Details of Your Puppy

Details of Your Puppy




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Congratulations on purchasing your new Cavalier puppy.

Your puppy has been brought up in a group situation so may take a few days to adjust to being by himself. If he cries at night once you have put him to bed in his box ,crate or assigned sleeping area, gently reassure him , but do not take him out and cuddle him as he sees this as a sign that if he cries he will be picked up. A hot water bottle or even an old pair of socks that he can snuggle with will help. An old alarm clock that ticks will help too as it sounds like a heart beat and is comforting for them. Within a couple of days he will be right at home in his new environment and not worried about being by himself.

I prefer to crate train my pups so they always have a safe place to go when they want to sleep or have time out. They are born and raised in a black crate so are used to sleeping in them and feel safe and secure. I usually have the 90 cm box.

You puppy will need to have 3 small meals a day which will be reduced as he gets older. Ask your vet when you get his 12 week needles if he thinks you need to change his diet.

Breakfast… A few tablespoons of puppy biscuits or some fresh mince.

Lunch … I usually leave a bowl of water and dish of Puppy biscuits (Advance rehydratable puppy biscuits) on offer all day so he can help himself.

Dinner…. Either raw beef or chicken pet mince mixed with some Advance biscuits mixed through it or you can try and give him a bone to chew on. I prefer not to give pups chicken necks until they are at least 6 months old. Do not give cooked bones as these are brittle and could splinter and cause problems.I often add a small amount of plain yogurt to their mince or a small amount of shredded cheese for variety and it adds protein and calcium.

Your pup has started his/her toilet training with newspaper. They have also been put on grass after each meal and early morning and last thing at night.

REMEMBER …. Take the puppy out to the lawn immediately he wakes up from a nap, after he has a big play and straight after he has eaten. That way you will help stop little accidents. Praise him each time he goes where you want him to, but do not get cross if he has a few accidents. He is only little and will learn as he grows.

Desexing of your pup is highly recommended. Male pups should be desexed as early as possible (around four months old if possible).I recommend that females be desexed by six months old. Please talk to your veterinarian for more information on this subject.

Your pup has been bathed before it leaves home. They are quite happy to have a bath and with lots of positive reassurance will come to enjoy the whole experience. Take care not to get water in their ears and that all shampoo (I use a gentle puppy shampoo or no tears baby shampoo) is rinsed out of their coats. They will only need to be bathed if they get muddy or roll in something smelly. To freshen them up and make them smell nice you can sprinkle a small amount of baby powder in their coats. You will need a fine comb and a bristle brush. The pup will need to be brushed properly at least once a week but as often as you like. It is a great time to bond with them. Take particular notice of the hair behind their ears as it can become tangled.

I check their ears are clean about once a week as they can become infected if not kept clean.

If you live near the coast please check your puppy every day for ticks. If the dog is listless or off look closer.Do not pull the tick off as the jaw will continue to pump poison in to the dog.Get a lit cigarette or hot match head and touch it to the tick. This will cause it to release its hold.

Worming Your pup has been wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks of age with Drontal puppy suspension 30. It will not need to be wormed again until it gets its 12 week vaccinations.


Your pup will need to have its 12 week needles, so make an appointment with your local vet. You will need to take their vaccination form along with you. Please talk to your local vet about heartworm medication and a worming program for your specific area.

Microchipping Details

Your pup has been microchipped. This is necessary by law. It helps to locate lost and stolen animal etc. You paperwork is included or if interstate will be posted to you. The yellow copy is to be sent to your local council and you keep the pink copy for your own records.

BE AWARE Cavaliers are masters at escaping. Usually between your legs. Its not that they are disobedient, just that there are other more exciting things happening that need their attention.

Be careful you do not have snail and slug baits in the garden and also rat and mice baits.They are very attractive to dogs!

Above all enjoy your new little guy .He has a great temperament and loves attention .If you spend time patting, cuddling and playing with him you will be rewarded many times over.

Good luck, Happy times, Enjoy.

Any problems call me Teeny Runzer 0746762201

Please feel free to recommend me as a breeder if people are interested.