Creation: Angels and the Deities of the World

Creation: Angels and the Deities of the World

Creation: Angels and the “deities” of the world

Icon 1 the “Seraphim” (the six winged angel)

In the beginning God created the invisible world. He created 10 bodiless battalions of angels in order for them to be of service to Him. The word angel comes from the Greek verb “angello” which means “to bring a message from others” or “to take a message to others”. Many angels are known through out the ages the Old and New Testament to provide these services for God.

The Lord created them bodiless, invisible, agile, self-ruling and most important he gave to them (like Adam and Eve) the freedom to be able to choose between good and evil. Angels do not need food because their nature is spiritual; they are immortal a gift of the Grace of God. They were created by God before creation and before man. Prophet Job describes “a great laud was heard from all of my angels when the stars were born”. Their brightness and sanctity comes from the Holy Spirit meaning their illumination (bright form) is from God and it is not their own.

Angels can take upon their selves a human form when directed by God (especially the form of a young person) in order to guide and advice human beings like: Archangel Rafael to Tobias, Archangel Michael to (Jesus of Naives), Archangel Gabriel to Zachariah to virgin Mary the day of her annunciation, and the “unknown” angel who visited the 3 Sheppard’s the night of the birth of the Lord. Likewise during the Resurrection, angels are found at the Holy Grave in order to proclaim the Resurrection to the fragrant bearing women, there were angels present during the ascension of the Lord at the mount of olives in order to make His accretion known to the Apostles, and they will appear again along Jesus Christ on the clouds when he appears in the Glory of His Father, at His Second Coming.

No one knows their numbers. The Prophet Daniel in 7: 10 informs us that their numbers are unknown. “thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him”

In Colossians 1-16- Paul informs Christians that angels were created by God (God Logos) and for God alone, and he also gives us some names of some of his battalions. “for by Him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in earth visible and invisible whether they are Thrones or Dominions or Principalities or Powers-all things were created by Him and for Him”.

All of God’s angels and Archangels are servants to God alone, and they recognize each and every faithful Christian from the secret symbols begotten at baptism and from the light installed up on them, and they stand continuously to the side of God bearing witness to the truth through out time and will do so during the Second Coming.

The “Seraphim” (icon 1) whose name means “those who are bright” are found in the highest hierarchy of the angels and they are the angels that are found near the throne of God. These are the angels who continually psalm “Holy, Holy, Holy” that find their selves surrounded in the knowledge that is origins from God. It is said that the light they emit is so bright that the other divine creatures present are not able to stare at it. This light does not belong to them, is a reflection of the Glory of God.

Isaiah 6: 2 “Above it stood the Seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly”.
Isaiah 6: 6 “Then flew one of the Seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar”

Icon 2 “A message to the heart” This picture was taken recently on Mount Athos < > where the religion experience is cultivated systematically in Orthodox Monasteries, providing a live attestation of the reality of God.

The fallen Seraphim

Icon 4 (Buer the demon) icon from (

Demons (fallen angels) are repent less (Judah 6) “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day”.

The fallen Seraphim

One of the 10 bodiless battalions of God fell from the heavens because eosforos (lucifer) who was the leader of all of angels (the archangel) became lordly and thought to his self (along with the rest of the angels in his battalion) that he could put his throne above the throne of God. He wanted to take the place of God and become his self God on his own and with his own powers. As lucifer was thrown out of Paradise because of his ill begotten arrogance he was seen and described by God Logos (Spoken Truth Words) to exit Paradise resembling a lightning rod. (Luke 10: 18) “AND HE SAID UNTO THEM I BEHELD SATAN AS LIGHTNING FALL FROM HEAVEN”. God did not deprive these angels of their lives, however as the battalion was falling they were deprived from a lot of their gifts. As they were exiled from paradise and in the withdrawal of Gods Grace (His gifts) their spiritual bodies went through a TRANSFORMATION that was existential that became eternal. Mainly the bright creations that once reflected the glory of God started to exist in a NEW WAY of BEING they became the outcast creatures of disgrace and darkness.

Their choice of attempting this blasphemous and distorted act of betrayal resulted to the withdrawal of the Grace of the Creator God having as natural consequence the ugliness and ungratefulness with which they “repaid” their Creador to be eternally visible on their spiritual bodies.

The Heavenly Kingdom is not a place BUT A WAY OF BEING.

Sainthood is a supernatural state of being that is an acknowledgment of the Union of man with God. This union takes place in a Mysterious way during Baptism as described in (Galatians 3:27) “You were baptized into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, with the life of Christ himself” In his first letter to the Corinthians 6:19 the Apostle of the nations Paul is very clear in describing the “details” of this supernatural condition. “Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God?” This is what we read in Luke 17:21 about the Heavenly Kingdom. “No one will say, “Look here it is”! Or, “There it is!” because the Kingdom of God is within you”. This is the reason why, the Orthodox monks pray concentrating the mind not upward, but inward (the heavily kingdom) toward their heart where they hope to witness to the Glory of God!

Therefore Sainthood cannot be “discovered” in philosophy, theory, or speculation, because it comes about as “a way of being” experienced on a personal basis. The Apostles were Saints, meaning they were united with God, and this supernatural condition is what gave them the ability (or the authority if you like) to take out demons, cure diseases, cure the blind, and even resurrect the dead.

Because of the nature of this supernatural condition a Saint is also described by the Holy Fathers as “a god by the Grace of God” The role of the Apostles the Saints and the Prophets who have in common the infallible Holy Spirit was (is), to deliver to the Church the Doctrines the Cannons and the necessary teachings needed for the Salvation of man.

In his second letter to the Galatians verse 20 Paul also describes this supernatural condition in another way. “So that is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me”. Paul admits that Christ lives in him and that the Gospel he preaches is not of human origin but it is Revelation from Lord Jesus himself. (1Galatians: 11,12). “Let me tell you my brothers and sisters that the gospel I preach is not of human origin. I did not receive it from any human being, nor did anyone teach it to me. It was Jesus Christ himself who revealed it to me” (keep in mind he never met Jesus before the Lords ascension) These are the reasons why, the Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy also teach that the Heavenly Kingdom is not a place but A WAY OF BEING.

Sainthood (an ontological transformation)

“The remains of the Saints show an actual physical transformation that is visible after death and after exhuming the body”.

It is an Orthodox Monastic Tradition worldwide, to exhume the monks’ bodies 5 years after their death. Their remains are then placed in special charnel houses and at the same time the Monastery monks are given the chance to establish first hand if their brother monk brings signs of Holiness on his remain. In reality what they are looking to ascertain is:

1) Whether the remain (the bones) have acquired a honey- gold color,

2) Ascertain if a distinct beautiful scent (aroma) ascends from the monk’s relic.

3) In some cases (that are not rare) like in the case of Saint Demetrios the “fragrant” who lived the 3rd century, His Holy Remains gush out a semi liquid aromatic unction that looks like honey. Every year the 3rd of November, the delegation of His Temple in Thessalonica Greece, opens His reliquary (that is permanently located in the Church), in order to gather from the Holy Remain His unction on cotton balls, so that the faithful ones can keep them as a special blessing.

4) It is well known among Christians of the Orthodox Church, that the Holy Remains

(and the unction) are known to cure even the most incurable diseases and illnesses.

The Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church explain that the Gold and Aromatic Remains of a monk are signs of holiness, that are begotten as a result of an ACTUAL PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION or a metamorphosis that is ontological that takes place during the monk’s natural life. The Holy Fathers explain that this metamorphosis constitutes the needed proof that during the monk’s natural life he managed to become a “vessel” of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Fathers resemble the transformed Holy Remains of the monk with an iron that has become incandescent (transformed) after being put to the fire. Even thought the iron returns to what it seems to be its natural form and shape after being placed in the fire, a close examination reveals a change of color, and the presence of a powder like residue. This is the reason why the term Saint is not a moral (ethical) term in Orthodoxy, but an ontological (physical) one.

Grave yard stories and the Pyramids

In order to burry a corpse in a family grave here in Cyprus it is accustomed to first remove the relics of other relatives from the grave and place them in a cloth bag in order to later re buried them along the side of the new family member. Grave yard diggers here can tell you a lot of stories regarding the un burial of some of the dead that are certainly never told to the relatives. If for instance there is a family member in a grave that they personally knew was of a vile character while alive, they are always very reluctant to re open (re dig) the grave. There are cases that the corpse might have been buried for 10 or 20 years however it is found “bloated” and intact. In other rare cases the body is intact however horribly deformed.

The grave diggers know (and the Church knows of course) that the soul of the dead person they have before them has existed in torment all these years by the divine providence that accompanies “peoples corpses” who were known to be vile while alive… In simple words it is commonly known that it is possible for a person’s soul to be tormented for a lot of years within the bounty of its own foul dead flesh being unable this way to go to its resting place… unless decomposition takes place. It is just like the seed that can not produce fruit unless it completely dissolves.

The Pharaoh

The devil (god Ra and all “deities”) knows first hand the details of the Gods law concerning the entrapment of the soul in diseased human beings that have shown inhumane and vile behaviour towards others (the earth just does not want the body!) and so they have made sure to extent the agony and terror of the Pharaoh souls to the limit. The demons first “advised” the Pharaoh (through “secret” sorcerer ceremonies) that it is fitting to take (seal them alive with in the tomb) hundreds of slaves in order to have them serve them in their next life… and as this crime was not enough, Pa also offered “graciously” to the Pharaohs for being obedient the “gift” of immortality…Mummification! A painful torment and punishment that continues till today imposed to all Pharaohs by the bittered Archangel. Demons being spiritual beings (none matter) they can not feel pain (they do not know or care about human pain) because they do not have a physical body……….till the Second Coming?

The thing that is unbelievable here is that Lucifer accomplishes all of his destruction by using only his “mouth” just like in Paradise when he convinced Adam and Eve that they could become God by eating the apple! In reality he has NO authority upon man. He can not make man do ANYTHING. This is because the greatest gift from God to man (and angels) is their FREEDOM. To be possessed (possession) by a demon (demons) does not mean a body takeover. It only means that the will of the particular person being “possessed” is submitted willingly and entirely to the will of the devil. The devil is no longer a passenger on the coach…he is given authority to drive it.

Demons are only allowed (by God) to sit at the “edge” of men’s hearts (like the snake on the tree in Paradise) and “whisper sweet nothings” working on the weaknesses of each and every one of us that he knows very well. The invisible human heart (soul) is very visible to the bodiless battalion of Lucifer and his demons who are working very hard (lying according to each persons needs) to bring down humans to sin, to show God that humans are lower that demons, to show that human greed and ungratefulness are worse than theirs. Notice here that it is a fact that the very ill begotten behaviour that got Lucifer thrown out of Paradise is the very same ill begotten behaviour that is torturing humanity today. The devils act to take over the throne of God was the first illegal and punishable act of expansionism ever. All the rest of similar acts of expansionism through out time till today … belong to the human race alone!

I would consider it a crime on the behalf of my self not to mention that the shape of the pyramid its self has a certain “natural characteristics” that are important to mention. If for instance you place a razor blade under a small home made pyramid, you will find out that you will get to shave with that particular razor blade for a long time because of the pyramid’s characteristic of retaining the sharpness. The pyramid has also the natural characteristic to keep grain like a refrigerator does. Because of the natural phenomena characterising the inside of the Pyramids, I consider the people who have chosen to be buried after death under one… very unfortunate.

Other monuments

Lucifer’s control upon human will has man doing everything that is most vile and most detestable to God. Huge male and female phallic monuments everywhere in the word and if you think about it Satan does not know what sex is. He watches it he knows humans like it but he never had a body to experience it. The question here is why the “instruction” to raise phallic monuments. Why does Lucifer’s want his “philosophy” or “religion” if you like to be represented by these large phallic constructions and not his own face? The answer is simple. This (sex) is his greatest weapon against all humans rich or pour black or white. This is how he keeps all humans in the same basket. This is what God detests most. He is hoping that this act of theirs (to raise these monuments) is what is going to bring about the greatest pain and deformity to the humans he is in control of. This is what he believes is going to Unger God the most. …To show God that the human beings that he dearly loves have replaced Him with a male or a female phallic monument or statue!


To begin with, the name “devil” comes from the Greek word “diavallo” which means “to distort” in this case to distort the truth. The devil being a spiritual existence and being immortal (a gift that was not taken way), needs absolutely nothing material from human beings that he considers “lower” beings than him. He will only ask for something (material) if a crime has to be committed in order for his “followers” to bring it. There is absolutely nothing that a human being can give him to ease the disgraceful disposition he is in after being thrown out of the heavens. He as spiritual being, dwells around mans HEART in order to find a way to destroy him by helping him realize his immoral dreams and fantasies. The greatest weakness along with expansionism (to rule/to control others) that he looks to exploit in men that can lead to inhumane crimes for his victim is greediness. It is no wander that the first “gift” the devil offers to those who want to make a “pack” with him is gold the very one thing that can help men and women immediately achieve their earthly goals… and of course he knows where the gold is, he has been watching people burry it for centuries!