Crime Branch Date: 06.09.09

Crime Branch Date: 06.09.09


Crime Branch Date: 06.09.09

Desperate robber arrested.

A notorious criminal wanted in many sensational cases of auto theft, robbery and a case of attempt to murder arrested by Anti Robbery Cell of Crime Branch.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested a criminal wanted in many cases of auto theft, robberies and a case of attempt to murder. HC Rajbir Singh of Anti Robbery Cell, Crime Branch received information about the movement of a notorious criminal namely Chetan @ Golu who is desperate criminal. A team led by Insp. Sajjan Singh Yadav comprising of SI’s Kuldeep Singh, Ajit Malik HC’s Rajbir Singh No. 52/Crime, Laxman Parsad No. 22/Crime, Bhupesh Kumar 272/Crime Constables Rajesh Kumar No. 362/DRP and Const. Surender No. 234/DRP, Pradeep Kumar No. 233/Crime and Anand Pal No. 217/DRPunder close supervision of ACP Sh. Jai Bhagwan was organized to develop the information.

On 05.09.2009 the Crime Branch team finally succeeded in apprehending Chetan @ Golu at about 3:10 PM in front of Pillar No. 176, Inderlok road, Shastri Nagar, Delhi when he reached there to meet his associate namely Firtu. On his cursory search a loaded country made katta and a mobile phone which was found to be robbed from a person from the area of PS Ashok Vihar and the incident was reported vide FIR No. 367/09 dated 06.08.09 U/s 356/379/34 IPC, was recovered from Mukesh. On this a FIR No. 154/09 dated 05.09.2009 U/s 25 Arms Act and 411 IPC, PS Crime Branch, Nehru Place, Delhi was got registered. During course of investigation the accused had disclosed that he along with his associates is involved in number of cases across Delhi.

Identity of accused person is as below:-

Chetan Sharma @ Golu s/o Bhola Ram Sharma r/o House No.L-158, Shastri Nagar Delhi. Age: 22 Years.

The accused is a desperate criminal having criminal antecedents. He along with his associates is involved in criminal cases including those of robberies. On 05.08.09 at about 11:30 PM he along with his associates namely Firtu snatched two mobile phones from a bike rider who stopped at ‘Ganda Nalah’ road, JJ Colony, Wazirpur, Delhi to attend a phone call.

Following articles have been recovered:-

  1. One robbed mobile phone make LG.
  2. One loaded country made .315 bore ‘Katta’.

The previous criminal record of the arrested person is as below:-

  1. FIR No. 144/09 u/s 379/356/411/34 IPC PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi.

Cases worked out with the arrest of the accused person:-

Involvement of Chetan Sharma @ Golu s/o Bhola Ram Sharma r/o House No.L- 158, Shastri Nagar, Delhi. Age: 22 Years

1. FIR No. 68/09 dated 1.8.09 u/s 392 IPC PS Gulabi Bagh, Delhi. In this case a motor-cycle was stolen by the accused and same has been sold to Dharmender @ Chhote. Later on, Jehangir Puri police arrested Dharmender in FIR No. 463/09 U/s 399/402 PS Jehangir Puri, Delhi and recovered the said motor cycle.

2. FIR No. 95/09 dated u/s 379 IPC PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi. In this case a motor cycle was stolen by the accused and his associates from Shastri Nagar and same was abandoned by them near Kingsway Camp.

3. FIR No. 124/09 dated u/s 356/379/34 IPC PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi. In this case a motor-cycle was stolen by the accused and his associates from Shastri Nagar and same has been sold to unknown person.

4. FIR No. 193/09 dated 307/34 IPC PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi. In this case the accused and his associates stabbed two brothers Yogesh and Brijesh who are known to him.

5. FIR No. 367/09 dated 6.8.09 u/s 356/379 IPC PS Ashok Vihar, Delhi. In this case the accused and his associate Firtu snatched two mobile phones from one bike rider who was listening to a phone call in Wazirpur JJ Colony, Delhi. One of the two mobiles recovered from the possession of the accused.

Further investigation is in progress to find out more involvements of the accused persons. Concerned local police has been informed.


Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police

Crime, Delhi.

Press Release

Dt. 06.09.09

After receiving some information about illicit sale of Gnaja near the Railway Line Kela Godown Shailmar Bagh, Sh. Hari Darshan Dahiya ACP Shalimarr Bagh constituted a team under the supervision of Sh. Joginder Singh Joon SHO Shaliamr Bagh consisting of SI Rattan Kumar, HC Sheshdhar, Ct. Ramesh and Ct. Ranvir Singh to work on the said information.

On 5.09.09, the team after receiving secret information SI Rattan Kumar and his staff apprehended a person near Fatak No. 7 Shalimar Bagh, namely Mahesh Shah s/o Ram chander r/o Vill. Roopali, Ditt. Mujjafarpur Bihar, at present House of Rishi Gali No. 5 Mahavir Park, Bahadur Garh Distt. Jhajjar Haryana and recovered 9 Kg Ganja from his possession. A case FIR No. 265/09 U/ Sec. 20/61/85 NDPS Act was registered and Mahesh Shah was arrested in the case. Further investigation is being carried out and the team is being suitably rewarded.

DCP/ N. West

Dt. 06.09.09



The local police of P.S. Jahangir Puri has arrested the following four accused persons while t hey were planning to loot a petrol pump.

1. Dharmender S/O Bijender R/O V & P.O Ghoga P.S. Narela Delhi Age : 21 years. He is school dreopout, has studied up to 9th class and is un-married. His father is laborer.

2. Navrattn S/O Laxman R/O V & P.O. Ghoga P.S. Narela Delhi age: 2 Years. He is 10th class pass and is married. His father works in a Hyderpur water plant.

3. Rajesh S/O Raj Kumar R/O V&P.O. Ghoga P.S. Narela Delhi Age:21 Years he supplies liqour from Haryana. He is 10th pass and is un-married. His father sells mikd in the village.

4. Mohd. Iqbal S/O Mohd. Yusuf R/O Jhuggi no. 171, CD Park Jahangir Puri, Delhi Age: 20 Years. He is illiterate and is un-married. His father is Kabadi.

Brief Fact:-

On 19/08/09night S.I.Ramesh Kumar,HC Ashok Kumar, Ct.Sukhdev,Ct.Mirtunjay while patrolling in the area receive an information that 4/5 young boys who are planning a docoity and are armed, are sitting near abandoned toilet near MCD Flats Jhangir Puri Delhi .The information was got by S.I. Ramesh Kumar and who subsequently, without further loss of time raided the place with accompanying staff and appredended Dharmender and Navarattan while trying to flee in Car No. DL-9CB-8533. Rajesh and Mohd. Iqbal were also apprehended while trying to run away on Pulsar M/Cy.No.DL-8S-AM-1664. One person namly Bhola @escape. A loaded Desi Katta was recoveres from Dharmender. A buttondar Knife each was recovered from Dharmender. A buttondar Knife recovered from Navarattan and Rajesh.Mohd.Iqbal was found carrying Chilli power anfd a rope. All the four apprehanded persons were interrogated. The recovered Car was bearing false number plate the actual number of the car is UP-16-E-8533 which has been found involved in FIR No. 170/09 Dt. 6/8/09 U/S 392/302/20 IPC P.S.Shamli(U.P.)in the case edvocate subodh jain wzs kidnapped and later murdered. The M/cly recovered was also having false no. plate and its actual no. out to be DL - 7S-BE-5581 which has found stolen vide FIR no. 68/09 U/S 379 IPC P.S. Gulabi Bag, Delhi. On further infrmation it was revealed that Dharmender above is also wanted in FIR No. 141/09 U/S 392/394 IPC P.S. Sadar Gohana (Haryana). Mohd. Iqbal and Dharmender has also been found involved in FIR No. 419/08 Dat. 1/8/09 U/S 397/34 IPC P.S. Jahangir Puri, Delhi.


1. One deshi katta loaded with one cartridge from Dharmender.

2. Two battondar knives each from Navarattan and Rajesh.

3. One Santro Car No. UP-16E-8533.

4. One Pulsar M/Cly No. DL-7S-BE-5581.


To commit robbery/Dacoity to earn easy money.

All the above said accused persons namely Dharmender/Navarattan/Rajesh and Mohd. Iqbal have been arrested in FIR NO. 463/09 Date 19/8/09 U/S 399/402 IPC and 25/54/59 Arms Act. at P.S Jahangir Puri Delhi. Local police of P.S. Shamli ( UP ) P.S. Sadar ( Haryana) and P.S Gulabi Bagh Delhi has been imforemed further investgation is in progress.

The King Pin of gang Manoj @ Bhola S/O Naresh R/O Vill. Ghoga Surremder due to the police pressure on 04/09/09.

DCP/North West.