CHM2045C.0233: Honors Chemistry Fundamentals I

CHM2045C.0233: Honors Chemistry Fundamentals I

Fall 2016 Syllabus

CHM2045C.0233: Honors Chemistry Fundamentals I

Instructor: Dr. Artëm E. Masunov e-mail: Message on Webcourses Only

Office Hours: M/W 3-5pm (Research Pavilion 489)

Paper and Electronic tools: (1) Book; (2) I>clicker2; (3); (4) Webcourses.UCF

Textbook: N.J. Tro: "Chemistry: A Molecular Approach", Pearson (Any edition will do for a hard copy). Electronic PDF version Chapters 1-3 only is available on Webcourses.UCF.

Quiz and Lecture questions: I>Clicker2 (not REEF, and not I>Clicker+) are mandatory (purchased at the bookstore, or ordered online from In order to receive your credit, you will need to register your I>Clicker2 remote on Webcourses before the end of the first week (see instructions at the bottom of this text). You must have come to class at least once and voted on at least one question in order to complete this registration properly. The remote ID is the series of 8 numbers or letters found on the bottom of the back of your I>Clicker2 remote. I>Clicker2 will be used every day in class, and you are responsible for bringing your remote daily.

Homework: (Class Key: ucf 5753 3699, see detailed instructions below).

Updates on grades, lecture notes, and assignments:

Should you need tutor help: Chemistry Dept. offers free tutoring by GTAs (recommended). The schedule will be posted. The alternative is (not recommended).

Course Goal: Provide an opportunity for understanding and building skills in periodicity, stoichiometry, atomic, molecular, and crystal structure, chemical bonding and reactivity.

Topics to be covered: The topics to be covered in this course will include, but not be restricted to the scientific method, measurement, electronic structure of atoms and molecules, Periodic Table, stoichiometry, bonding, states of matter, thermochemistry, solution chemistry, equilibrium, molecular shapes, gases, liquids and solids.

Holidays: Labor Day (Sep 7), Veterans Day (Nov 11), Thanksgivings (Nov 26-28).

Grading: Deadline for homework is the next class period after the announcement. No makeups for quizzes or exams will be given. If you have no missed quizzes, those with the lowest grades will be dropped. The grade will be calculated on the basis of a percentage of total points. Grades will be assigned based on: 100% = A, 80% - 89% = B, 70% - 79% = C, 60% - 69% = D, < 60% = F.

Quizzes will be first 10 minutes of Wed. lecture. The final exam is cumulative and mandatory

Grading Summary

Homework / 20 points
Quizzes / 20 points
Tests / 20 points
iClicker2 responses / 20 points
Lab Grade / 20 points
Final exam / 20 points


/ 120 points

Calculators and Periodic Table will be needed for the quizzes, and the final. Exam and quiz questions will be taken from material covered in lectures and homework problems. Laptops are not to be used in class.

Tentitative Schedule:

Mon 08/21 Introduction

Wed 08/23 Ch.1

Fri 08/25 Ch.1

Mon 08/29 Ch.1

Wed 08/31 Ch.2, Quiz01

Fri 09/02 Ch.2

Mon 09/05 NO CLASS

Wed 09/07 Ch.2

Fri 09/09 Ch.3, Quiz02

Mon 09/12 Ch.3/4

Wed 09/14 Ch.4, Quiz03

Fri 09/16 Test 1+2+3

Mon 09/19 Ch.4/5

Wed 09/21 Ch.5, Quiz04

Fri 09/23 Ch.5

Mon 09/26 Ch.6

Wed 09/28 Ch.6, Quiz05

Fri 09/30 Ch.6

Mon 10/03 Ch.7

Wed 10/05 Ch.7, Quiz06

Fri 10/07 Ch.7

Mon 10/10 Ch.7

Wed 10/12 Ch.7

Fri 10/14 Ch.7

Mon 10/17 Ch.8

Wed 10/19 Ch.8

Fri 10/21 Ch.8

Mon 10/24 Ch.9

Wed 10/26 Ch.9

Fri 10/28 Ch.9

Mon 10/31 Ch.10

Wed 11/02 Test 4+5+6

Fri 11/04 Ch.10

Mon 11/07 Q09, Ch.11

Wed 11/09 NO CLASS

Fri 11/11 Ch.11

Mon 11/14 Q10, Ch.11

Wed 11/16 Test 7+8+9

Fri 11/18 Ch.11

Mon 11/21 Ch.11, Ch.12

Wed 11/22 NO CLASS

Fri 11/25 NO CLASS

Mon 11/28 Q11, Ch.12

Wed 11/30 Ch.12

Fri 12/02 Ch.12

Mon 12/05 Test 10+11+12

Fri 12/09 Final Exam: 7am (!!!) - 10am

Disability Access Statement: The University of Central Florida is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. This syllabus is available in alternate formats upon request. Students with disabilities who need accommodations in this course must contact the professor at the beginning of the semester to discuss needed accommodations. No accommodations will be provided until the student has met with the professor to request accommodations. Students who need accommodations must be registered with Student Disability Services, Student Resource Center Room 132, phone (407) 823-2371, TTY/TDD only phone (407) 823-2116, before requesting accommodations from the professor.

Academic Honesty: UCF faculty support the UCF Creed. Integrity - practicing and defending academic and personal honesty - is the first tenet of the UCF Creed. This is in part a reflection of the second tenet, Scholarship: - I will cherish and honor learning as a fundamental purpose of membership in the UCF community. - Course assignments and tests are designed to have educational value; the process of preparing for and completing these exercises will help improve your skills and knowledge. Material presented to satisfy course requirements is therefore expected to be the result of your own original scholarly efforts.

Plagiarism and cheating - presenting another’s ideas, arguments, words or images as your own, using unauthorized material, or giving or accepting unauthorized help on assignments or tests - contradict the educational value of these exercises. Students who attempt to obtain unearned academic credentials that do not reflect their skills and knowledge can also undermine the value of the UCF degrees earned by their more honest peers.

UCF faculty members have a responsibility for your education and the value of a UCF degree, and so seek to prevent unethical behavior and when necessary respond to infringements of academic integrity. Penalties can include a failing grade in an assignment or in the course, or suspension or expulsion from the university. See for more information about UCF's Rules of Conduct.

Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to modify the schedule, the testing procedures or the grading basis, if in the professional judgment of the instructor, such modification is in the best interest of fulfilling the course objectives while preserving the academic integrity of the course and the institution. This syllabus is subject to revision.

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  • Enter the Class Key: ucf 5753 3699 and click Submit.
  • On the verification page, check the class information and determine whether or not the correct class and section is displayed.
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