COA Curriculum Committee - Minutes s1

COA Curriculum Committee - Minutes

Meeting: Feb. 15, 2004 A144 2:00 to 3:30 pm

·  Call to order

o  2:00pm - Called to order by Chair B. Grill

o  Present: S. Robinson; R. Brem; M. Jones; L. Bollentino; P. Simon; A. Roberts; K. Compton; and J. Jackson

·  Agenda Review

o  Approve minutes from February 1st

o  Fee-based Classes

o  Articulation Items

o  Selected Topics

o  Catalog Committee

o  Items from previous meeting

·  Motion - Approval of minutes – B. Grill (A. Roberts)

o  Objection to wording in section 5 of previous minutes.

§  Read: “L. Bollentino noted she would not know if it met CSU requirements until the fall.”

§  Should Read: “L. Bollentino noted CSU GE requirements are not approved until fall 2006.”

o  Comment on Speech 20

§  Speech 20 class mentioned in notes is for nursing students

·  Minutes should reflect that this class is not primarily for business and work related speech.

·  Selected Topics (ST) Courses

o  Introduction of handout showing the number of times ST courses have been offered. Notes that ST should be limited to 3 offerings and then either eliminated or made permanent. ST courses are meant to be experimental. This meeting “a first reading” – decision on how to proceed later.

o  Some of the courses listed have already been eliminated

o  ST courses should be made into three categories:

§  Definitely Don’t want

§  Still Developing - Continue

§  Offered long enough to be permanent

o  Meeting on March 1st should include a discussion of a list of current selected topics courses

o  Need to create a “Sanitized list.”

§  No longer offered

§  Already made permanent

§  Those continuing in Fall or appearing for first time

o  Some ST courses have been offered between 10 and 14 semesters

·  Fee-Based Classes

o  Discussion of a possible 1-hour/week art class for ASTI program.

§  Potential fee-based art class paid for by grant.

§  No “off-the-shelf” course will work

o  Handout - Program of Course Approval Manual

§  According to manual new fee-based classes are subject to “review” by curriculum committee

§  Meaning of “review” unclear

·  Larger issue of procedures for approving new fee-based courses

o  Converting non-core curriculum classes to fee-based. Also converting selective audience classes such as the Cisco program

o  Ed2go - another topic for discussion on fee-based classes

§  Ed2go does not fit into this category

§  Ed2go does not use Alameda’s instructors, we pay a fee to them, and does not count as fee-based

o  Moving non-core curriculum classes to fee-based would clarify what “core” classes are, and raise needed revenue for equipment etc.

§  New federal budget will cut funding and fee-based course could help replace that revenue

·  Back to proposed fee-based art class

o  Offering the proposed art class as fee-based class may be a problem because credit will not be given.

o  Fee-based would not offer students credit for class, but is not a “long-term solution.”

§  Alameda offers a similar PE class, but could use an “off-the-shelf” class for that purpose

§  Art 20 – Will not work because it is more hours than needed

o  A .5 unit art classes possibly be used for this purpose. Students would get credit for class.

o  Proposed money could be used for other purposes.

o  Money for proposed class could come from Gates Grant

o  Giving students credit could cause concurrent enrollment problems

o  Can offer credit for some courses without concurrent enrollment issues

§  ADA will not fund for time the student is in COA classes

§  “Very precise language” about what classes can be offered this way

·  PE will definitely not work for this purpose

o  Need clarification on possible concurrent enrollment problems with proposed course

o  Parents may object to students not getting credit

o  Not so much concerned about this particular class, but larger issue of how these classes should be approved

·  Ed2go is raised again

o  Ed2go does not fall in the same category

§  Contract with an institution

§  They hire, pay, and monitor faculty

o  Issue raised about the way Ed2go is listed in catalog. Appears as fee-based

o  These types of classes used to come to committee for approval

o  Would like to have clarification of this issue

§  Ed2go does not use COA faculty. Should it need committee approval?

o  There have been previous attempts to increase contract education at COA

o  Program of Course Approval Manual does not mention “curriculum committee” for review of fee-based courses. Clarification on fee-based procedures is needed.

·  We will not pursue fee-based art class at this time

·  Articulation

o  GE Requirement courses need approval

§  Need to update additions and deletions to GE Requirements for AA 2005-2006

§  Courses are part of IGETC

o  Catalog needs to be in print to be in compliance

·  Catalog Committee

o  No standing catalog committee

o  Curriculum committee is catalog committee

§  New members can be added for this purpose

o  Need to get started on correction

§  Course changes

§  Typographical errors

o  Old catalog file on Dominique’s computer

o  Timeline

§  CIPD wants catalog done by June

§  Need to decide when to meet to talk about catalog issues

o  Need to go back several years to find errors in catalog

o  Will an electronic (non-printed) catalog count as published?

o  Can self-publish a few copies of catalog.

o  Changing title of liberal arts degree for new catalog

§  Liberal arts degree with “emphasis” in particular major

§  Need time to go to departments to talk about possible changes

§  Units for fulfilling requirements need to be discussed

o  How will CIPD approved changes will be incorporated into new catalog?

§  CIPD revisions come out in June of each year, need time to make revisions

o  Catalog rights of students

§  Students fall under catalog current at the time they enroll

o  Should consider dropping critical thinking requirement for education degree for new catalog.

§  Causes students to go and graduate elsewhere

§  Critical thinking is embedded in other requirements

·  Back to issue of additions and deletions to GE Requirements for AA 2005-2006

o  COA did not update list of accepted courses for GE

§  Concerned about students who have taken those unlisted courses who deserve GE credit

o  Unlisted classes will count

§  It is usually done on a case-by-case basis

o  Should not be case-by-case, but rather the list should be updated to reflect current list of courses

o  Committee is to look over list and determine whether it is complete.

·  Motion –Committee approval to bring the provided list of courses to the district to update courses that fulfill GE requirements – J. Jackson (No Abstentions)

·  Memo from Anita Black

o  Chancellor’s office looking at making changes in vocational training programs.

·  Clarifications

o  The record should reflect: “Speech 20 has been approved to be included in the IGETC pattern.”

·  Move to adjourn - A. Robert

Submitted by S. Hall