D-71. Browning M1886 Ltd Ed. 45-70 L/A Rifle Heavy Engraving & Gold Inlay Scenes of Deer

Gun List

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th September

D-71. Browning M1886 Ltd Ed. 45-70 L/A Rifle Heavy Engraving & Gold Inlay Scenes of Deer & Bear !! 1 of 3000 !! Ser. 023**

D-71. Ca. 1891 Winchester M1873 38-40 L/A Rifle Re-Blued w/ Case Hardening Extra Fine Work (Nice!) Ser. 3865**

D-71-6. Ca. 1859 Colt M1849 Pocket Revolver Ser. 1552**

D-71-. Ca. 1901 Colt Lightning 38-40 L/A Rifle Ser. 883**

D-71-. Ca. 1893 Winchester M1892 38-40 L/A Rifle Ser. 303**

D-71. British P1853 Enfield Percussion Rifle .577 Ball Cal Tower Works Mkd 1863

D-71-8. Ca. 1906-1907 Colt Bisley 32 WCF SA Revolver Heavily Engraved & Inlaid Pearl Handle Nice One!

D-71-12. Winchester Model 1873 44-40cal Rifle SN 11***

D-71-13. Winchester Model 1894 25-35cal manufactured 1900 Rifle SN 203***

D-71-14. Colt DA “Lightning” 41cal Manufactured 1909 SN 165***

J53. Antique German (Suhl) Over Under Rifle / Shotgun 8mm / 12ga Heavily Engraved w/ Antique Brass Scope Attributed to J.P. Sauer & Sohne

2648. Winchester Ranger 30-30 L/A Rifle Ser. ****
2650. Winchester M1894AE 44Mag L/A Trapper Rifle Ser. ***

2651. Ruger Super Redhawk 45LC / 445 Casull Revolver Ser. 551-74*** In Box w/ Papers
2652. Dan Wesson 357 Mag. Revolver Ser. 146***

2653. Browning "Buck Mark" 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol w/ Extra Clip Ser. 515MX010**

2654. Taurus Model 66 .357 Mag Revolver Ser. IL243***

2655. Magnum Research "Desert Eagle" 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol In Case w/ Extra Clip Ser. 36302**

2656. CZ 75-B 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol In Case Ser. A070***

2657. Star-BM 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol In Case w/ 3 Clips Ser. 01507***

2658. FIE Titan 25 Semi-Auto Pistol Ser. A694**

2659. Walther P-38 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol w/ Holster Ser. 0046**

2660. Star-BM 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol Ser. MX1***

2661. Sig Sauer P220 .45 Semi-Auto Pistol In Case w/ Papers Ser. G326***

2662. Ruger "Vaquero" (Old) .357 Mag Revolver w/ Custom Spring Kit In Case w/ Papers Ser.

2663. Winchester M1700 Stainless Marine 12ga Ser. ****

2664. Glock M32 .357 Mag Semi-Auto Pistol Ser. EAE***

2665. Smith & Wesson 629-6 44Mag Stainless Revolver In Case w/ Papers Ser. CHC62**

2666. Sig Sauer P226 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol w/ 4 Hi-Cap Clips Ser. U137***

2667. Heckler & Koch USP Compact .40S&W Semi-Auto Pistol Ser. 26-0834**
2668. North American Arms Mini 22LRSer. L0520**

2669. Unfired Ltd Ed. "Wild West Exhibition Shooters Tribute" Winchester M1873 by Uberti and America Remembers Engraved by A&A

2670. Ca. 1979 Colt "Ned Buntline Comm" Buntline Revolver Nickel .45cal

2671. Remington Model 700 Rifle 30.0cal SN 0679****

2672. Sig Sauer Model P226 Pistol 9mm SN U13****

2673. Taurus Model PT24/7 Pistol 45cal SN NZK*****

2674. Glock Model 22 40cal Pistol SN ERY*****

2675. Taurus Model PT145 Pro Pistol .45ACP SN NAS3****

2676. Sturm Ruger Model P94 Pistol 9mm SN 308*****

2677. Remington Blue/Realtree Model 870 Express 12ga Shotgun SN C989*****

2680. Sterling Arms Mk II 380 Pistol SN B58***

2679. Norinco Model 213 Pistol 9mm SN 207***

2682. Jennings Model 9 Pistol 9mm SN 127****

2683. Llama 9mm Pistol SN B1****

2684. Sturm Ruger Model P90 45cal Pistol SN 662*****

2678. Mossberg 835 Ulti Mag Shotgun 12ga SN UM6*****

2681. Winchester Youth Model Shotgun 20ga SN L149****

2685. Sturm Ruger Model Redhawk Revolver 44mag SN 501*****

2686. Remington Model 7600 Pump Rifle .280 Rem SN B81*****

2687. Llama Model Max-1 Pistol .45ACP SN 7104*******

2688. Henry Repeating Arms Lever 22cal Rifle SN 355****

2689. Sturm Ruger Model P97DC .45ACP Pistol SN 663*****

2690. Bersa Model Thunder 380 Pistol 380ACP SN 493***

G76-1. Colt Derringer 1st Model #780 of 6500 SN -

G76-2. Colt Derringer 2nd Model Excellent Condition SN-

G76-3. Colt Derringer 3rdModel Late Excellent Condition SN -

G76-4. Colt Derringer 3rdModel Early Excellent Condition SN -

G76-5. Remington Derringer Type 2 Over/Under41cal G76-6.FMJ Barrel Derringer45cal (also shoots a 410 shotgun shell)

G76-7. FMJ Over/ UnderDerringer 45cal bottom 22LR Top SN -

G76-8. Remington NewModel Army Revolver 44cal SAA Oct Barrel SN -

G76-9. Marlin Model 1893 Take-Down SN360***

G76-10.Marlin Model 188938-40cal SN 106***

G76-11.Savage Model 1889 High Power Take-Down SN 129***

G76-12.Remington #6 Falling Block 22cal with Tang Sight

G76-13.Remington #4 Rolling Black Take-Down32cal VERY RARE!

G76-14.Crescent Empire Side by Side 12ga Shotgun SN 24***

G76-15.HV Procter Side by Side 10ga Shotgun SN -

G76-16.Stevens Model 58D 12ga Shotgun SN -

G76-17.Westernfield M172B (Mossberg 395K – made for Mont. Ward)12 ga Shotgun

G76-18.Winchester Model 1912 16ga shotgun SN 195***

G76-19.Sears (Winchester Model 53A) 30-06cal Rifle SN U166****