CV/Resume Template

CV/Resume Template


U.S. Mobile: +1 (510) 755-7050

Experience summary

Doug is an experienced Oracle Applications (ERP) Project Manager, Business Process Transformation Consultant, Systems Designer and Functional Consultanthaving over35 years ofexperience in thirteen countries, with numerous Oracle Application User Group awards:

  • 20+ years managing and implementing Oracle Financial, Distribution and Supply Chain Apps projects
  • 5+ years designing costand manufacturing systems at Oracle Corporation
  • 10+ years cost and general accounting management for manufacturing and distribution firms

Industries include Software, High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications, Building Construction, Medical Instruments, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Products, Oil & Gas, Food Processingand Government. Doug is one of the leading specialists for Cost Management solutions, with a solid functional and technical understanding of the related inventory, supply chain, projects and financial modules, for both EBS and Cloud Applications.

During his career Doug has performed the following project roles:

  • Project Manager and Senior Advisor
  • Solution Architect and Technical Designer for Cost, Supply Chain and Financial Applications
  • Business Process Manager for Business Transformation Solutions
  • Technical and Data Conversion Manager
  • Manufacturing Applications Track Lead and Consultant
  • Acting Cost Controller
  • Post Go Live trouble-shooter for Cost, Supply Chain, Intercompany and A/P Accrual requirements
  • Instructor for Oracle EBS Cost Management and related modules
  • Instructor for Oracle Cloud Inventory, Items (Product Management) and Costing

Project experience includes:

  • Multiple full project life cycles with Oracle Applications Releases 10, 11, 11i, 12 and Cloud
  • Global solution design & rollouts of core solutions for Financial, Supply Chain, and Distributionclients
  • Bespoke application extensions, interfacing to third party systems, upgrades and data conversions
  • Management reporting definition and solutions
  • User training and education

Development experience includes:

  • Frequent advisor to Oracle Cost Management Development and Oracle Support
  • Co-designer at Oracle Corporation for the Oracle Cost Management Module
  • Systems architect at Oracle Corporation for cross-application integration across Oracle Supply Chain, Distribution, Projects and Financial modules
  • Creation of numerous custom applications, reports, programs and scripts to extend missing or required functionality, from Release 8 to Release 12

Doug, a U.S.Citizen, has worked in Europe 9 out of the past 15 years and frequently travels


University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara California, USA

Master’s in Business Administration BA (with Honors/1986)

San JoseStateUniversity, San Jose, California, USA

B.Sc. Business Management (with Honors/1979)

Skills summary

Industry Skills:

  • Project Management and Senior PMO Advisor
  • Accounting and Cost Management for Distribution, Manufacturing and Process related industries
  • Business Process Improvement Assessments for Supply Chain and Financial processes
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Projects

Business Process End-to-End Skills:

  • Plan to Report – Accounting
  • Acquire to Retire – Capital
  • Procure to Pay – Procurement
  • Plan to Fulfill – Manufacturing/Fulfillment
  • Servicing to Satisfaction – Customer Service
  • Order to Cash – Order Management
  • Service Request to Resolution – Service

Oracle E-Business Suite Functional Skills:

  • Cost Management (Average/FIFO and Standard costing, subject matter professional, EBS and Cloud)
  • Costing for Process Manufacturing (EBS Release 12)
  • Intercompany, Profit in Inventory, COGS recognition and related requirements (EBS and Cloud)
  • Subledger Accounting, using both standard and custom SLA sources (EBS and Cloud)
  • Inventory and Product Master (EBS and Cloud)
  • Cost Accounting for Enterprise Asset Management (Oracle EBS EAM and Cloud EAM)
  • Procure to Pay processes for both expense and inventory requirements; including Purchasing Accounting, Receiving, Transaction Flows and Accruals (Oracle EBS and Cloud)
  • Bills of Material / Engineering with Assemble to Order and Pick to Order (Oracle EBS ATO and PTO)
  • Work in Process (Discrete, Repetitive, EAM for EBS and Cloud)
  • Multi-Org for Supply Chain and Financial solutions (Oracle EBS and Cloud)
  • Project Manufacturing (post go-live support, EBS)

Oracle Technical Skills:

  • SQL*PLUS andP/L*SQL cursors (TOAD, PL/SQL Developer,command line)
  • Complete and detailed functional and technical designs (MD50s/AN100s and MD70s/DS140s)
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) skills compliant with SOX and ISO requirements
  • Thorough understanding for Oracle’s open interface tables and related data conversions for Inventory/Items/Onhand, Bills of Material, WIP, Costing, EAM, Purchasing, G/L, Payables
  • Inventory item, subinventory, locator and onhand data conversion with Cloud migration tools: Functional Setup Manager (FSM) and File-Based Data Import (FBDI)
  • Database schema knowledge for Oracle Inventory, WIP, Cost Management, Bills of Material, Enterprise Asset Management, Purchasing, Payables, General Ledger, Order Management, Receivables, Projects, Installed Base, Contracts and Fixed Assets
  • Over 90 Oracle EBS SQL reports for item costs, material transactions, resource/WIP transactions, inventory/WIP balances and related EBS setups

Advisory Positions for Oracle:

  • Customer Advisory Board member for Oracle’s Fusion Costing Development effort (post Release 12)
  • Prior member of the Oracle Supply Chain Financial Orchestration Functional Forum (post Release 12)
  • Frequent advisor to the Release 12 Oracle EBS Cost Management Development team
  • Co-present with Oracle Development at OpenWorld and Collaborate conferences

Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG):

  • Lead the OAUG Cost Management Special Interest Group (SIG) since 2007; monthly webinars with practical advice on how to better use the Oracle Applications for Cost Accounting
  • 2014 OAUG Member of the Year
  • 2018 OAUG Associate Star Presenter of the Year
  • 2018 OAUG SIG of the Year (Cost Management SIG)

Summary of Published Works: (Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate/OAUG, UKOUG, 1996 to 2018):

  • Can We Actually Reconcile Project MFG to Inventory, WIP, Projects & G/L?
  • Change Management is So Important
  • Cloud and EBS Costing, You Can Track & Eliminate Profit in Inventory
  • Cost Accounting As You Want It - R12 Cost Accounting with SLA
  • Does Rel. 12 Solve Global Intercompany Issues for Profit in Inventory and COGS?
  • Don’t Forget Your Business Processes! Oracle Can’t Do It All for You!
  • E-Gads! How in the Dickens Do I Manage the Oracle E-Business Suite Month-End Interfaces?
  • How to Change Your Costing Method From Average to Standard Costing
  • How to Create Shipping Burdens for Oracle Cost Management, in Spite of Subledger Accounting
  • How to Manage the Inventory and Manufacturing Period Close and Remain Sane…
  • How to Setup, Use, and Balance Your A/P Accrual Accounts
  • Intercompany Fulfillment Delivery Options for Integrated Collaborate End-to-End Sessions
  • Inventory Reconciliation With Ease, from 1 to 1,000 Inventory Organizations!
  • Make Cost Management Work for You!
  • OpenWorld and Collaborate: R12 Roundtable: Upgrade to R12 Now
  • Periodic Costing: Want to Know Your Average Costs? Run Periodic Costing Alongside Your Costing Method!
  • Resolve Your Inventory A/P Accruals Issues Now! Even for Intercompany Internal Orders and Consignment!
  • Subledger Accounting for Discrete & EAM Cost Accounting: Product Line and Expense Accounting Made Easy Through SLA
  • You Can Close Thousands of Discrete Jobs Safely Each Month!
  • Want to Know Your Average Costs? Run Periodic Costing Alongside Your Costing Method!
  • What’s New in R12? What Really Matters in the Changes
  • Who Said Changing Cost Methods With Discrete CostingCan't be Done?
  • Wow! We Can Create Combined Cost Accounting Reports for Both Discrete & Process Manufacturing!

Find the above presentations at:

Employment summary

September 2018 – November 2018 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: Merit Medical Systems

POSITION:Subject Matter Professional, Profit in Inventory Elimination

Merit Medical Systems is a worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures; they requested Douglas Volz Consulting to revisit the 2015 recommendations and jointly create a plan to implement profit in inventory solutions for Oracle EBS (in conjunction with using Standard Costing). Currently engaged with Merit Medical Systems, Douglas Volz Consulting is creating a robust andviable method so that Merit can identify, track and efficiently eliminate profit in inventory across their global enterprise.

September 2018 (New Zealand)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: More4Apps

POSITION:Professional Instructor for OracleFusion Items, Inventory & Cost Cloud Apps

  • More4Apps is the leading provider for Oracle EBS Excel-based data entry, data modification and download tools, with over 35 Excel “Wizards” for your Oracle EBS setup and transactions. Douglas Volz Consulting was invited by More4Apps to teach Oracle Fusion Inventory, Items and Costing to their development team in New Zealand. With the ongoing market acceptance of the Oracle Fusion / Cloud Applications, More4Apps felt the need to “jump-start” their understanding for the application look and feel, architecture and functional approach for the Oracle Supply Chain Cloud Applications. Over a targeted 5-day class, Douglas Volz Consulting discussed these main points:
  • Oracle Fusion general concepts
  • Roles, landing pages and general navigation
  • Navigation for reports and setup screens vs.everyday tasks
  • Search capability on every screen and how this might be confusing
  • How to access oracle tables even without a SQL command line
  • Setting up inventory organizations and items (and what changed)
  • Setting up Oracle Cloud Costing and comparing to Oracle EBS
  • How to create and process purchase order and other inventory transactions
  • Functional Setup Manager and Item import interfaces
  • How to find the latest reference materials and latest excel interface templates

September 2018 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: AngioDynamics, Inc.

POSITION:Professional Instructor for Oracle Cost Management

  • The leading provider in the development, manufacture, and sale of medical devices for vascular access, surgery, peripheral vascular disease, and oncology, AngioDynamics, Inc. requested a week-long visit by Douglas Volz Consulting, for a combined Oracle EBS cost management class and cost assessment. Senior Finance and Cost Management requested help to explore and resolve long-standing issues with Standard Costing and their annual standard setting processes. Including how the Cost Rollup works with bills of materials, routings and item costs and the most effective way to set up the annual standard costs. Over a targeted 4-day Oracle Cost Management class, the findings and activities included:
  • Teaching 30 class training chapters specifically written to help cost accountants do a better job in their everyday tasks.
  • Documenting several cost accounting recommendations, grouping them into Quick Wins, Intermediate Wins and Long-Term Wins, thus enabling AngioDynamics to achieve their goals and continue to focus on efficiency gains.
  • Identifying better ways to use Standard Costing with Manufacturing, especially with the annual Cost Rollup and Cost Update.
  • Sharing multiple cost accounting related SQL reports, for item costs, supply chain accounting transactions and inventory value. Over 90 SQL reports!
  • Significantly increasing their knowledge for how to more effectively use the Oracle Applications, from navigation, to item costing, transaction analysis and month-end inventory value reporting and reconciliation.
  • All in a concentrated 4-day class!

JULY 2018 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.


POSITION:Professional Instructor for Oracle Cost Management

  •, a Family of Brands that include The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl’s, and several other gift food companies requested a combined cost accounting assessment and class from Douglas Volz Consulting. Due to normal staff turnover,Finance found itself in the position of having skilled Cost Accountants, but, having incomplete knowledge for how the Oracle Applications work for cost accounting, especially with Average Costing and manufacturing. As a result, 1-800-Flowers.comreached out to Douglas Volz Consulting to teach their staff and to help identify solutions for their cost accounting challenges. Over a targeted 4-day Oracle Cost Management class, the findings and activities included:
  • Teaching 30 class training chapters specifically written to help cost accountants do a better job in their everyday tasks.
  • Documenting several cost accounting recommendations to help and subsidiariesbe more efficient in their use of the Oracle Applications.
  • Identifying better ways to use Average Costing with Manufacturing, especially with WIP variances and job close procedures.
  • Sharing multiple cost accounting related SQL reports, for item costs, supply chain accounting transactions and inventory value.
  • Significantly increasing their knowledge for how to more effectively use the Oracle Applications, from navigation, to item costing, transaction analysis and month-end inventory value reporting and reconciliation.
  • All in a concentrated 4-day class and combined cost assessment!

January 2018 – August 2018 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: Viziya / Wonderful Citrus Company

POSITION:Sr. Cost Systems Designer

The largest fresh citrus grower in the western United States, Wonderful Citrus went live with Oracle Cloud Applications during July 2018. Viziya, the leading provider of maintenance process and software solutions, responsible for implementing Oracle Cloud Maintenance for Wonderful Citrus, asked Douglas Volz to assist with configuring Inventory, Costing, Subledger Accounting and related Maintenance setups for both the U.S. and Mexico operations. Project goals included creating inventory and maintenance processes for:

  • Accurate Min-Max Planning to support maintenance operations and inventory fulfillment.
  • Purchase order receiving and returns to vendor processes.
  • Charging of maintenance work to other internal groups by work center and related configuration of Subledger Accounting Mapping.
  • Efficient cycle count and physical inventory processes.
  • Timely material transactions for inventory material movement.
  • Item Cost Maintenance and Cost Analysis processesrelated to Average Costing.

December 2017 – January 2018 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: N/A

POSITION:Sr. Cost Systems Designer

Self-study for the Supply Chain and Financials Oracle Cloud Applications. Concentrating on new Multi Organization features, as well as Inventory, Maintenance and Supply Chain setups and transactions. This includes the Supply Chain Managerial Accounting setups (Receipt and Cost Accounting), Supply Chain Financial Orchestration and related Subledger Accounting setups for Cost Accounting. Unlike prior releases, with Cloud Costing receiving, inventory and work in process transactions require extensive Subledger Accounting to be set up from scratch.

OCTOBER 2016 - NOVEMBER2017 (U.S.)

COMPANY:Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc.

Client: Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

POSITION:Sr. Cost Systems Designer and Business Process Advisor

  • Responsible for the Global Cost Accounting Model, for a complex semiconductor fab shop. Using Oracle OSFM (Oracle Shop Floor Management), came into the project more than halfway through, to correct and turn around the Costing track, changing the client’s outlook from “Will not go live, unworkable Cost Model” to “Can we go live now? This is so much better than my legacy systems!” For U.S., Philippines and other global locations,the project goals were to:
  • Create a workable, efficient Cost Model.
  • Analyze and repair the setups for the Release 12 Oracle E-Business Suite for Cost Accounting, Inventory and WIP, including a complex intercompany model.
  • Advise Lattice Semion the best use of Release 12 for intercompany profit in inventory and cost of goods sold, across multiple global locations, ledgers and currencies.
  • Lead the designs and technical effortfor the creation of 70+ Oracle reports for month-end intercompany profit in inventory reporting, perpetual inventory to G/L reconciliation, multi-org valuation reporting and other improvements.
  • Identify other standard features or custom/bespoke solutions to help Lattice Semi manage across multiple legal entities, operating units and inventory organizations.
  • The provided solutions gave Lattice Semi:
  • Over a35%+ efficiency increase for their global cost accounting operations, from inventory reconciliation to intercompany profit in inventory elimination.
  • One set of “reporting truth”, a single global reporting repository for all weekly and month-end cost accounting reports, used by multiple accounting teams, in the U.S. and in Philippines. This streamlined the weekly and month-end global cost accounting operations, for multiple ledgers and over 20 inventory organizations.
  • Efficient item cost entry and maintenance by introducing the use of the More4Apps family of spreadsheet-based wizards, for item costs and routing operation yield factors.
  • A series of Interface Error Reports for efficient discovery and resolution for all major transactional month-end interfaces, for supply chain, costing and finance.
  • Cost accounting documentation and training for Lattice’s global cost accounting operations. Including a 30 chapter set for Cost Accounting Training, documenting both standard and custom features, with over 800 pages in total.
  • Automated Job Status Change Program, helping to automate closing 1,000 to 2,000 WIP jobs each week.
  • Accurate Cost of Goods Sold accounting through use of COGS Workflows and Subledger Accounting configurations, for both trade and intercompany COGS.
  • Global inventory organization, multiple-ledger reports for:
  • Automated month-end G/L to Inventory Reconciliation (runtime less than three minutes for 22 inventory organizations across their global operations).
  • Automated comparison of costing vs. planning item cost controls, bills, routings and sourcing rules, leading to more accurate cost rollups and ASCP results.
  • Global lot-based inventory valuation reports for inventory, receiving and WIP.
  • Profit in inventory valuation and transactional change reports, to enable accurate profit in inventory elimination at month-end.
  • Pending and actual standard cost adjustment reports
  • Numerous global item cost reports and cost type comparisons, for item, resource and overhead costs.
  • Global setup reports for inventory orgs, shipping network, receiving, subinventories, item master, material account alias, WIP accounting classes and material overheads.
  • Summary and detailed material, WIP and receiving transaction reports for gross, intercompany profit and net results.
  • Summary and detailed variance reports, for WIP material usage, WIP resource efficiency, WIP discrete job variances, PPV, IPV, and internal order margins.
  • Reporting by lot number, from transactional accounting to valuation reports
  • Material overhead absorption reports to enable efficient over/under absorption tracking.
  • Multi-org, multiple operating unit and inventory organization reports for period close and period open status, for Cost Management, Payables, Purchasing and Receivables.
  • Created/supported end-to-end processes for:
  • Global Plan to Report process improvements for Cost Accounting.
  • Monthly Cost Accounting Close Cycle and Inventory to G/L Reconciliation.
  • Timely and efficient month-end elimination of profit in inventory across all locations.
  • Item Cost Maintenance and Annual Revaluation processes.

August - October 2016 (U.S.)