Clubs Are Tentative and Subject to Change

Clubs Are Tentative and Subject to Change

Clubs, Extra-curricular Activities, and Sports


(Clubs are established and run by Herron High School Students and sponsored by a teacher)

Clubs are tentative and Subject to change.


Baseball / Rusty Hughes—
Basketball (Boys) / Paul Swartz— (Assistant Needed)
Basketball (Girls) / Cliff Kocian—
Cheerleading / Courtney Hack (Assistant Needed)
Cross Country (Co-Ed) / Dave Pappas – , Ms. Rose, Mr. Benningfield
Soccer (Boys) / Jim Durrett –
Soccer (Girls) / Terrell Jackson –
Softball / Brian Carney –
Swim Team (Co-Ed) / Pam Black—
Track & Field (Co-Ed) / Sylvia Rivers – (Assistant Needed)
Volleyball / Joanna Wiggins—

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities


Academic Teams / Austin Flynn / Teams are strategically put together based on Academia interest. Fine Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, English and Interdisciplinary and meet weekly to prepare for local competitions. One of the high points is the state competition which takes place in the spring. / Depends on subject area
A Capella Club / Scott Riley / Jordyn Ward / A Capella Club is a group of singers and beat boxers who gather to explore the exciting world of A Capella music. The groups sing recent popular music without the assistance of background instruments. Inspiration is taken from the diverse world of a capella singing, including: The Sing Off (TV Show), Pantatonix, Straight No Chaser (IU), and many other successful a capella groups. Student with varied interests are encouraged to attend. / Wednesday AM
Achaean 80 / Roe/Westerfeld/Knop/Coulter / Demonstrates effective student leadership, academic success, and community and student involvement. Voice of the student body and meets with Administration and Staff. 20 Students are selected from each grade level. Application and recommendations are needed to apply. / Friday AM
Achaean Nation / Jordan White - Student / Students organize the student section which attends Herron Athletics events. / TBD
Amnesty International / Susan Scroggins / Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. / Thursday PM
Black Cultural Union / Michelle Haddix / BCU is an organization which encourages the study of black history, the advancement of black students, and attending HBCUs. / Tuesday PM
Chess Club / Jeremy Walden / Students compete against each other and learn strategies in chess. / Wednesday PM
Community Arts Council / Trevor Renwick / The Community Arts Council is a student led club that will help to promote and facilitate Arts activities at Herron High School as well as the surrounding community. Students will have the opportunity to curate the Visual Art displays around school as well as any exhibits off campus. Students will also be encouraged to create new activities (art exhibits, poetry, dance, music, and theatrical performances, etc) as well as help with the planning of the annual Arts and Food Truck Festival. All students interested in the Fine Arts are encouraged to join to help showcase the amazing work our Fine Arts students create both inside and outside of Herron High School / Tuesday PM
Creative Writing Club / Debbie Gallo / Work to publish a collection of creative writing produced by Herron students. / Thursday AM
Dance Initiative / Laurie Cutsinger / Dance initiative is a group started to study dance as an art-form and encourage experimentation with dance. / 1st and 2nd Thursday AM
Dance Marathon / Molly O’Brien / Dance Marathon is an organization which throws a Dance in the spring with the goal of creating a wonderful night for a group of Riley Children’s hospital kids and raising as much money as possible for the hospital. / Monday AM, 2 per month
Environmental Science Club / Tabitha Ramsey / Environmental science club is a place for scholars to learn about various aspects of environmental science that may not be covered in class. The topics that we will cover as a club are student driven. We will explore environmental science in our city and around the world! / Thursday PM, 2 per month
EPICS / Liz Ernst / EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service) applies the engineering design process to solve community problems. This club is for anyone who wants to use creativity and teamwork to make the Herron community and neighborhood better for everyone. / Thursday AM
Ethics Bowl / Dave Pappas / To promote and participate the skill of argumentation and to practice in competitive debate opportunities. / Tuesday (AM until Fall Break, PM after)
Film Club / Brandon Casburn / The Film Club is designed to give students the experience of the entire movie process. The club will be watching, discussing and making films. This includes creating and writing a story and script; developing sets, props, and costumes; creating special effects; operating the video camera, directing and acting. / Friday PM
French Club / Tegegne / Harper / Experience French in all its machinations – food, music, culture, slang and travel! / Monday PM
Gamers’ Club / Austin Flynn / Concentration, superior intellect, and strategy. Students will combine, compete in board games and develop video games. Chess and others games will be played at high levels. / Thursday PM
Gardening Club / Laura Cummings / Participants learn how to cultivate a garden by tending to the school’s gardens. / Tuesday PM
Girls Empowerment Group / Mason / Blasingame / To engage positive and personal growth, self-esteem, and character development among young ladies. To inspire and affect change within them, peers, school and have a great impact within the community. / Thursday PM, 2 a month
Gender and Sexuality Alliance / Emanuel Harper / To promote fairness and equity for the students of our school and our community. GSA offers students the chance to encourage tolerance, both within LGBT community and beyond. / Monday PM
Hiking Club / Hild / McNeely / The Hiking club is a group of Herron students and teachers who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like short hikes in parks around the city or longer adventures outdoors, this club is for you! / Wednesday PM, 2 a month
International Club / Wetzel / Knop / Experience GLOBAL Indianapolis through cultural enrichment. / Wednesday PM
IT Club / Aaron Baugh / Partnering with Apparatus. The IT Club will introduce students to community leaders, technical experts, hands-on labs, and technical demonstrations. The IT Club will have a balance of IT infrastructure and application development themes. Once students are immersed into on environment, the fear of the unknown is removed and confidence is built. / Monday PM
Japanese Club / Ward / M. Riley / Japanese Club seeks to study the language, writing and culture of Japan. / Wednesday PM
Junior Classical League - Latin Club / Shump / Benningfield / Study the language and culture in more depth, with an opportunity for competition (NJCL). / Thursday PM
Knit and Crochet for Our Community Club / Donna Stall / We gather to celebrate and foster the joy of knitting and crocheting. We do this by teaching, practicing, and using Knitting and Crocheting to impact our community through donation opportunities. / Tuesday AM
Math Club / Jillian Paulen / Have fun and challenge yourself working on math problems in relaxed environment. Board races, working in pairs and even teams. In the spring, students compete at Butler University in the Indiana Council of Math Teachers competition. / Tuesday AM
Men’s Empowerment Group / Jonathan Harris / To engage positive personal growth and development. To foster self-confidence and control directed towards positive growth. To aid members in defining positive aspects of their identity. To guide members to positive choices that will raise their social status and to create leaders who will impact their community positively. / Advisory/Common Lunch
Model UN / Carroll Bilbrey / Students will step into the shoes of ambassadors from various nations to debate current global issues. Student delegates prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, and resolve conflicts all in the interest of mobilizing “international corporation” to resolve problems that affect almost every country on Earth. / Wednesday AM
Music Composition / John Horgeshimer / Students work together with Mr. Horgeshimer to compose music. / Thursday PM
National Honor Society / Klinger / Magers/Stark / Established to recognized outstanding high school students. NHS honors those students who demonstrate strong academics, leadership, service and character. / Tuesday AM, 2 a month
Photography Club / Tiffany Haulton / Photo shoot, develop, and discuss prints and photographs. / Tuesday PM
Practical Skills Club / Jason Kizzia / Are you tough as nails? Would you rather sleep on a bed of pine needles than a mattress? Do you find video games pointless and shopping malls stupid? Do you march to the beat of your own drummer? Did you make the drum yourself? If so, you just might have what it takes to be a Swanson. / Friday PM
Prom Committee / Lisa Elliott / Juniors & Seniors work on fundraising, event planning, and decorating for Prom. / Thursday PM
Robotics Club / Stall / Benzel / Hauser / Students participate in the construction, testing, refinement and programming of competition level – robots. Whether you enjoy piloting a robot through an obstacle course, or writing a program that lets it self-navigate, there’s something in this club for you! Come and take part in the future of Herron’s Robotics Club! / Monday PM
Spanish Club / Reuben Benzel / Spanish Club is a student lead initiative to integrate Spanish language, culture, and people in order for us to more effectively learn and use the Spanish language, eat authentic foods, offer service to the Spanish speaking community, promote travel, and participate in Hispanic and Latino culture through music and dance. / Wednesday PM
Spell Bowl / Aaron Baugh / Students train to compete in a spelling competition in the state of Indiana. / Tuesday PM
Step Dance Team / Emanuel Harper / Students perform step routines for Achaean events and personal enjoyment. / Tues and Thur PM
Swing Dance Club / Dane Rowles / Students meet to practice their swing dance moves and learn new steps. / Tuesday PM
Teens For Life / Jane Hagenauer / Students work to understand and promote the protection of life in many contexts. / Thu and Fri PM, 2 times a month
Yoga Club / Kjersten Hild / Students meet on a weekly basis to learn and practice yoga. / Thursday PM

Class Sponsors:

Freshman Class Sponsor – Debbie Gallo and Cliff Kocian

Sophomore Class Sponsor –Ron Coe and Susan Scroggins

Junior Class Sponsors – Ashley Coulter and Su Gie Magers

Senior Class Sponsors – Brendan Hack and Kathryn Mitchell

Questions regarding clubs or activities, please contact Atticus Westerfeld, Director of Student Life at

or (317) 231-0010 ext. 1124