Contact Information: Mrs. Hernandez Science Room C105 937-3600 Conference: 7Th Period

Contact Information: Mrs. Hernandez Science Room C105 937-3600 Conference: 7Th Period


Eastlake High School

2016 - 2017

S. Hernandez

Course Description: In Chemistry, students conduct laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include characteristics of matter, use of the Periodic Table, development of atomic theory and chemical bonding, chemical stoichiometry, gas laws, solution chemistry, thermochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Students will investigate how chemistry is an integral part of our daily lives.

Contact Information: Mrs. Hernandez Science Room C105 937-3600 Conference: 7th Period

Tutoring Hours: Tutoring is available for all students. Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Materials and Textbooks: It is imperative that all students attend class ready to learn.

(must have) 1 ½ INCH 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, 2 pens and 2 pencils (with lead and eraser), dividers (5 pack),

(would be helpful) highlighter, color pencils and glue sticks.

**Additional materials may be needed throughout the year to fulfill major project requirements.

Class Rules

  1. Be on time and bring materials to class every day. This means in your desk with all supplies by tardy bell.
  2. Tardies will be documented immediately. Lunch or after school detention will be assigned. Referral will be issued after 5th tardy.
  3. Food and/or drinks are never allowed. Water bottles are allowed but must remain in backpacks. No sharing water bottles.
  4. All Electronic devices and cell phones are not allowed during instruction time (unless otherwise noted)
  5. Applying makeup or personal grooming is not allowed in class.
  7. Dress Appropriately: Dress Code is highly enforced throughout the year – Attire not allowed include but not limited to spaghetti straps, mid-drift blouses, baggy pants showing under garments, bare backs, any garment revealing shoulders, shorts or skirts too short, and gang affiliated attire. Caps or hats are not allowed in school buildings (hallways and classrooms).


1. Verbal Warning

2. Student Conference (oral or written)

3. Parent Contact (phone call or email)

4. Referral and “Unsatisfactory” in discipline on report card.

Student Safety: Students will honor and adhere to all safety procedures during the school year. Students will return a Safety Contract signed by student and parent.

Attendance: Attendance is critical to your success in school.

 It is the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in any missing assignments that result from being absent. Students will have 2 days after an excused absence to turn in assignment for full credit. Any work resulting in a zero, students will have 5 days after knowing of assignment for an average of the 2 grades – one being the zero.

 It is the student’s responsibility to attend tutoring if they are in danger of failing.

 Students and parents may review students’ grades and missing assignments online via Tylor Sis Student/Parent Portal

Grading: Daily assignments=50 %, Test & Major Projects = 30%, Comprehensive Nine Weeks Test = 20%,

*Grading policy subject to change


 All assignments must be turned in by due date. Work resulting in zeroes – students will be recommended to Tutorials either after school or before school and will result in deduction of points.

Electronic Devices and Cell Phones: Electronic Devices and Cell Phones are not permitted in class at any time unless teacher allows them for instructional purposes. Students are not allowed to text, use them to tell time, play games, surf the internet or “You Tube.” Students are not allowed to listen to music or have ear/head phones on or hanging over their shirts or hanging over their ears. All students are to adhere to this policy at all times to include when substitute teachers are present. (Electronic Devices and Cell Phones will be picked up and turned in to administration.)


 Students are to remain in their assigned seats until myself or substitute teacher dismisses them. (The bell does not dismiss class).

 Classrooms must be in order and clean before dismissal. Check for trash around lab tables, desks or sink area.

 Lab stations should be wiped clean and dry before dismissal during wet labs. Desks must be organized in groups or rows.

Restroom Policy: Restrooms will be used before class. Restroom passes are for emergencies only.

Students Expectations:

 Bring required materials for class: binder, paper and writing supplies. Follow and apply basic safety requirements. Follow written and oral directions. Read from textbooks, supplemental materials, and teacher made materials. Keep and maintain assignment notebook. Complete and turn in all required assignments on time. Perform outstanding laboratory work, class assignments and projects. Work effectively in groups or teams. Take accurate and useful notes. Study for tests, quizzes and nine weeks test. Return all parents’ signature requested paperwork to include progress reports, requests for parent conferences, tutorial contracts etc. Actively participate in all co-operative activities.

Science Fair: Science Fair is a requirement for all Science P/AP Courses – 1st semester only. ALL Projects DUE Nov. 10, 2016.

All students in Pre A-P Class will be required to complete a Science Fair Project independently.

Timeline is critical. All required task on the timeline will be accounted for either daily grades or test grades.

Project Proposal must be approved by teacher prior to researching and testing.

Students will complete research paper 1st nine weeks. Testing will be completed 2nd nine weeks.

Students are responsible for turning in all science fair components on time. Students will be penalized for late work.

No class time will be scheduled for student work. Please consider extra-curricular activities.

All students will complete science fair project with selected students moving on to compete at School Site Science Fair.

Students are responsible for setting up times with adult sponsors if they will be working in a school setting.

Teacher Interventions:

 Student conference

 Tier I - Teacher Tutoring

 Tier II & Tier III Intervention

 Intersession Recommendation

Communication: Parents, Students and Teacher

 It is imperative that parents, students and teacher have an open line of communication throughout the year.

 Parents are expected to communicate with their child about the expectations and rigor of this class.

 Students / parents are encouraged to communicate with teacher any concerns with content, grades or conduct.

 Teacher will communicate with student / parent any concerns with content, grades or conduct.

 Progress reports go out every three weeks. Report cards go out after 9 week period. Contacts made by phone call or via email.

Student GOAL: Your goal is to be the best student possible. Learn and master all science objectives so you may be successful in chemistry. Set your goals high and have high expectations for yourself. Take responsibilities for your actions.

Student Contract: By signing this contract I will honor all the rules set before me. I will set high goals, have high expectations and work hard to accomplish them. I will attend class ready to learn and take responsibility for my actions. I understand the consequences for the rules I choose not to follow.

Student Signature: ______Parent Signature: ______Date: ______

Parent contact: Phone ______Cell number ______Email ______