the month of March and will meet with alumni, prospective students, faculty, staff, and current students to discuss perceptions of the campus. The findings will be used to move marketing efforts forward. The report will be completed in 6 weeks.

She also explained that the web design consultant is working on the redesign of the website, making sure it will be user friendly and responsive. New banners will fly around campus in the fall and bus wraps will be used as rolling billboards.



Dr. Khoza asked everyone to vote on the new slate of officers for the Senate. Dr. Bill Chapin moved that the votes be done electronically. Dr. Williams seconded the motion. The motion carried. Mr. Joseph Bree will set up the ballot and Dr. Khoza (who is not on the proposed slate) will see that it is sent out to all staff/faculty and students and will collect the results, which will be shared at the May Senate meeting.

Library Week:

Mr. Bree reminded everyone about events taking place during Library Week.

Out of State Tuition
Dr. Bell announced that students enrolling in the fall from DE and the Eastern Shore of Virginia will see reduced out of state tuition rates.

The meeting ended at 12:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Veronique Diriker, Ph.D., CFRE