Classroom Expectations and Discipline Plan

Classroom Expectations and Discipline Plan

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Classroom Expectations and Discipline Plan

Ms Janice Lamb -

Riverview Collegiate - 306 693 1331

“I am the one thing in life I can control.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

Classroom Expectations

All students in this classroom are expected to:

  1. Be on time and prepared for class.
  • Unprepared students will be sent out of the classroom to get the necessary materials and marked late.
  • Late students are responsible for catching up on missed work WITHOUT disturbing the lesson in progress.
  • Any student who is habitually late will be subject to school disciplinary policy:
  • 1st late = freebie
  • 2nd late = the teacher will contact the home, inform the parents, and document in SIRS.
  • 4th late = the teacher will contact the home, inform the parents, and document in SIRS.
  • 5th late = as deemed necessary by the school administration, students may be placed on a Punctuality Awareness Contract which may lead to a Student Support Plan for Punctuality Issues
  1. Be respectful in this classroom at all times.
  • Be silent and attentive during teacher instruction.
  • Show the same respect to other students during discussions.
  • This classroom is a polite and constructive environment. Any behaviour that is not polite and constructive, including insults and profanity, will simply not be tolerated. This rule applies to serious as well as “joking” comments.
  • Be kind!
  1. Have all assignments completed and handed in on time.
  • Assignments need to be handed in when they are due. They can be handed in anytime up until the end of the period.
  • Otherwise, you will be expected to complete and submit an Incomplete Assignment Slip and show up Wednesday at noon for an “Opportunity to Learn” session (see below for what this is).
  • If you think you will not be able to hand in an assignment on time, please talk to me about it ahead of time and we’ll come to an agreement.
  1. Raise your hand.
  • When you have a question, you wish to make a comment during a discussion, or you need to leave your desk, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. When someone is talking your job is to listen.
  1. Succeed!
  • Take your work seriously and put effort into all class requirements.
  • If you do not understand or are falling behind, take the initiative to get help. I am always available for extra help!

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

Remember that when you break a rule, you are choosing to break that rule. If you choose to break a rule there will be consequences. Consequences can include:

  1. A verbal warning
  2. Detentions. Detentions will take precedence over school club or sports activities. Students will be expected to study or read appropriate material during a detention. Arguing about or failing to attend a detention will result in the penalty being doubled.
  3. Removal from the classroom. This includes a behavioural interview and a phone call to parents or guardians.
  4. Keep in mind that while you will not receive poor grades because of inappropriate behaviour, many inappropriate behaviours naturally lead to poor grades.

Rewards for Appropriate Behaviour

  • Praise
  • Positive emails/phone calls home
  • Free time
  • Movie

Classroom Procedures

  1. Entering the Classroom
  • Please enter the classroom in an appropriate manner.
  • You will enter without yelling, running or otherwise behaving poorly.
  • Once inside, please go directly to your assigned seat. This is your chance to prepare to work. Get out all materials and check for the opening exercise (math warm up, ELA silent reading, etc.). This is also a great time to talk to me about an appointment for extra help.
  1. Opening Exercise (Reading/Warm ups)
  • Every day will begin with an opening exercise. This will be on the board at the front of the room. Warm ups should be started before the bell rings and it is required. Do not wait for the bell or for me to ask you to start working. Please put the date on each one and keep your warm ups together.
  1. Asking for Help
  • If you have a question or you need help, please raise your hand and I will either call on you or come to you.
  • Please do not get out of your seat and come to where I am unless invited to do so.
  • Please do not interrupt other students who are working.
  • If you need extra help I am always available outside of class time.
  1. Exams
  • Be present for all quizzes and exams. Students who are absent for a legitimate reason will write the exam the day they return to school. Students who are absent without a valid reason will receive 0%.
  1. Absences (Excused and Unexcused)
  • If you are absent, please retrieve any handouts and assignments that were given while you were away (they will be organized by period in the Handouts drawer in the colourful drawer unit).
  • You will also need to check with a classmate to see if you missed any notes and if you did, you need to copy them.
  • If you have any questions, you can check with me before or after class.
  1. Attendance
  • In order to ensure parents are kept informed, a letter of awareness will be sent home if a student reaches five absences within a four-month period.
  • In instances where attendance has been identified as a problem for a particular student, each school will attempt to improve the student's attendance by incorporating a Student Support Plan for Attendance Issues at the earliest recognized point in time.

At 15 absences, the student may be removed from class with an option to reapply for the class.

  1. Work Time
  • Our classroom is a focused learning environment. Pay attention to all instruction and directions the first time.
  • During independent work time, remain in your desk unless you need to sharpen your pencil.
  • Please bring a silent reading novel to class every day. In ELA 9, we start our period with 15 minutes of sustained silent reading. If you complete your work before the work time is over, you should read your book. You were given a silent environment for your work and your classmates who have not finished deserve the same courtesy.
  • You will have opportunities to work in groups, but visiting is for breaks.
  1. Food and Drink
  • Beverages other than water are not permitted in the classroom. Drink your coffee, tea, pop, juice, or whatever else before entering the classroom.
  • A healthy snack is permitted, provided you clean up after yourself. Any garbage left behind after class will result in no snacks for the whole class.
  • Healthy snack: fruit, vegetables, granola bars, 1 cookie (max)
  • Not permitted: anything with lots of sugar and no other nutritional value
  1. Cell Phones / Electronic Devices
  • Here’s the thing, cell phones are distracting. You have the opportunity to actually be free from your electronic devices when in my classroom. They are not permitted unless specifically requested by the teacher (it happens from time to time).
  • Here’s the consequences breakdown for a having cell phones in the classroom:
  • 1st = Asked to put item away.
  • 2nd = The item will be removed until the end of the period or to the end of the day; this is at the teacher’s discretion.
  • 3rd = The item will be removed for one full school day (will be at office); contact home will be made.
  • 4th = The item will be placed in the office for one week and can only be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  1. Hats
  • Hats may be worn in the hallways, but must be removed when in classrooms.
  • If this is difficult for you, you will be asked to keep your hat in your locker.
  • If this this is also difficult for you, you will be expected to turn your hat into the office and may get it back when leaving the building.
  1. Opportunity to Learn (OTL)
  • This is an intervention when an assignment is incomplete.
  • Ms Lamb’s Opportunity to Learn (OTL) will be on Wednesdays at noon for anyone who has overdue assignments.
  • Due dates are set for all assignments and will appear both on the homework board and in Home Logic. If you do not hand in an assignment, a grade of INC will appear on your Home Logic and your name will go up on the incomplete outcomes list. You are expected to demonstrate to me your mastery of the outcome tested by the assignment if your name appears in these locations.
  1. Collateral
  • Students are expected to arrive to class with all of the materials required for the day. At times, however, students may need to borrow items from me.
  • In order to receive an item from me, you will need to put up something of value (keys, wallet, etc. – NO SHOES!) as collateral. You will receive your item back once you have returned mine in good condition.
  1. Fire Exit
  • In case of fire, we will exit through the north classroom door and head down the north steps at the back of the school and out the back door. We will meet on the gravel area behind school.
  • You must stick together as a class as attendance will be retaken at that time. You may not take any items with you….just quietly and calmly stand up and walk to our meeting place.

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