David A. Hyer, Greg Schneller

David A. Hyer, Greg Schneller

Fenner ChampionshipBowl

Awarded to the GSBYRA Full Member Club men's championship team that represents GSBYRA in Area B semifinal, the Fenner Bowl was donated by John D. Fenner of Westhampton. All team members must be at least 18 years old and must be members of the yacht club they represent. The skipper/helmsman must be male, and the other crew members either female or male for this ladder event to the US SAILING Clifford D. Mallory Cup National Championship. From 1964-2006 GSBYRA sailed the event in Association owned Mobjacks. GSBYRA now sails the event in the Flying Scot using Association owned sails. Each club may enter 1 team to the GSBYRA event. Additionally the defending team from the previous year may enter the competition. 3/28/2011

2010David M. Hyer;Babylon

David A. Hyer, Greg Schneller

2009Norm Wentworth;Westhampton

Ed Surgan, Susan Jenkins

2008Joe Vandenburg; Sayville
Paul MacMenamin; Paul Abel
2007Michael Collins;Sayville
David Kennedy, Paul MacMenamin
2006Mark Stang;Bay Shore
Peter Judge, Megan Mina
2005Dan Cameron;Sayville
Kevin Morgan, John O’Donnel
2004Peter Fraker;Sayville
Sharon Boyle, Tom Baumfalk
2003 Ralph Coffill;Moriches
Christine Coffill, John Zambriski
2002Ralph Coffill;Moriches
Gina Lindahl, John Lindahl, Dan Neff
2001Seth Siegler;Babylon
Cary Siegler, Jim Grover
2000Dan Cameron;Sayville
Bryan Cameron, John O'Donnell
1999Robert Hermus; Bellport Bay
Chris Hale, Christina Grahn,
Edmund Laviano, Charles Flagg
1998Bill Fisher;Sayville
Bill Flynn, Sharon Boyle
1997Joseph McCann Jr.;Narrasketuck
Paul McCann, Jim Connelly
1996Andrew Kinsey;Wet Pants
Luke Buxton, Sean Mulligan
1995Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Brian McGinnis, Christine DiResta,
alternate - Felicity Ryan
1994Dan Cameron;Sayville
John O'Donnel, Shea Thorvaldsen
1993Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Christine Accettella, Charles Larson
1992Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Charles Larson, Andrew Kinsey
1991Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Charles Larson, Cara Foreman
1990Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Charles Larson, Christopher Hale
1989Paul-Jon Patin;Sayville
Paul Zambriski, Dan Cameron
1988Doug Meyhoefer;Narrasketuck
Paul Meyhoefer, Paul McCann

1987Doug Meyhoefer;Narrasketuck
Paul Meyhoefer, Paul McCann
1986Doug Meyhoefer;Narrasketuck
Paul Meyhoefer, Paul McCann
1985Howard Shiebler;Babylon
Stephen Baldwin, Philip Heilpern

1984Douglas Meyhoefer;Narrasketuck
Philip Sweeney, Paul McCann
1983Vero Piacentini;Narrasketuck
Paul Sauberg, Chris Hale
1982Bruce Kennedy;Unqua Corinthian
Thomas Nehring, Brian McCurdy
1981Lawrence Deering;Bellport Bay
Hank Maust, Tom Binnington
1980Doug Crocker;Babylon
Kathy Crocker, G. Gorton Baldwin III
1979Joel M. Furman;Bellport Bay
Peter Ljungqvist, Jeanne Hulse
1978Wayne HulseMoriches
1977Ronald L. HulseMoriches
1976William PagelsWet Pants
1975William PagelsWet Pants
1974William PagelsWet Pants
1973William PagelsWet Pants
1972William PagelsWet Pants
1971William PagelsWet Pants
1970William PagelsWet Pants
1969Chris AndonWesthampton
1968Edmund G. LavianoBellport Bay
1967Bruce KennedyUnqua Corinthian
1966Charles F. HaywardBabylon
1965Charles F. HaywardBabylon
1964Skip FennerWesthampton
1963Robert T. DavidNarrasketuck
1962Skip McGuirePoint O'Woods
1961Skip ShawLong Island
1960P.D. FennerWesthampton
1959P.D. FennerWesthampton
1958Douglas WestinSayville
1957Robert H. SmithMoriches
1956P.D. FennerWesthampton
1955P.D. FennerWesthampton
1954Cappy ArinkBabylon
1953John C. SnedekerBellport Bay
1952Cappy ArinkBabylon
Stanley Horan (Tie)Bellport Bay