Criteria for Reviewing Proposals for New Or Revised Courses1

Criteria for Reviewing Proposals for New Or Revised Courses1

New/Revised Graduate Courses 10/15/12 - GPC1

Criteria for Reviewing New/RevisedGraduate Courses

Course Title/Number:Faculty Sponsor:

These should include:
College of Education Signature Page(rev. 06/04/12)
  • Has the faculty sponsor signed?
  • Has the Chair of the department signed the signature page?
  • Is there concurrence from another department?
  • If so, has a memo been attached?
  • Online Course Link
  • Is the link clickable and working?
  • Is all the text visible to read?
  • Graduate Curriculum Form (form for either a new course or course change)
  • Departmental Syllabus(revised August 2010 – Attachment I, if applicable)
  • Catalog Copy with track changes(if required course in a program)
  • Old and New Program of Study Forms(if required course in a program)

Current Status:
Submission Type: New
Course Change Information (for course changes only):
  • Does the information on the documents match?
e.g. same course name, description, etc.
  • Has the appropriate budget (department) account number been listed?
This should not be left blank!
Department Budget Number Reference List:
171100 – Educational Measurement & Research
172100 -Childhood Education & Literacy Studies
172400- Secondary Education
172500 –Psychology & Social Foundations
172800- Special Education
173100- ACHE, Adult, Career and Higher Education
173200- Physical Education & Wellness Studies
173500- Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
  • For new courses, must have PRE fix and followed by a “real” 4-digit number.
  • If you would prefer to find a new number from the State Course Number system, here is
the link:
5.___ / Credit Hours:
  • From your perspective, does the number of credit hours seem appropriate and in
line with other university course credits?
  • If new or revised, are the credit hours indicated consistent with the contact hours?

6.___ / Course Title:(this is built into the form to not exceed these limits)
  • Does the abbreviated title for the course meet the 30 character maximum?

7.___ / Course Description:(this is built into the form to not exceed these limits)
  • If new or revised, is the course description under the 255 word maximum?

  • A. is a drop down menu, so something must be selected.
  • B. Needs to be completed, can be typed in.
  • C. is a drop down menu
  • D. a doctorate degree is assumed and does not need to be typed in this space. This questions is asking for what OTHER qualifications/training/experiences are needed to teach this course ABOVE a doctorate.

  1. Course Objectives:Definition used by Graduate & Undergraduate Councils: COURSE OBJECTIVES: list the knowledge, skills and understandings that will be taught in this course.
  2. Learning Outcomes: Definition used by Graduate & Undergraduate Councils: STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: list the knowledge, skills and understandings that students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of the course (with action verbs).
  3. Major Topics(content outline)
  4. Textbooks (using textbooks over 5 years old require a justification)
  5. Course Readings, Online Resources & other purchases

10.____ / Assessments/Evaluations
  • Student Expectations/Requirements/Grading Policy
  • Assignments, Exams, Tests

11.____ / Attendance Policy
  • This field is pre-set and includes the university’s policy on attendance.

12. ____ / Policy on Make-up Work
  • This needs to be filled out and should include the University of South Florida’s policy on Academic Integrity

13. ____ / Program This Course Supports
  • If this is a required course in a program the name of the program will show up here

(online form asks for what OTHER program would this course service, anything put into this section will REQUIRE Concurrence to be gotten from that program/department)
Check the syllabus to make sure the required elements are present and consistent with the information provided on the course proposal form.
  • The syllabus should include, if applicable: the course title, prefix, number, and section; instructor's name, office hours and location, phone number; course objectives, student learning outcomes, attendance policy, grading policy; course outline including assignments. (and use the latest College of Education format to present this information)

16. ____ / Section 6- Course Goals and Objectives-
  • Are the Goals and or objectives for the course clearly stated?

17. ____ / Section 7 - Content Outline –
  • Is there a weekly agenda with course content clearly described for each week?

18. ____ / Section 8 - Evaluation of Student Outcomes –
  • What evaluation system is used in the course? What are the assignments requirements for the course?

19. ____ / Section 10 – Textbooks and Readings –
  • Are the required readings current in the topic area of the course?
  • Is there a statement and/or justification if publications are over 5 years old

20.____ / College Specific Criteria
Accomplished Practices/STATE Subject Matter Competencies/ NATIONAL Professional Standards
  • Are the State Accomplished Practices’ addressed?
  • State subject matter competencies addressed?
  • National professional standards are addressed?

21. ____ / Assessments
  • Does the assessment plan match course objectives?
  • Are critical tasks needed for this course?
  • If yes,
  • Are critical tasks identified?
  • Are there rubrics for the critical tasks?

22. ____ / ESOL/Reading Competencies
  • Is this course intended to meet ESOL and/or reading competencies?
  • If yes, are those competencies evident in the objectives and assessments?

23. ____ / Attachment I(if applicable)
  • Has the use of technology been addressed?

24. ____ /
  • Has the issue of diversity been addressed in this course?

25. ____ / VII. CATALOG COPY:
  • Is this course replacing another course? (If so, is the program change being submitted with this new course proposal)
  • Is this a required course? (If so, is a program change being submitted with this new course proposal)
  • Is this an elective course?(no catalog copy is required)
  • Does this increase the number of hours in the program? (If so, is the program change being submitted with this new course proposal)

26. ____ / VIII. PROGRAM OF STUDY(only if required course in a program)
  • Is this course listed on the new program of studies?
  • Does adding this course require a program change?
  • Has a program change been submitted in concert with this new course proposal?
  • Are the changes in POS clearly stated?

Recommendations from the Sub-Committee review:

Sub-Committee Member:Date:

This form can be found online at: