Christmas Review Lesson

Christmas Review Lesson

Ryan Helm

Shogawa JHS

Travel Culture/Holidays

Christmas Review Lesson

Class time needed for lesson: ~50 minutes

Class size taught: ~32 students

Target audience: JHS (worksheet aimed at 1st year, but the same games should work for any grade level, elementary or JHS)

Objective: To introduce Christmas topics and games to the students while reviewing grammar that they have learned this semester.


Materials: Worksheet (I provide my 1st year's as an example), a bag or container of some kind (e.g. a cheap stocking from Daiso), enough scrap paper for each student to write something, and a (printed) present for each student in the class.

Procedure: Open with Wishlist Mixup! A simple activity where the students write something they want for Christmas on a strip of paper and then all of the papers are mixed in a container. The students then pick out strips and try to figure out (USING ENGLISH!) who wrote each wish. It should be a quick game that gets them up and moving, and asking each other, “Do you want … ?”

Next, give out the Christmas worksheet. Ideally this is a mix of Christmas topics and English review. I include my own as an example, feel free to use part or all of it if you want. This worksheet was made with first year Sunshine textbooks in mind.

Lastly, after the worksheet, play a game of White Elephant. For this, I printed off 30+ pictures of the top purchased presents on For fun, I also included a couple pictures of coal. All of the pictures may be put in a container or wrapped like real gifts. The first student can pick a present, either pulling it from your container or unwrapping a gift if you went that far. He/she shows the class and tells them what it is. (e.g. “It's a Jacket.”

From then on, each student chooses to pick a new present or to steal one from someone who has already gone (e.g. “I want a new present.” or “I want the ...”). If a student decides to steal a present, then the person that he/she steals from will open a new present instead. To prevent a really popular item from being stolen every single turn, each item can only be stolen a total of three times. After that, the item is locked with whoever stole it the third time.

Additional information: My worksheet focuses somewhat on third person grammar and pronouns since I noticed my own students having some issues with those areas. Please tailor the worksheet to whatever you need.

Ryan Helm

Shogawa Junior High

Travel & Culture/ Holidays


Ryan Helm

Shogawa Junior High

Travel & Culture/ Holidays

① ANATS : ______


③ REPTENS : ______


⑤ GEILSH : ______


⑦ WOMANNS : ______


② MISHRACTS : ______


④ CEMBDEER : ______


⑥ ITELTSOME : ______


⑧ INDERERE : ______


Ryan Helm

Shogawa Junior High

Travel & Culture/ Holidays


Ryan Helm

Shogawa Junior High

Travel & Culture/ Holidays

① I ( like / likes ) Christmas.

③ ( Do / Does ) he ( like / likes ) Christmas?

⑤ ( Do / Does ) you eat turkey?

⑦ My family ( sing / sings ) songs on Christmas.

⑨ My family ( watchs / watches ) a Christmas movie.

⑪ ( Here / Where ) is your present?

② We ( like / likes ) Christmas.

④ On Christmas I ( eat / eats ) turkey.

⑥ Yes, I ( do / don’t ) eat turkey.

⑧ What ( do / does ) your family do?

⑩ Is that your present?

No, it ( is / isn’t ).

⑫ It’s ( on / in / under ) the Christmas tree.

Ryan Helm

Shogawa Junior High

Travel & Culture/ Holidays


Santa gives (あげる) everyone their presents on Christmas eve. He flies (飛ぶ) around the world in a sleigh. His sleigh is pulled by (~に引かれる) magical (魔法の) reindeer. He goes around the whole world in one night, so they must be very fast! (速い) Rudolph is the most famous (最も有名な) reindeer. He has a red nose. His nose is bright (明るい) so that Santa can see at night.


Can Rudolph fly? ______, ______.

He has red clothes and white hair. Who is he? ______