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Debreceni Egyetem

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Faculty of Child and Adult Education of the University of Debrecen
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Call for Papers

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Department of Child Education of the Faculty of Child and Adult Education of the University of Debrecen we kindly invite you to our international conference

The ways and possibilities of professional development

The European early childhood community, including Hungary, looks to understand the development of young children in order to provide the foundations for their lifelong learning. Working in partnership with the family, the early childhood community examines ways to support the unfolding personalities of children, supporting their holistic development. Supporting the holistic development of the child asks questions of how the early childhood community understands the true child, the characteristics that they are born with and the ways in which pedagogues know how to support them.

Our conferences wishes to provide a professional and collaborative forum for those working in early childhood settings and those researching early childhood education to share pedagogic experiences, ideas and research findings that consider the responsibility of the adult in supporting the development of the child in the XXIst Century.

Hungarian higher education is at a standstill before the adaption of the training and output requirements for teacher education (including early childhood educators), making it necessary to explore and understand a wider range of professional ideas on the approaches for working with young children. We therefore provide an open forum to share international ideas on the following themes:

  • The present and the future of child centred practice
  • The method and approaches for working with young children
  • The knowledge, skills and attitudes for working with young children
  • The child and local community
  • Quality Early Childhood Education

We provide a platform for all researchers, professionals and educators who seek to enrich the pedagogical theory and practice with their novel thoughts and experience.

The plenary lectures will be followed by workshops and panel sessions.

The main guests of the Conference are: President of EECERA: PROF. CHRISTINE PASCAL, OBE, Director of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood, UK

Coordinating Editor for EECERJ: PROF. TONY BERTRAM, Director of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood, Amber Publications and Training, UK

Satellite programmes:

  • book fair of scientific publications
  • Toys of Hajdúböszörmény - exhibition of doll collection of Ms Judit Grozdics
  • A toy exhibition made by kindergarten pedagogue students
  • Students’ puppet show
  • Exhibition about projects in the kindergartens
  • Students’ choir

Dates of the conference: 25th-26th May 2016

Conference venue: Faculty of Child and Adult Education at the University of Debrecen, H-4220 Hajdúböszörmény, 1–9. Désány István street

English and Hungarian are the official languages of the conference

The papers will be published in a book edited by an international editorial board.

The cost of participation for those presenting a paper is 8.000 HUF (appr 25 euros; GBP 20) including one night accommodation at the Dormitory of the Faculty, a lunch, conference dinner, coffee and soft drinks and publication.

The cost of participation for students and others is 1.000 HUF including coffee and soft drinks.

Application deadline for papers and posters or as a conference participant is 20th March 2016

The length for the abstract is between 250 and 300 words. Recommended guide: Keywords, Background, Objectives, Method, Ethical considerations, Results, and Conclusions (the headings of the parts are not to be included in the abstract).

Notification of results: 20th April

Speakers have 20 minutes to talk about their topic, followed by five minutes discussion. We are expecting papers based on individual scientific research that is connected to our main topic.

We can provide all the necessary equipment (whiteboard, computer, projector etc.) as long as the conference speaker informs us in advance.

The final programme of the conference is expected to be ready by the end of April.

You can register for the conference here:

Contact persons:

Dr. Verity Campbell-Barr

Vargáné Dr. Nagy Anikó, e-mail:

Bertalan Sándorné

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to meeting all of you in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary.

Best regards,

The organizers of the conference

The host and president of the conference is Dr. Verity Campbell-Barr European Marie Curie Fellowship and Dr. Sándor Pálfi Vice Dean of the Faculty, head of Department of Child Education

Secretariat of the conference: Dr. Anikó Nagy Varga

Scientific committee:

Dr. Anikó Nagy Varga

Dr. Balázs Molnár

Dr. Sándor Pálfi

Dr. Verity Campbell-Barr

Webmaster:Tamás Bereczki

Administration: Bertalan Sándorné

Important dates:

  • Deadline for application and submitting an abstract: 20th March 2016
  • Notification of results 20th April 2016
  • Full Paper Submission for the conference book: 30th June 2016

Hajdúböszörmény, 1st January 2016