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Puppy Questionnaire

Please fill out our puppy questionnaire - it will help us get to know you and give you an idea of the type of home we are looking for when placing our babies. All breedings are carefully planned to produce the very dogs, sound in both body and mind, beautiful and strong, representing the true spinonestandard. We test our dogs.We believe that a person that "just wants a pet" has a right to own a beautiful well bred dog that is sound and healthy every bit as much as someone wanting a "show dog".

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This deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy. An application received without a deposit will not reserve a puppy. We reserve the right to decline any application. If for some reason your application is declined you will receive a full refund of your deposit.
Name______Home Phone______
Address______Work Phone______
City______Cel. Phone______
State______Zip Code______E-mail______

How did you hear about us?______

Have you ever owned a Spinone before? If you have, please tell me about him/her:

Do you own any other dogs at this time? Please tell me their breed and ages:

If you have ever bred a litter before, please describe.

Where will the puppy be living? Will he be inside or outside? Is there someone home in the daytime that can care for the puppy? Please describe your situation:

What sex and color do you want? Is the color or sex of great importance?:

Would you prefer __Male __Female __Either Why?
Do you have a fenced yard? __yes __noIf not, how do you plan to confine/protect your dog?
Owning a dog requires an investment of time, energy and money. Are you
willing and able to accept that responsibility? __yes __no
What is the name and phone number of the veterinarian or clinic you will be using for the puppy?
May we contact them for a reference? __yes __no
We request that a dog be returned to us, at any point in time, should you find yourself unable to care for it. Are you willing to agree to this? __yes __no
**Important** Who referred you to our puppies?______

Do you wish to be placed on our waiting list? Are you looking for a puppy for immediate purchase or are you willing to wait for a specific breeding that we have planned? If you are waiting for a special breeding, please tell me from which dogs. Please also give me a phone number where I can reach you if you want me to call you:

If you have any comments or questions please list them here:

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