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IT Project Change Request

Office of Technology Resources

Project Title:


/ Change Request #:
Project Number: / Submit Date: / 12/29/03
Requestor’s Name, Unit: / Linda Lange / Priority:
Linda Lange
Request Description: / Change the Title on the Agency User’s Manual document to read: Agency User’s Guide. It appears we use the term Agency User’s Guide, and the link is “User Guide” but the manual says, User’s Manual. (http://www.pd.dgs.ca.gov/scpreg/default.htm)
Functional Impact Analysis: / Change for consistency to eliminate any confusion to the user
Technical Impact Analysis: / Modified the term on the page’s title and the maroon bar.
Recommendation: / __ Go / ___ Go with modification / ___ No Go
Approval Status: / ___ APPROVE / ___ DENY
Reason if Denied:
Project Manager Signature: / Robert Hinchman / Date: 12/30/2003
Client Program Manager Signature: / Date:
Chief, OTR, Signature: / Date:
CIO Signature: / Date:
Project Sponsor Signature: / Date:

DGS OTR, Change Request Form, 02/02 1 of 1