Collection Procedure

Collection Procedure


1st of Month – Rent Posts

6th of Month – $30 Late Fees Post & First Notice to Tenants (Must be done mass posting, not manually)

7th of Month – Phone calls & Knocking on doors

8th of Month – Phone calls & Knocking on doors

9th of Month – Phone calls & Knocking on doors

10th of Month – Phone calls & Knocking on doors

11th of Month - $70 late fee & 3 day notices (Must be done mass posting, not manually)

14th of Month – Eviction Filing & list of any tenant we aren’t filing on

15th of Month – All tenants need to be in 1 of 3 stages. 1. Up to Date, 2. In Eviction,3. Signed into Promise to Pay


- Starting on the 7th of the month, notes should be entered in the system. As the month continues, for delinquency purposes notes should be edited. Example: first notes on the 7th of the month – 10/7/09 – Knocked on tenant door, no answer. This would be the first note. Instead of entering a new note on the 8th, just edit the one from the 7th. The notes should then read – 10/7/09 – Knocked on Tenant door, no answer / 10/8/09 – attempted to call tenant, no answer. You can just continue this until the 14th of the month to show the progress of exactly what happened. This will allow for all the necessary notes to show up on the delinquency report at one time.

- PTP (Promise to Pay Forms) forms can still be used. It should be clear in the documentation why we chose to do so. Any of the notes entered into the system should give a clear understanding of their current position. See example of note below for a fake promise to pay.

Example – 10/6/09 – Gave tenant late notice / 10/7/09 – Knocked on tenant door, no answer / 10/8/09 – Tried to call tenant, no answer / 10/9/09 – Tenant came in to discuss situation. Isn’t able to make full payment until 10/17. Tenant was off for two weeks while caring for sick father and won’t have a paycheck until 10/17. Tenant signed a PTP form. Tenant educated that will still receive 3 day notice on the 11th. Tenant stated will be in at 5:15 on 10/17 after work. Tenant educated that if not in by 5:15 on 10/17 will be sent for eviction.

- Tenants not showing sent to Eviction by the 14th (later if a weekend) of the month without a clear description of their situation will result in a write up.

- Once a tenant reaches a delinquency status it is our business. Nothing short of verbal interaction will suffice in delinquency situations (NO WRITTEN NOTES). Remember to continue to ask questions to have a complete understanding of a tenant delinquency status. When the tenant leaves your office, you should be completely comfortable with know where they sit.