Derry City and Strabane District Peace IV Partnership Board

Derry City and Strabane District Peace IV Partnership Board

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Date: Thursday 10 November 2016

Time: 10am – 2.00 pm

Venue: St Columb’s Park House

1. Meeting Opening

1.1 Welcome & Introductions:

Kevin welcomed all members to the first complete Partnership Board Meeting and all members introduced themselves.


Kevin O’Connor / DCSDC / Cllr Elisha McCallion / Sinn Féin
Sue Divin / DCSDC / Cllr Colly Kelly / Sinn Féin
Mary Claire Kerlin / DCSDC / Cllr Christopher Jackson / Sinn Féin
Cllr Martin Reilly / SDLP / Cllr Karina Carlin / Sinn Féin
Cllr Gus Hastings / SDLP / Ald Thomas Kerrigan / DUP
Ald Drew Thompson / DUP / William Lamrock / YMCA
Alison Wallace / Waterside NP / Paul Gallagher / Strabane Area Trade Union
Catherine Cooke / FWIN / Teresa Stewart / Strabane A.Y.E.
Maura O’Neill / WHSCT / Agnieska Luczak / Polish Abroad
Gearóid Ó hEára / An Gaeláras Ltd / Samantha Traynor / NWRC
Dairine McLaughlin / Dept of Communities / Maureen Hetherington / The Junction
Ivor Morton / PSNI / Stephen Quigley / Western Trust
Margaret McLaughlin / Dennett Interchange


1.2 Apologies:

Conal McFeely / Creggan enterprise / Anne McTaggart / YouthActionNI
Gerard O’Neill / DAERA / Paul Ryan / Youth Justice
Gerard Deeney / NIHE / Cllr Ruairi McHugh / Sinn Féin
Cllr John Boyle / SDLP

1.3 Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest.

1.4 Minutes

The minutes of the social partners and statutory partners previous meeting on 6 October 2016 were held to be an accurate record and were adopted.

Proposed: Teresa Stewart Seconded: Catherine Cooke

2. Election of Chair and Co-Chair

2.1 Nominations

Sue updated members on the guidance of electing Chair and Co-chair. The key principle was that of ‘balance’ which could be understood in terms of gender, identity and the 3 strands represented on the Partnership Board. The posts would be held for 1 year and balance could be considered across the whole 4 year period as well as per year. Discussions ensued on which sector within the partnership should lead as Chair. It was agreed by members that the Chair for this year would be a Social Partner and the Co-Chair would be an Elected Representative. This would be alternated on an annual basis.

The following nominations were made for both:-

Gearóid Ó hEára

Catherine Cooke

William Lamrock

Cllr. Elisha McCallion

Ald. Drew Thompson

Each nominee provided a brief outline of their experience in relation to chairing the PEACE Board. Votes were cast and the highest amount of votes was received for Gearóid Ó hEára who Board members agreed to elect as chair. With the chair in place, there was a consensus decision to elect Ald Drew Thompson as Co-Chair to ensure equal representation in relation to identity. It was noted that it would not be possible always to have a balance in gender and identity on the basis of religious background – the gender balance would be considered for year 2 and the peace team also provided gender balance.

2.2 Decision

Gearóid Ó hEára elected as Chair and Alderman Drew Thompson elected as Co-Chair.

Proposed: Elisha McCallion Seconded: Teresa Stewart

The Chair and Co-chair led the meeting from this point.

3. October Peace IV Update

3.1  SEUPB Queries

Sue indicated that the team had responded to extensive queries (financial and non-financial) with very short deadlines. Kevin confirmed this. It appeared that this was common across many councils and was not unique to DCSD Council. Sue emphasized the clarity now that every programme must have ‘sustained meaningful cross-community contact of 6 months minimum’ and peace and reconciliation content.

The 14th December is the date the application will be presented. There was no confirmation of likely date for letter of offer.

Cllr Elisha McCallion proposed that a meeting between the Chair/Co-Chair, Comissioner and MEP’s should be requested to support this process. Maura indicated an early meeting could be useful and the importance of ensuring all detail is deliverable. William indicated that there was a significant bank of knowledge within council which could be used in this process.

3.2  Political Party Briefings

Sue indicated that all elected members had been offered a Peace IV Briefing. Briefings had taken place as follows: SF (18th Oct), DUP (7th Nov) , SDLP (8th Nov).

UUP did not come back with a confirmed date/time for meeting and no independents had taken up the request.

3.3  Community Briefings

Sue indicated that the Peace Team had openly advertised and held 3 community briefing sessions across the council area to update the community and voluntary sector and other interested parties on Peace IV. Generally there was good attendance and the opportunity for the update was well received. Attendees welcomed the pro-active communication and were generally positive about the content in plan.

A key message aside from the content had been promoting the range of ways to engage (small grants, tenders, project steering groups, participants). By not having to handle funds directly many groups won’t have to bear the financial or administrative burden but can still get benefit from Peace IV.

The meeting on Thursday 27th October in Strabane (Library) had about 15 attendees. Paul and Teresa represented the board. Conversations around the range of sports and positive involvement of political ex-prisoners were raised.

The meeting on Friday 28th October in Derry~Londonderry (Holywell) had about 50 attendees. Maureen and Catherine represented the board. Indirect feedback that some groups may have preferred to see more small grants. Direct feedback from many groups who were positive about content and process to date, can see sense in delivery mechanisms and ways to engage.

The meeting on Tuesday 8th November in Derg Valley Leisure Centre had 6 attendees. Positive feedback and interest in the Castlederg shared spaces initiative and in ways to engage at steering group levels across a range of initiatives.

The Peace Team are also developing up an email contacts list for direct communications. Board members can feel free to help promote this. Currently the team are also using available e-mail networks including NWCN, FWIN and DCSDC GR email bulletins. Cllr Elisha McCallion indicated Community Planning contacts should also be used. Sue confirmed these had also been used to publicise the information sessions.

3.4  Reserve Candidates briefings for Steering Groups

As agreed at the meeting on 6th October, Sue contacted the 8 individuals who had applied for the Partnership Board but were currently on reserve lists. A briefing was held on Monday 17th October in RAPID Offices.

The invitation to be on steering groups was well received and all came back with nominations to steering groups.

3.5  Key ‘Mainstreaming’ Staff briefing

Sue had met with key staff within council on Tuesday 25th October. This was to provide them a general update and to focus in on the issues of drafting up tenders and developing JD’s and Person Specifications for new posts within the bid to minimise delays once the letter of offer was received.

She also indicated the team had engaged in the development of 2 capital bids with connections to 4.1 Peace programme. On Wed 26th October there had been a Riverine meeting (Lifford) and a Waterside Shared Village meeting (Foyle Arena).

The Peace team also met with HR on 26th October to alert them to recruitment requirements under the Peace Plan.

3.6 Nov/Dec Priorities

Sue indicated that the Peace Team would be prioritising any further SEUPB clarifications; initial meetings and briefings of the steering groups (for familiarisation and prioritisation of key areas of work); further engagement if required with Riverine and Waterside Shared Village capital bids; youth open call for engagement; potential tender training for community groups; and the recruitment process for Peace Staff and other posts under the bid.

Board members concurred that tender training for community groups would be very useful.

Catherine indicated FWIN had CPD procurement course available on 17th November which may be of use although there are limited places available.

There was discussion around direct youth engagement in the Peace partnership structures. Elisha proposed and Catherine seconded an ‘open call’ approach to engagement. There was consensus agreement on this. Paul indicated the need to use an age-appropriate wording and scoring process for the open call. Stephen indicated he would assist with youth sector engagement. There was discussion around minimum and maximum age for engagement in the open call and the potential child protection issues involved (Access NI and Child Protection Training). William suggested 18+, Stephen and Elisha suggested 16+ was an important age group. Stephen offered training to young people on committees etc. Alison offered mentoring services. Agreed open call will be age 16-22 for 4 years. Proposed by Elisha and seconded by Martin.

Action: Design and Issue open call for youth engagement

4. Adoption of Policies/Agreements

4.1a Partnership Board Agreement

Sue indicated no issues had been raised on the Peace Partnership Board Agreement. It had been checked by legal services and signed by John Kelpie CEO. The Agreement was formally adopted by the Peace IV Board - proposed by Cllr Colly Kelly and seconded by Cllr Karina Carlin.

4.1b Memo of Agreement

There had been a couple of changes to the draft memo of agreement based on feedback received. P.2 confirmed that elected members can be chair/co-chair. This had been revised from Peace III when there had been a Joint Committee so for Peace III elected members had not been chair/co-chair of the board. Joint committee doesn’t exist for Peace IV so this has been changed. The issue of deputisation had been raised. The confirmed position now in the memorandum is that deputisation is generally not allowed in principle but that there are occasional circumstances where this will be considered by the board and may be allowed.

Maura indicated that for the record there would be times that the WHSCT may need to deputise, in particular for steering group level. This was accepted by the board.

The Memo of Agreement was proposed by Elisha and seconded by Margaret.

4.2 Code of Conduct

The offer for all board members of training on the code of conduct was available after lunch. It is the responsibility of Board Members and Steering Group members to read and familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct. No issues were arising from the October draft.

The Code of conduct was proposed by Colly and seconded by Catherine.

4.3 Conflict of Interest (and Declaration of Interest)

The offer for all board members of training on Conflict of Interest was available after lunch. It is the responsibility of Board Members and Steering Group members to read and familiarize themselves with the Conflict of Interest statement and to complete the Declaration of Interest. No issues were arising from the October draft.

The Code of conduct was proposed by Colly and seconded by Catherine.

4.4 Terms of Reference for Steering Groups

No feedback received from the October draft. Clarification that the operational steering groups will have nominations from Partnership Board members.

The Terms of Reference were proposed by Catherine and seconded by Teresa.

4.5 Expenses pro-forma

Members requested that this be sent out in electronic version. Expenses form applies to social partners and potentially statutory partners who wish to claim. Clarification sought for elected members. Sue pointed out the requirement to submit within 3 months maximum and within each financial year. PO numbers will be provided for invoices, headed paper to be used. SEUPB may provide a different pro-forma when letter of offer is received.

Action: Clarification of Expenses position for Elected Members

4.6 Insurance

Sue indicated for information that appropriate insurance is in place for the office, board members and professional indemnity.

5. Nominations to Steering groups

5.1 Scoping Exercise

Sue and Mary Claire outlined the nominations received so far to steering groups. It was agreed by consensus that the two operational steering groups (Mainstreaming and Operational/Finance) will merge for the meantime. This can be kept under review. Nominations were received from those present who had not already indicated preferences. A minimum of 5 Partnership Board members are required for each steering group. Catherine proposed that the Chair and Co-chair should always sit on the operational/finance/mainstreaming steering group. This was agreed by consensus.

5.2 Decision

Name / Children and young people / Shared Spaces / Building
Positive Relations / Operational Finance and
Teresa Stewart / ü 
Ivor Morton / ü 
Stephen Quigley / ü 
Elisha McCallion / ü 
Martin Reilly / ü 
Samantha Traynor / ü 
Maura O’Neill / ü 
Margaret McLaughlin / ü 
Wendy Gibbons / ü 
Willie Lamrock / ü 
Christopher Jackson / ü 
John Boyle / ü 
Thomas Kerrigan / ü 
Philip O Kane / ü 
Claire Russell / ü 
Maureen Hetherington / ü 
Paul Gallagher / ü 
Anne McTaggart / ü 
Catherine Cooke / ü 
Colly Kelly / ü 
Alison Wallace / ü 
Ruairi McHugh / ü 
Derek Moore / ü 
Kat Healy / ü 
Sinead Devine / ü 
Craig Barr / ü 
Gus Hastings / ü 
Karina Carlin / ü 
Drew Thompson / ü 
Gearóid ÓhEára / ü 
Agnieska Luczak / ü 

Still to nominate from Partnership Board:

Conal McFeely; Gerard O’Neill; Gerard Deeney; Anne McTaggart; Paul Ryan.

Noted that shared spaces requires at least one more nomination.

Members sought clarification as to what the process was for additional non-partnership board members being brought onto steering groups. Sue clarified that this would be part of the discussion at the first steering group meetings. Additional members could be brought on if the steering group concerned agreed there was a gap in the skills/knowledge within the group for the issues being discussed, and brought forward a recommendation to the Partnership Board.

Action: Source final nominations and ensure minimum 5 board members per steering group.

6. Calendar of meetings

6.1 Board Meetings

After discussion to establish a routine day when board members would be available it was agreed that Board Meetings would routinely be the second Tuesday of each month at 10am. Tuesday 13th December would be the date of the next meeting.