Description and Introduction

Description and Introduction

Description and introduction:

Antai Foreign Student Department initiates Buddy Guides Program aimed at assisting foreign students quickly adapt to new life in SJTU by matching new international students with friendly Chinese SJTU students. Buddy Guides connect new students to the SJTU community, answer questions and provide support throughout the program.

How the program works:

Buddy Guides help international students get settled and adjusted by:

  • Contacting and emailing you before you arrive to see if you have questions;
  • Acting as your guide and cultural interpreter as you transition into your new life at SJTU and Shanghai;
  • Connecting you to SJTU and Shanghai activities, services and resources;
  • Introducing you to other Buddy Guides and students in the program;
  • Calling or emailing you regularly until the end of the term to see if you have any questions, inform you of events, and arrange to meet with you. We also encourage you to feel free to contact your buddy guide!
  • Chinese language help with buddy guide available upon request.

Buddy Guides are:

  • Familiar with SJTU campus and resources;
  • Interested in cultural exchange;
  • Dedicated volunteers who are carefully selected;
  • Ready to help you with the transition here at SJTU!

After you register, we will connect you to a Buddy Guide. We will also add you to the Antai Foreign Student Department email list and send you weekly email updates about upcoming events and other relevant information, programs, and activities.

We wish you a pleasant year at SJTU! Welcome!

International Student Application Form:


  1. Student Number: ______
  2. Title: (please select)
  3. Mr.
  4. Ms.
  5. Mrs.
  6. Miss.
  7. First/Given Name: ______
  8. Last/Family Name: ______

Contact information:

  1. Cell Phone: ______
  2. Regularly used email: ______
  3. How would you prefer to contact with your peer guide? (Please check all that apply):
  4. In person
  5. Phone calls
  6. Email
  7. Wechat ( If you choose this , please leave your wechat account______)
  8. Text messages
  9. Shanghai address: (on campus/off campus; fill all that apply)
  10. Apt /Room #: ______
  11. Street Number: ______
  12. Street Name: ______
  13. Residence: (please select)
  14. Tao Li Yuan
  15. Lian Xing Building
  16. Postal Code: ______

Academic information:

  1. Faculty: ______
  2. Area of Study: ______
  3. Program Status: (please select)
  4. Degree program
  5. Exchange program
  6. Others
  7. If you are an exchange student, what is the length of your exchange?
  8. Full year
  9. Autumn (September to January)
  10. Spring (March to June)

Other Personal Information:

  1. Country of Origin/Citizenship: ______
  2. Language (s) spoken: ______
  3. Language (s) written: ______
  4. Birthdate: (MM/DD/YY) ______
  5. Religion______

**The more detail you provide for the questions below, the better we can match you with your Peer Guide.

  1. Have you ever lived in China? If yes, for how long?

A. YES______B.NO

  1. Have you being an exchange student other than China in the past? If yes, which university?

A. YES______B. NO

  1. What do you hope to gain from having a buddy guide?(multi-choices and please add extra items you are interested in)
  2. Culture exchange communication
  3. New life adaptation or transition
  4. Academic work assistance
  5. ______
  6. What are your interests and hobbies? (Please be as specific as possible)

A. Sports______B. Instruments______C. Music &Dance______

D. Language______E. Travel F. Others______

  1. What kinds of individual or group activities would you like to do with your Buddy Guide/Buddy group? (ex: movies, dinner, etc.)

A. Movie B. Sports C. Dinner D. Trip E.Others______

  1. Do you have any questions about academic life/or living in China? (Please be specific)

A. YES______B. NO

  1. Would you want to have Chinese language tutor/ help from your buddy guide? (Please be specific in terms of your current Chinese level, how many hours a week for tutoring, etc.)

A. YES______B.NO

  1. What would you like to learn about university life here at SJTU, Shanghai, China?
  1. What would you like to share of your culture with other students?
  1. Additional information that you would like us to know to help us better match you with a buddy guide?

NOTE: Any personal information recorded on the application form will not be disclosed other than for the purpose of matching under the Antai Foreign Student Department Buddy Guide program and its Student Network e-mail list.