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16 September 2016

0900 Registration and tea/coffee

0915 Introduction to the programme

·  Why ‘Advanced’?

·  Course objectives

·  An effective board - refresher

0945 Board composition, development and performance

·  Board composition

·  Identifying and meeting individual and corporate needs

Ø  Appraising the performance of the Chair and board members

Ø  Strategic development sessions

·  Professional conduct of board business

·  Reviewing board performance and effectiveness

·  Board committee structure

1100 Tea/coffee

1115 Strategic leadership

·  Ensuring clarity of purpose and delivery of the mandate

·  Setting a clear strategic direction for the organisation

·  Agreeing KPIs and KQIs – the right ones!

·  Evaluating the success and overall impact of the organisation

1215 Performance management

·  Reporting progress against KPIs and KQIs – a graduated and stratified approach to performance reporting

·  Getting the right information

·  How does the board get the appropriate level of assurance?

·  Ensuring effective oversight of key business risks

1315 Lunch

1415 Governance and compliance

·  Ensuring compliance with your corporate governance framework

·  Ensuring clarity of roles between executives and non-executives

Ø  How effective is your Framework of Strategic Control?

Ø  “Going into the engine room without touching the controls”

Ø  Exercising a constructive challenge function

·  Are your organisation’s values operating effectively throughout the organisation? And how will you know?

1515 Stakeholder engagement

·  Obtaining objective feedback from stakeholders and using it!

·  Managing relationships with key stakeholders

·  Managing the political interface

1615 Action planning

1645 Close