Copley-Fairlawn Middle School

Copley-Fairlawn Middle School

Copley-FairlawnMiddle School

PTA Minutes

September 14, 2010

President’s Report: Beth Hofacker

  • Meeting called to order at 9:35 A.M.
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introductions of the room
  • Recognized Summer Volunteers (see attached list)

The volunteers helped with the court yard clean-up, mulching, painting and hanging inspirational sayings.

  • Pass around folder:
  1. Ohio PTA news letter
  2. News letters from each school/unit
  3. District 13 conference information
  4. PTSA registration forms
  5. National PTA Magazine
  6. TGIF fundraiser flyer

Treasurer’s Report: Liz Winson

*Expenditures for the month were: $268.41 for school clean-up committee, $550 for PTA Council dues,

$236.84 for the 5th grade ice cream social and $3000 in scholarships. Incoming revenue was $2255.00

for PTA membership dues. End-of-the-month cash balance was $$32959.14.

*Liz presented the budget for the 2010-2011 school year. Liz motioned to accept the budget for the

2010-2011 as presented and Patti Jacobs second the motion. There were three new line items added

and they were: School Clean-up, Science Fair and Cookies for Hospice.

*See attached reports

Secretary’s Report: Blair Lampner

* Minutes presented and filed

Principals Report: Mr. Bill Kerrigan

*Mr. Kerrigan thanked the summer volunteers. There was a total of 9 days of volunteers helping to

clean-up the grounds, paint and hang signs.

*Conferences are scheduled for September 30 from 4:30 P.M. to 8:05 P.M. Teachers will contact those that need a conference. If you would like to request a conference you will need to contact your child’s teachers.

*Mrs. Parker will be focusing on “Bullying” issues in the next few weeks. There will be a staff meeting, an

assembly on September 29th for the students and a parent meeting on September 29th from 6:00 P.M. –

7:00 P.M.

*Mr. Kerrigan thanked everyone for their patience with scheduling. Nine new IEP students arrived the

first day of school and changes needed to be made to accommodate their schedules. There has been

an increase of students this year from 1068 last year to 1090 this year.

Question: When will Home Work Club start?

Response: The club should start the week on September 27.

Question: What is the Parent Together Meeting for the 5th grade parents?

Response: It is an informal meeting where Mrs. Thea Sako (5th/6th grade counselor) will meet with the 5th grade parents for a question and answer session in regards to their child and the middle school information. It is scheduled for September 28th at 9:30 A.M.

Question: When will science Olympiad start?

Response: Mr. Bruce Folkerth and Mrs. Caitlyn Stahl have passed out a registration form. You can find them outside the library. Mrs. Jill Plank will be working with the Mathletes Program.

Question: What will be the 8th grade trip this year? Can the incentive day be switched from the day before the trip to an earlier date?

Response: The school is planning on going to WashingtonDC with the 8th graders the 1st week of June 2011. The switching of the incentive day will be taken into consideration as they plan the trip.

Question: Why was the extra teacher from the 5th grade last year, not followed with the 6th grade this year?

Response: Since Mr. Kerrigan has been principal, there has been a floater between the 5th grade and 6th grade teams. Because Mrs. Dawson retired, they slotted this position for her spot.

Question: There were many concerns over scheduling complications in the middle school, in

particular, the 7th and 8th grades. Such topics as: too many children in one room versus another

class, repeated class changes after school started, children not in the right classes.

Response: One reason these changes/confusions have happened is due to a lot of late

registrations. Another reason is to accommodate inclusion students and band and choir


Response: The scheduling at the middle school is computer run. They enter the children’s class

requests and they run it until at-least 80-85% of students are in the classes they have requested.

Then after the bulk of the student’s classes are scheduled the principal and guidance

counselors go back and hand writes adjustments and move around the rest of the students to

meet their class requests. In time, some of these problems will fade away when the middle

school class options increase.

Question: What is the Turkey Trot?

Response: It is a traditional event to end the can food drive in which the kids participate in a 1

mile or 1 ½ mile run. Winners win a turkey, t-shirt or water bottle.

Concern: There was a concern about how the school addresses the discrepancies in teaching

styles of the teachers. How can you work with the teachers to make them more cohesive?

Response: The school works with the teachers through Professional Development classes and

teacher observations by the principal. If you have specific concerns please meet with Mr.

Kerrigan to discuss further.

1st Vice President: Melody Hunter

  • The 5th grade ice cream social went well. Over 500 people were served. She had student helpers serve.

2nd Vice President: Barb Varley

  • Magazine sales have started. See Magazine report.
  • Turkey Trot preparations are being discussed.

Council Delegate: Mark McManus

  • See attached report

Cookies for Hospice: Pam Knight

*There will be two cookie bakes this school year. The first bake is scheduled for October 20. Flyers will

be sent out. These cookies are sent out into the community for those that are receiving Hospice services

outside the care center.

*Pam also passed a sign-up list if you would like to bake cookies on a weekly bases. She will be

collecting 6-8 dozen cookies/baked goods per week for the HospiceCareCenter.

Magazine Sales: Chris Brucken

*On Friday there was a assembly to kick off the magazine sale.

*They decided to go with a new company this year: QSP

*Turn in sales dates are: Friday, September 17 (double day) and Friday, September 24

*Volunteers are needed to help check sales slips, etc.

*Top sales incentives for 5th and 6th grade is a trip to Kalahari and for 7th and 8th grade a trip to Dave

and Busters.

*The first Reach-out booklet winner was Leanne Frank. The second Reach-out booklet winner was Glen


*There is an opt-out donation option. If you donated $50, the student can attend the Scream

Team Assembly and if you donate $100 the student can attend the Scream Team Assembly and attend

the inflatable party.

*There is a family discount of submitting 15 sales vs. 20 sales for Friday, September 17.

*The top Home room in sales wins a Dip and Dots party.

*The top internet sales win a $100 visa gift card.

*Prizes will be pass-out in the fall.

*It is a pre-pay sale.

*Extra packets are in the office.

Picture Day Volunteers needed on September 17 from 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 Noon.

After-school Program Chair needed

Current Programs:

*CPR – 20 signed up

*Red Cross Babysitting Course – 30 signed up


*Tyson Fitness Challenge (thru West Side Gymnastics)

*In October – Scott Crabial will be a guest speaker on fitness, life styles, better nutrient, and donations

for Susan G Koman Breast Cancer

*In November – 40 Assets Program – Rae Grady will be the guest speaker

*In December – Family Yoga

*In March – Guest Speaker - Dr. Ray Grendy – parenting and healthy communities

*Other ideas in the works: Lock-ins at Life Styles for a 5th &6th grade night and 7th &8th grade night.

Conference Night Dinners – Sign-up sheet was passed

Membership: Javan Rench

*This years goal is 1000 members and our membership theme is "Lights, Camera, It's time for action! …Be

a star and join CFMS PTSA!" Tables were set up at all opens houses and walk throughs. They handed out

candy to all new members.

*They are in the process ofcreating a wall of fame with all the members names written on stars and

displayed in the front lobby.

*Currently they have 576 members that will be submitted to Ohio PTA for our early bird award.

*Barb Varley is working on soliciting our business partner memberships.

*There will be a staff drawing of two prizes including a $10.00 movie gift card. Everyone who has joined

by Sept 24 will be entered intothe drawing. There will also be a gift basket prize including a $10.00

movie gift card for parents who join by the end of September. The students who join as members by the

end of September will be entered into a Kalahari Day pass drawing, one winner per grade.


*Tracking Volunteer hours on volunteer log. Over estimate your time.

*We have a Face book account: CFMS PTSA

* September 17: Magazine sales and picture day

* September 21: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 P.M., CHS

* September 23: CPR Class, CFMS Library, 6:30 P.M.

* September 24: Magazine turn in date

* September 28: Grade 5 Parent Together Meeting, 9:30

* September 29: After school Program kick-off

* September 30: Conference Dinner for Teachers

* October 5-7: Red Cross Babysitting Course, CFMS

* October 6: PTA Council Meeting, CHS, 9:30 A.M.

* October 12: CFMS PTSA Meeting, 9:30 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:40 A.M.