Directions: You Are to Make a Facebook Page for a Character of Your Choice in Your Fiction

Directions: You Are to Make a Facebook Page for a Character of Your Choice in Your Fiction

Name ______Date Due ______

Period ______

Directions: You are to make a Facebook Page for a character of your choice in your fiction book. Use both literal information and your creativity. You will usethePowerPoint templateand you will need to follow these directions:

1. Read your fiction book and take notes about a character on the graphic organizers provided.

2. Go to thePowerPoint template on Mrs. Vallalla’s website under the “Fiction book projects” link.

2. Go to "file," "save as," and then save the file to your documents on your H:/ drive here at school. To do this, click on the drop down menu at the top of the save box, find your username 19valler (my username if I were a student). Save it as “Character Facebook Project” or something that I will easily be able to identify. Close out of the PowerPoint. Go to the, "Start," menu and then go to "student applications," and then “Microsoft Power Point”. Look for the PowerPoint file you just saved.

3. You may now start editing your Facebook page. Please note that the page is set up as a template. You will need to read the directions, then highlight them and change everything to fit your particular character. You must fill in the information that I am asking for on the template unless it is not stated in the book. For example, if you do not know the character’s exact birthday, you may just put the year or if you can’t figure out the year, you can write how old they are. If you would like to add additional information, you may. For example, if they have attended a college or are going to school in the book, you can add that as part of their info. on the second slide, or you can add it under their name on the first slide.

4. You might not find the exact pictures for your Facebook Page and that is fine. Find someone who looks similar to your character or what you picture them to look like. When you put a picture on your Facebook, save it your “my pictures” and then go to "insert," picture from file.

5. Make sure you complete all 3 slides. When you choose View Slideshow, you will be able to click on the links on the left side of the screen and they will take you to each page, just like you navigate in Facebook.

Your page must include:

___/1character’s name, book title and author

___/1 a profile picture

___/3at least 3 biographical details (birthday, birthplace, school, job, etc….)

___/3at least 3names of “friends” and their profile pictures (can include family, teachers,

coaches, friends, teammates, etc).

___/3 at least 3 pages he/she would like (movies, stores, books, TV shows, music, places, famous people, interests, hobbies, influences, etc.)

___/10 at least 10 posts on the subject’s wall that clearly show the 10 main events that have occurred in the subject’s life in chronological order. These events will only reflect the post of the subject of the biography.

___/5 A minimum of 5 comments from friends/family members/ acquaintances to 5 different posts from your subject. The comment must be a reaction to a post from your subject.

___/5Format is accurate to Facebook (The writing is appropriate and spelled correctly.)

___/5 Facebook page draft completed.

___/5 Facebook page typed at school.

Even though kids don’t always use proper English on Facebook, your writing for this assignment must be appropriate and spelled correctly!

Graphic Organizers:______

Total Points: ______Final Grade: ______